Windows 7 Basic Theme

In Windows 7, Microsoft drastically improved the operating systems in-built support for themes. The operating system comes with several stunning themes which include high quality photographs that make great desktop backgrounds. You can also download more themes from the Microsoft theme gallery, or various places on the internet. With the help of this short video guide you’ll be able to add and change basic themes to your hearts content.

Windows 7 basic theme free download - Acer Windows 7 Theme, Lightning Windows 7 Theme, Lenovo Windows 7 Theme, and many more programs. The colours are dull and the title bars along with the close, minimise, etc. Buttons are very unattractive - exactly as they were in the Vista 'Basic' theme. To me, XP looks way better than these 'Basic' themes. So, it would be great to include an XP theme in Windows 7, in the way Windows Classic themes are included in XP and Vista. Open a new session of Windows Explorer and navigate to the file for the custom theme you want installed on your computer. If you don’t have a custom theme ready, search the Internet using terms such as “custom windows 7 themes” or “download windows 7 themes” to locate one or more third-party websites that offer different themes. A theme is a combination of desktop background pictures, window colors, and sounds. To get a theme, expand one of the categories, click a link for the theme,.

Windows 7 Basic Theme

Not using Windows 7? Tutorials for changing basic themes are available for Windows Vista and Windows XP users too. Click here for the Windows XP version, or click here for the Windows Vista version. Windows 8 users can follow this tutorial too, simply by going to the desktop before starting the tutorial.

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Additional notes

Downloading more themes – There are several sites on the internet that offer Windows themes. As with all downloads, care must be taken as some less reputable sites have been known to bundle spyware or other malware in with their downloads. Be careful to read any end user license agreement and also run an up to date antivirus package.

In our video about changing Windows 7 wallpaper we also show you how to save modified themes, click here to view that tutorial.

BasicWindows 7 Basic ThemeWindows 7 Basic Theme

You can access the Microsoft theme gallery shown in the video by clicking here.

Windows 7 Basic Theme Greyed Out

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