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Popular among players with a 9/10 review score on Steam, GameSpot and Push Square, XCOM 2 is definitely not one to be missed if you are into Tactical Strategy video games. Players have described it as being one of their top RPG games with excellent graphics and animations.

An Enemy Unknown version of this mod (with fewer features) is available in the Files section. It has not been updated to work with EU patches 5 and 6 (too much work), so you have to take extra steps to roll back your XCOM EU installation to patch 4, with this tool. If you simply change the uc files for somebody else's mod, this will have no effect. You have to download/install the sdk, copy their files into a modbuddy directory, make your changes, and then compile using the sdk. If you are crunched for disk space and you have many mods, you can safely delete the directory src classes XComGame from any mod.

Suppose mod 1 changes ini lines a,b,c but mod 2 changes lines b,c,d. Then mod 1 will have weird behavior because a is changed, but b,c are changed in a different way than mod 1 expected. At least here, the ini file syntax should tell us unambiguously what the game will see. Uc files, where two mods do not override the same class. This works for any Extended ModOXC Mods: Live:Chat:https://discord.gg/smj6x99.

XCOM 2, which is second in the series following the success relaunch of XCOM in 2012, was released on 5th February 2016. The game begins on the assumption that you lost your battle against the aliens in the original XCOM, with the world now being held under control of the aliens and their leader ‘the advent’. It is the player’s role, as one of a few select soldiers, to defeat the aliens and expel them from Earth once and for all.

The game can be played in both Single-player and Multiplayer modes and is available on the following platforms: PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Macintosh operating systems, Microsoft Windows and Linux.

Save Game Location

If you're an avid player of XCOM 2 and want to know where your game saves are located on your hard drive to back them up, delete them, or use them for some other purpose, you're in the right place. Find out where your XCOM 2 game saves are located for your operating system below.


If you're playing XCOM 2 on Windows, your save files will be in the following folder:

To swiftly open up this path in File Explorer, just:

  1. Press WINDOWS + R on your keyboard at the same time to open a Run window
  2. Paste the path into the text field
  3. Click OK and a new File Explorer window will open in your XCOM 2 saves folder!


If you're playing XCOM 2 on a Mac, your game saves will be in this folder:

To jump to that path:

  1. Open up a Finder window
  2. Hit COMMAND + SHIFT + G on your keyboard (whilst having the Finder window active)
  3. Paste the path into the text field and hit Go

If the path doesn't exist, go to the following path: ~/Library/Application Support/Feral Interactive. Then, from there, navigate through the directories that seem similar to the path above (e.g. if you're running a special edition of XCOM 2, XCOM2 might not be the name of the folder inside Feral Interactive.


For linux-based operating systems, XCOM 2 game save files are in the following folder:

Xcom Files Mod

Mods Folder

The Xcom Files Mod

To locate your mods folder, first go to your Steam Library folder. This is usually:

Windows:C:Program Files (x86)SteamMac:~/Library/Application Support/SteamLinux:~/.steam/steam

If it's not at any of those paths, follow see how to find your Steam library.

Livestream studio software for mac. Once you've located your Steam library, go into the following folders:

steamapps > workshop > content > 268500

Each of your mods will be in a folder within the 268500. The folder name for each of your mods will be a bunch of numbers that are also found in its workshop URL. For example, 872398472 is the ID here:



The contents of this page contain fictional elements that are based on or expand on the official game mythos. Care should be taken by the reader not to confuse the artistic license taken as being an actual representation of the events and time lines in the game(s).

Imagine everything you know about the Alien War is wrong.


Imagine if there really are no aliens despite what the world goverments have been telling us until the start of the Alien War. Or if a war actually took place but X-COM was merely a cover-up for all what really happened. Or even if the 'aliens' were really the ones who tried to protect Earth from the very human forces that wanted to take control of it. Finally, what if those forces won and they are keeping you from knowing the real truth about the Alien War and X-COM?

Troubling isn't it?

Oh sure, they will tell you that a conspiracy of that size couldn't be kept in the dark and that someone will undoubtly spill out the beans about what really happened. That there would be public outcry and indignation and the culprits would be found and burned at the stake for lying to the entire world. Or even that it would be impossible for any nation or group to create such a convincing story and making everyone believe it.

As stated above, everything you know is wrong.

Xcom 1 Mods

Remember that the official story states that Earth simply ignored the aliens existence before 1998 despite the fact that there were numerous public and private commissions that studied the issue? Well, isn't it strange that no one before 1998 bothered to take these reports seriously? Or isn't it strange than X-COM took less than a month to establish itself (despite the bureaucracy and the necessary coordination of 16 nations who can't agree in pretty much everything else) after the decision was taken by the Council of Funding Nations? Or that laser weaponry suddenly became available for battlefield use in a matter of months when they were supposed to be decades away from being pratical applications?

Of course, there's always the official record which is supposed to clear these facts. However, there isn't much of a public record since with more than 99% of all files are still classified above Top Secret for 'security reasons'.

If that doesn't make you think, well buddy I got these pyramids on Mars that you might be interested on buying..

But for those like me who want answers here are the X-COM Files.

Xcom Enemy Unknown Mods

- Renegade

Download Xcom 2 Mods

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