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An YouTube view bot, also known as viewer bot, or simply bot, is a software application that runs automated tasks such as YouTube view (scripts) over the YouTube website and YouTube apps.Typically,YouTube bots perform tasks that are both simple and structurally repetitive, at a much higher rate than would be possible for a human alone. Obtain Mytube Youtube View Bot – Cracked 2021Place your ad code here Unbelievable bot provides you views in your free YouTube movies, appropriate with adsense. Develop your channel with this nice cracked software.Place your ad code here FEATURESPlace your ad code here Cell Views Desktop Views AdSense Incomes Pure Socket Kind YouTube Hits Module Web. Youtube view bot free download 2021! / Live Stream Yotube Botter 2021 Best Soft!#youtube? #viewbots?Hello everyone! In this video, I will tell yo.

Get visits to your YouTube videos automatically with this great software. Just put the link of your video in the iView For You bot and enjoy free views.

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iView For You V3 Cracked – Youtube View Bot + Traffic Bot

This is a special program from this method that you get paid everytime someone clicks on your link.

All you need is several instances of a proxy refresh bot Link Visitor Bot – iView Fur U v3.0, and some US proxies.

Plug them in, run it, and that’s an easy $15 to $20 a day.

Supports socks proxy.



*** Disable antivirus before installing the program to allow installing the Crack. ***

Please watch the software video tutorial on how the Views Increaser software works now..

Unlock YouTube Views Increaser Video Tutorial Now..

Youtube View Bot Mac Download Version

How to use the YouTube Views Increaser Software

1- Enter the youtube video url in the 'Video Url' field in the software and then enter the keyword for the video into the 'Keyword' field in the software panel. If you're not sure on what keyword to use for your video, simply enter 'Choose for me' and we will assign the best possible keyword for you/your video)
2- Enter the number of views you would like to receive to your youtube video/url and enter the Maximum amount of views you would like to receive a day in the 'Max views per day' field/box.
3- In the 'Watch for how long' field/box, choose how long you would like others to watch your youtube video for. You can choose any of the options from 30 seconds to 300 seconds(5 minutes).
4- Choose how many likes and subscribers you wish your video/channel to receive and also choose/check the 'Post and Playback..boost' field/box if you would like your video to be posted and played back on Social Media Sites such as facebook and twitter for better rankings, video popularity and more. Please read more about the Views to Likes and Subscribers ratio in your software.
5- Choose/check the 'Notify/Email me upon delivery' field/box if you wish to be notified/emailed when all your Views, Likes and Subscribers are delivered in full. Enter the email address which/where you would like your delivery notification to be sent to, in the 'Delivery notification email:' text box/field in the software panel.
6- Click on the 'Submit/Get Views Now' button and follow the prompts/alerts to complete your submission/request to receive your youtube views and more.. That's it!


- Increase their video views to get more clicks/views/attention or just make their video look more better/legitimate/famous
- Make their video(s) more popular/more famous, whatever the main intention(s) is/are
- Rank their video(s) or get better video rankings to get free youtube/google traffic
- Make personal product sales or affiliate commissions from youtube/google traffic
- Make more adsense revenue after making their videos more popular with our youtube views, likes and subscribers..
- Get their video(s) into YouTube's Suggested and/or Recommended videos section

OUR YOUTUBE VIEWS/LIKES/SUBSCRIBERS ARE USED BY YOUTUBE VIDEO SEO EXPERTS, VIDEO RANKERS AND MORE.. is not associated/affiliated with Youtube/Google in any way, shape or form.


- We guarantee that all youtube views, likes and subscribers are from real users/people from different ips with unique computer/system ids(international views, subs, likes) and not from bots that use proxy changers and vpn softwares etc.
- We guarantee that your overall video and/or channel popularity/authority will increase after receiving at least 700 youtube views, with a combination of some likes and subscribers as well. For best results, get views, likes and subscribers immediately after uploading your youtube video on/to your youtube channel/account.
- We guarantee that all youtube views, likes and subscribers that you receive, will stick/stay permanently on your video/channel. We have the best YouTube Views Increaser software terms in the industry. No one else will or can guarantee you that every single view, like and subscribe will appear and stay on your video/channel permanently.
- We guarantee that our youtube views, likes and subscribers are completely safe, 100% of the time, all the time! You should never ever worry about getting your video removed and/or account banned with our services. We provide real youtube views and our views, likes, subscribers are great for your videos, rankings, popularity, channel authority and more.


30-seconds(1 credit per 30-second view) is the minimum length/duration each video will be viewed/watched for but you will have the option to choose from various other view/watch lengths/durations as well from your youtube views increaser software panel. You may click on the 'What are retention views' button at anytime in the views increaser software panel to find out more about retention views/high retention views.
You can choose how long you would like your youtube video(s) viewed/watched for and you can also assign a keyword to/for each video that you would like to receive views, likes and subscribers to. The longer your video is viewed/watched for, the more popular your video will be and this can significantly help with better overall video and/or channel popularity and contribute to better video rankings, whether on Youtube or Google. *For best results, for every 2 minutes of video length, it is recommended that you add an additional 30 seconds of video watch time so if your video is 4 minutes long, you might want to choose a View/Watch time of at 60 seconds or more.

We guarantee that most of your overall youtube rankings for your keyword(s) will increase, approximately 80% of the time after receiving at least 700 youtube views, with a combination of some likes and subscribers as well. For youtube rankings to increase for your keyword, your youtube video must be already ranked/indexed on the first 20 pages of youtube, for your keyword(s) and must however have been optimized correctly. Optimization includes entering the proper video title, description, tags and more. For best results, get views, likes and subscribers immediately after uploading your youtube video on/to your youtube channel/account. If you need a video rank checker to check the rankings of your uploaded youtube videos for various keywords, click on the 'Video Rank Checker' button/link above at anytime. Factors such as video watch time/amount of time/duration your video(s) is/are watched/viewed for, do contribute to better rankings so please read the 'High Retention Youtube Views' note above.
We guarantee that our views will go past 301/301+ Views. If you have a youtube video which view count is stuck/frozen at 301/301+ Views, you can break the 301/301+ problem/barrier with our youtube views increaser software. And yes, your video will go pass 301 views with our views increaser software because you will be getting 100% real youtube views.
1) Option to get notified via email when all your views, likes and subscribes are delivered in full.
2) Option to boost your video rankings/popularity with our social media video posting and/or embedding which includes video playback on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter.


Internet Marketing Software/Bot Description/Details


Increase your youtube videos views with the Push of a Button with the YouTube Views Increaser Software/Bot which is available for free trial and download above!

1) Enter as many YouTube Video Urls(no limit) as you wish to receive YouTube Views, Likes, Subscribers, Social Media Video Embed & Playback and more.

2) Get unlimited views to any or all of your YouTube Videos and never be stuck on 301+ views gain!

3) Increase your YouTube/Google Video Rankings and google adsense revenue with our views increaser software.

4) Software comes with built-in video tutorial, support panel and much more..

5) Get international youtube video views from all over the world. More info about views, youtube traffic source, analytics and more available in the views increaser software.

This software is for increasing your youtube video views, likes and subscribers count with completely real views, likes and subs that come from different ips and different computer systems to increase your video rankings and overall video/channel authority/popularity. Sometimes, not all views provided by this software will appear immediately as youtube caches all views for a period of 72 hours. In addition, most of the times, views, likes and subs acquired through submissions through our youtube views increaser software will be reduced during/right after the youtube caching process by an estimate of around 10-30 percent. Although you may lose 10-30 percent of views, likes and subscribers on each request made through the software, WE STILL GUARANTEE THAT AFTER YOUTUBE REMOVES THE 10-30 PERCENT DURING THE CACHING PROCESS, YOU WILL STILL RECEIVE EVERY SINGLE VIEW, LIKE AND SUB THAT WILL STAY ON YOUR VIDEO PERMANENTLY AND WE DO THIS BY SLIGHTLY OVER-DELIVERING SOIF YOU REQUESTED TO RECEIVE 100 VIEWS, 5 LIKES AND 5 SUBS TO A YOUTUBE VIDEO, AFTER THE YOUTUBE CACHING PROCESS, YOU WILL STILL HAVE 100 VIEWS, 5 LIKES AND 5 SUBS LEFT ON YOUR VIDEO/CHANNEL THAT WILL NOT BE AFFECTED BY THE YOUTUBE CACHING PROCESS, DESPITE THE YOUTUBE CACHING PROCESS. In other words, we will even cover the loss of some views, likes and subs from the youtube caching process to make sure that you receive almost exactly what you requested for through our software, hence fulfilling our guarantee(s). At times, you may also see some extra views, likes and subs on your video/channel from submitting request to receive views, likes subs and more, through our views increaser software.

Is there a free trial to this internet marketing software/bot? Jagged edge he can't love u. YES, PLEASE FILL THE YELLOW FORM ABOVE TO DOWNLOAD THE FREE-TRIAL VERSION OF THIS SOFTWARE NOW.

Here's the differences(below) between our YouTube Views, Likes and Subs compared to most other Sellers/Providers.
Quality of most Other YouTube Views, Likes and Subs - BAD ALTHOUGH THEY CAN BE VERY CHEAP!

1) Majority of our competitors views, likes and subs are generated by ROBOTS. More specifically, they are generated by bots that switch ips with either anonymous, elite or private proxies usually and/or vpn softwares. Some even provide views from 'hi-jacked' computers/systems and you definitely do not want to be contributing to Cyber Fraud by giving them your business.

Bot Views Free Youtube

2) Furthermore, the problem with these views and more that are provided/generated by most other Sellers/Providers is that the Views, Likes and Subscribers come from only1 or just a few computers and their computer system(s) information along with ip addresses/proxies/servers that they use are very quickly recognized and blacklisted by YouTube from the amount of request they send onto YouTube's servers and other contributing factors. Some Sellers/Providers rely on companies such as HMA and more to switch ips/proxies and these huge companies themselves, along with all their dedicated proxies/servers/ips/computer ids and more, have a bad reputation with YouTube and these factors do not help your video attain better rankings and do not help with your overall video/channel popularity at all. Here at SafeFreeRobots, we guarantee our views, likes and subscribers are Completely Real, from real users and not robots. Furthermore, we guarantee every view etc will be from a different ip and different pc/system altogether. This is what makes us so unique and makes us totally stand out from everyone else we know of, in this business.

3) When you get views from other Sellers/Providers, although in most cases your video will not be removed or channel will not be banned by YouTube and despite your views, likes and subs count being counted by YouTube, YOUTUBE KNOWS EXACTLY WHERE THOSE VIEWS, LIKES AND SUBS CAME FROM AND YOU/YOUR VIDEO WILL NOT GET ANY CREDIT FOR THAT! Yes, your views, likes and subs count will most likely be much higher for significantly cheaper but it DOES NOT HELP YOUR VIDEO/CHANNEL RANKING IN ANY WAY, SHAPE OR FORM ALTHOUGH MOST OF THEM CLAIM THEY DO JUST THAT! We were surprised to see so many great reviews/testimonials on some of our competitors sites such as Fiverr.Com and it had us scratching our head and thinking, how is this even possible? Then we realized no one mentioned in any reviews about any of their video rankings and overall video/channel popularity increasing rather than 'Great Work', 'All Views are there', 'Seller over-delivered', 'Outstanding job' and other typical buyer reviews/testimonials. In addition, on Fiverr for example, you only have up to a few days to review an order after a delivery so this tells us there is not much time to leave an accurate review. Apparently, most buyers have no clue on exactly how these views are being generated because most fiverr youtube views gigs for example again, are completely misleading and the sellers do not exactly tell you that the Views, Likes and Subs are completely useless besides the both 'true and untrue' fact that they always use as leverage to claim that their views are 100% real. What we mean by this is that Sellers usually state '100% Real Views' because the views you are getting 'IS REAL' SIMPLY DUE TO THE FACT THAT THE VIDEO URL WAS VISITED OR THE VIEW WAS GIVEN IN A BROWSER OF SOME SORT BUT WHEN FILTERED BY YOUTUBE, UNFORTUNATELY, THE CREDIBILITY OF THE VIEWS ARE 0 TO NONE. It also seems that buyers would happily settle for more views as long as they show up on the video and as long as they are cheap. Remember, most Sellers/Providers out there generate/provide views and more that are not good for your video/channel. If you're looking to increase your Views, Likes and Subs whether it's just for 'show' or just to 'make a video look good', you should definitely consider our Views Increaser Software instead especially if you would like some real exposure, with real youtube views, likes and subs that will increase your video rankings and overall channel authority/popularity over a period of time.

4) Most other Sellers/Providers do not let you choose How Long You Would Like Your Video Viewed/Watched for and their views are usually 5 - 30 seconds long and that will not help you increase any video rankings and overall video popularity at all especially if your video is over 60 seconds long. They do not provide Safe, 'High Retention Views' where you can choose how long you would like your video watched/viewed for, like we do here at SafeFreeRobots.5) Most other Sellers/Providers do not have a good 'VIEWS TO LIKE AND SUBSCRIBER COUNT RATIO', WHICH WE DO and which you can read more about, in our views-increaser-software. For example, a Seller/Provider may give/sell you 1000 Useless Views along with 100 Likes and 100 Subscribers for $10 but when this happens, YouTube's algorithm and filters will know quickly and easily that these views, likes and subscribers are mimicking a rather suspicious behavior pattern, which most of the times is generated by 'non human user/bot/software' because of the rate the views and subs are coming in compared to the amount of views coming in. Not even celebrities/music artists videos have a huge 'Views to Like and Subscriber Count Ratio'. These ratios have to be measured and they cannot be too high or too low, or they may backfire and even contribute to 'de-indexing', which means that your video will be publicly available and published but completely removed from all youtube search pages and you do not want this to happen at all. Video rankers and video seo experts who rank videos or who are involved in YouTube Video Ranking, are very well aware of this problem. Here at SafeFreeRobots, we provide you with safe and secured ratios which are often randomized from time to time, hence improving the quality of each View, Like and Subscribe.
6) We guarantee that for most submissions made through our views increaser software, if your video quality/content is okay to great and if your video title, tags and description are optimized properly, your rankings and overall video popularity will increase! To track the quality of our views, likes and subs, you may use a video rank checker to check the rankings of your uploaded youtube videos before and after assigning views, likes and subs from our views increaser software. We are so confident you will love our views that we have developed the Video Rank Checker/YouTube Rank Checker software to allow you track your rankings before and after assigning views. If our views, likes and subs are not good, we would be hiding the video rank checker/youtube rank checker software instead of presenting it to you to check your rankings! Try our youtube views, likes and subs now!
7) We cover losses from all Views, Likes and Subs lost during youtube caching process! Most other sellers/providers out there will state a disclaimer like 'we cannot guarantee every view, like and subscriber generated will stay permanently on your video or channel due to the youtube caching process but we are NOT LIKE THEM! We at guarantee permanent views, likes and subs on every single submission made in/from our YouTube Views Increaser Software.
8) Compared to most other sellers/providers, with our high retention views, likes and subs, your video(s) stand(s) a good chance to be placed by youtube into YouTube's Suggested and/or Recommended videos section and this may dramatically increase your video popularity and rankings and your video(s) may even go 'Viral'!
9) The views-increaser software saves submission reports on all your requests to receive views, likes, subs and more so that you know for sure that you can track and make sure every single view, like and subscriber is delivered upon each request. Furthermore, we provide track-able views which can be easily tracked in your analytics panel unlike most competitors which only deliver/provide 'direct' views as their form of traffic to your videos. Not only do we provide high quality youtube views, we provide fully trackable, high retention youtube views that is almost guaranteed to increase your video rankings and overall video popularity, for most submissions made through our views increasing software.

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