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Yanik Silver – Ultimate Internet Copywriting Seminar
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  1. Yanik Silver Ultimate Copywriting Workshop Download Torrent Download
  2. Yanik Silver Ultimate Copywriting Workshop Download Torrent Windows 7
  3. Yanik Silver Ultimate Copywriting Workshop Download Torrent Download

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Now You Can Instantly (At least) Double The Pulling Power of Any Ad, Email, Web Site or Sales Letter Sneak Away With Every Single Trick, Tactic, Formula, Shortcut, Strategy and Jealously-Guarded Secret The Internets #1 Most-Celebrated Copywriter Uses to Create Huge Piles Of Cash At Will.
Topics Covered:
* The super Top-Secret copy formula that helped me earn $43,668.73 in 24-hours and over six-figures in four days from a tiny list of only 4,200 people! Youll get my entire formula broken down to reveal how to create an avalanche of response and set up a big giant windfall for yourself online.anytime you want!
* When you should use short email copy and when you absolutely should not.
* 13 different PROOF elements you need to have on your website or youre sunk. Miss just 1 or 2 and your results will dramatically drop.
* Thes. mouse technique created over 40 years ago but nobodys using it. (This single email brought in a huge surge of attendees for a recent live event I did.)
* 3 different, no-brainer follow-up emails your customers and opt-ins will appreciate receiving and not be ticked off about. (If youre not using follow-up emails like Ill teach youre missing out on 25%-65% additional business that?s slipping through the cracks.)
* How to find out the absolute best days to send email out to your list. Youll see a 20% – 30% drop if you dont hit send on the right days.
* How to steal as many copy nuggets as you want in just minutes online. I use this shortcut frequently to talk like the marketplace even if Im not one of them.
* 9 stages of copy editing and polishing. Our first drafts might appear similar but after the editing is done my way youll see a dramatic difference. (In fact, one full manual is devoted only to the entire editing process! Youll get 5 different examples of sales letters from my Apprentices and you?ll get to see how their work progressed through the editing stages with my guidance of each draft.)
* Dont re-invent the wheel. Heres how to find and use the phrases and power words your competitors have already dearly paid for and tested in your own promotions. Perfect for Pay-per-click search engines!
* The single sneaky word that a Harvard psychologist discovered as an under the radar trigger to persuasion. (Hint: Its not free or you.) In fact, this works so well I try to incorporate it into almost EVERY single promotion I ever do.

Yanik Silver Ultimate Copywriting Workshop Download Torrent Download

Yanik Silver – Ultimate Internet Copywriting Seminar: Video, PDF´s
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Yanik Silver Ultimate Copywriting Workshop Download Torrent Windows 7

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“147 More Reasons You Must Get Your Hands on Yanik Silver’s Ultimate ‘At-Home’ Internet Copywriting Workshop!”

1. The most valuable moneymaking skill in the world! (It is responsible for building massive fortunes practically overnight. Transforming “down-and-out” entrepreneurs into multi-millionaires and saving struggling companies from bankruptcy. Yet… most business owners overlook it completely!)

2. Exactly what to do before you sit down to write one word of your promotion! (Just about everyone tries to skip this first step… but… it’s critical if you want to craft ales messages that produce jaw-dropping results!)

3. How to ethically “steal” the best copy nuggets from your competition… without… them knowing about it! (Practically guarantees an instant success anytime you got into new markets!)

4. How to pinpoint the specific reason a customer will NOT buy from you and manipulate that knowledge into a convincing sales pitch that compels them to whip out a credit card on the spot!

5. Five objection-buster questions to ask yourself prior to writing your Internet sales letter to eliminate common order-stalling doubts almost every customer secretly harbors!

Yanik Silver Ultimate Copywriting Workshop Download Torrent

6. Where to find the “Big Idea” behind your product guaranteed to capture attention and send prospects tearing through your ads to find out more! (It may be the biggest underground secret.)

7. Why you must sell “free” as hard as you can! Plus a little trick that makes free offers appear so enticingly valuable prospects can’t pass them up!

Yanik Silver Ultimate Copywriting Workshop Download Torrent Download

8. How to apply the “PA Continuum Scale” technique to position your product or service perfectly to the market you’re after… even if… they don’t know they want or need what you sell… and… attract a swarm of new customers as a result! It’s one of the advanced copy strategies legendary copywriter Gene Schwartz used to produce billions in sales!

9. How to create offers that practically force people to shell out big bucks for higher priced products… even when… you give them a lower price option! (Learn how world-class Internet marketers make people eager to cheerfully spend more money. Put this cash-multiplying secret in your copy arsenal and boost sales by 500%… 1,000%… or more!)

10. The very best type of premium to offer – you’ll instantly TRIPLE response!

11. The best way ever discovered to induce people to take immediate action! Yanik discusses a simple psychological secret (proven by scientific studies) to get anyone to do almost anything you ask!

12. A sneaky (yet perfectly ethical) way to convince people to give you glowing testimonials before they buy your product! You’ll laugh out loud for not thinking of this yourself!

13. How to boost Internet sales by at least 22% automatically! (Just add a single element within your website copy and watch what happens to your bottom line!)

14. Why your website will sell more when you let people “step behind the curtain”! This copy strategy was discovered nearly a century ago… and… it works even better today! The masters of advertising have all applied it and here’s how you can too!

15. How to inject white-hot enthusiasm and sales appeal into “shop-worn” offers your market has seen over and over again!

16.The driving force behind every sale ever made since the dawn of mankind! (Whether you’re writing online or offline copy… once you unleash the power behind this concept… making sales will be a piece of cake!)

17.How to emotionally connect with your target market by entering the “conversation in their mind”! (Instantly makes your customer respond like Bill Clinton in a roomful of bikini-clad interns!)

18. How to use the time-tested “Higher Authority” negotiating gambit to increase sales when offering limited bonuses!

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