Why Does My Gmail Not Download To Outlook For Mac

Sometimes extensions or add-ons you've installed on your browser or applications you’ve installed on your computer can prevent Gmail from working. Try temporarily turning off these extensions. Whereas Google's Gmail is replete with powerful options for rules — or what it instead calls filters — and they run before mail even reaches your Mac. That sounds ideal and it is something we. Since yesterday my Outlook for Mac (version 16.30) is no longer synching with my Gmail account (despite IMAP settings being active). Outlook gives me a statement that Inbox and folders are up to date, but they are not. Gmail does allow you to add your account to Outlook without setting up two-factor authentication and using an app password, but you must turn on a setting that allows 'less secure apps' to connect to your account. We do not recommend this setting. We recommend turning on two-factor authentication and using an app password.

  1. Why Does My Gmail Not Download To Outlook For Mac
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Although you are certain you are entering the correct password for your Gmail account, your email will not load on your iPad or iPhone. Or perhaps your Gmail was previously working on your device, but now you are traveling and it has suddenly stopped. This issue can be extremely frustrating and confusing. This article will cover the details of why your Gmail is not working on your iPad or iPhone and how to solve the issue to get your email loaded in the Mail app.

The Issue: Security

Security is a top concern among both consumers and companies. Consumers do not want their personal information stolen and companies do not want to be sued. Unfortunately, in cases where security becomes too strict without any explanation, consumers can find themselves struggling to get back into their own accounts.

Unable to Get Mail

The problem isn't necessarily the security itself. Rather, it is the lack of explanation that leaves iPhone consumers in the dark. Plenty of consumers find themselves in situations where they take a vacation and their email suddenly stops loading upon reaching their destination. If it was loading perfectly before, why would traveling cause it to stop? The answer is related to security:

Why does my gmail not download to outlook for mac os

Google noticed the attempted connection from a new area and blocked the sign-in because it was suspicious and worried that someone was attempting to hack the account. While many people do not even realize this is a possibility, employees at the Apple Store see it happen on a regular basis. Even if you aren't traveling, Gmail can choose to block sign-in attempts for a wide variety of reasons.

How To Fix Gmail On Your iPhone (or iPad)

If you are positive you are entering the correct password for your Gmail account but are still locked out of your mail, try the following steps:

1. Check The Gmail Website For Alerts

Since your iPad or iPhone is unable to give you details about your failed sign in, visiting the Gmail website can be helpful. If you can, use a computer (the Gmail website is easier to navigate with a bigger screen).

Open Chrome, Safari, or a different internet browser, head to Gmail.com, and type in your password and email address.

If you are using an iPhone, a popup may appear that suggests you download an app, but now is not the right time. Select the small link at the bottom titled 'mobile Gmail site'.

Upon logging in, watch for an email or alert box that says something along the lines of 'Someone has stolen your password' or 'Gmail has blocked your attempt at signing in'. If you see an email or box like this, select the link inside titled 'That Was Me', 'Review Your Devices Now', or any links with similar language.

2. Use Google’s Website to Review Your Recent Devices

Even if you do not receive an email regarding blocked sign-ins, it is still a smart idea to check the section titled 'Device activity and notifications' on the 'My Account' section of Google's website. This will allow you to review all of your recent devices that have attempted to sign in to your account. You can also unblock the sign-in attempts that were you (well, at least they were hopefully all you). Quicken for mac add accountant.

After you confirm to Google that you were the one trying to log in, your email should begin loading on your iPad or iPhone. If this does not solve the issue, keep reading.

3. Try The CAPTCHA Reset

The CAPTCHA reset, a fix offered by Gmail that typically flies under the radar, temporarily unlocks a portion of the security features on Google to allow new devices to connect successfully.

To complete the CAPTCHA reset, head to Google’s CAPTCHA reset page and use your username and password to log in. Next, use your iPad or iPhone to log into your Gmail account. The attempt at signing in should work this time, and Google will now remember your device so it does not get blocked in the future.

4. Double Check That IMAP Is Enabled

Gmail may also not be working on your device if IMAP (Gmail's technology that it uses to send mail to your device) is disabled in the settings. You will not be able to access your email account from the server if IMAP technology is turned off on Gmail.com.

5. Remove Your Gmail Account From Your Device And Reload It

If you can log in to Gmail.com without any issues, checked the device activity and notifications to make sure your device is not being blocked, completed the CAPTCHA reset, and confirmed that IMAP is enabled, it is time for the next step: the modern version of unplugging it and plugging it back in. Simply remove your Gmail account completely from your device and then load it back on.

In the majority of cases, Gmail servers store all the emails of an individual. This means that removing the Gmail account from your device will not delete anything from the actual server. When you set your account back up, all of your contacts, notes, and emails will come right back.

A Word of Caution

It is important to note that some individuals may be using an older version of mail delivery, a system known as POP. Although this system has been largely replaced by IMAP, POP accounts can delete emails from the server if it is downloaded to the device.

Why Does My Gmail Not Download To Outlook For Mac

To be on the safe side, sign into Gmail.com prior to deleting your Gmail account and confirm that all of your emails are there. If there is mail on the web interface, it means it is on the server. If you do not see your mail on Gmail.com, it might be best to skip this step for now. Fortunately, almost 100% of people will be able to see their email and can safely proceed with this step.

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How To Properly Remove Your Gmail Account From Your Device

To get rid of your Gmail account from your device, check out 'Settings', 'Mail', 'Contacts', then 'Calendars' and tap on your Gmail account. Then, choose 'Delete Account', and select 'Delete from my iPhone'. Next, head to 'Settings', 'Mail', 'Contacts', then 'Calendars'. Tap on 'Add Account', then tap Google and enter the information for your account.

Gmail: Loading Again On Your Device

Once Gmail is working smoothly again on your iPad or iPhone, you will be able to send and receive emails using Gmail's Mail app. If you have realized your battery has also been draining, the biggest offender is usually 'Push Mail'.

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Final Thoughts

Issues with email loading is a common, tricky problem, but you are now equipped with the knowledge to address this issue. You can also impress your friends by fixing their device if they are experiencing issues. Be sure to let us know if you found this article helpful and if you were able to solve your email issue - we would love to hear from you! Jump to top

If you are searching for the solution how to Sync Gmail with Outlook, then you are landed on the right page. Here in this blog, we will discuss the best possible method to Sync Gmail with MS Outlook easily.

The Outlook is used in most working organizations today due to its advanced and cooperative infrastructure. To avoid using two different mail clients at once, one can easily Add Gmail with Outlook.

Why Does My Gmail Not Download To Outlook For Macbook Pro

Technology has developed in such a manner that the user does not have work in discomfort while they can access one mail client in another.

Here we will discuss all the how-to solutions, points to remember, and benefits of using Outlook to understand the situation better and how to deal with it effectively.

Why Outlook over Gmail?

Being a Google mail client it is a more secure platform. As Google does not have webmail, it becomes easy to sync MS Outlook with its mailbox items.

It allows you to send/receive emails, schedule meetings, storing contacts, etc. It does offer many more features than you use daily.

Things to remember while Syncing:

1. MS Outlook lets the user work offline. Users can work and save their work as a draft in Outlook and post it when the Outlook is connected to the internet. This way user doesn’t have to worry about making corrections online. Users can make all the changes to Outlook account offline and then update it with the help of network connection.

2. Outlook calendar feature lets you plan upcoming events like leaves, presentations, meetings, etc. Users can share the calendar updates with a group, team members, or colleagues to collaborate efficiently.

3. User can sort their emails using multiple categories options like timeframe, size, date, range, etc. Outlook can then easily search for these emails in their respective folders.

4. They act as a resource mailbox for meetings, halls, and projectors as one can add a resource to their Outlook mailbox. Users can send invitations brochures to recipients as well as check their active/inactive status.

If you are using Outlook on Mac system and facing problems with Outlook OLM files, then you can import OLM files into Gmail.

Method to Synchronize Gmail with Outlook Manually?

The below-mentioned method will help Sync Gmail with Outlook:

  1. First, sign in to your Gmail account using valid credentials.
  2. Go to the gear icon in the top right corner, then choose Settings.
  3. Next, select Forwarding and POP/IMAP tab, then enable the IMAP option. Now, hit the Save Changes tab.
  4. Return to your account and hit the ‘Manage your Google Account’ option.
  5. In the Security tab, go to two-step verification. Confirm phone number and then set a password for your Gmail account.
  6. After allowing the two-factor verification, then the App Password window will pop-up.
  7. In the App password window, go to the drop-down menu and hit others and enter in the name Outlook. Next, hit Generate.
  8. Now, the new password has been created. Store it and hit Done.
  9. After creating a password, direct to Outlook and press Add Account button.
  10. Select the Manual setup or additional server types, then press Next to continue further.
  11. Select POP/IMAP, then click Next.
  12. On the page, fill in the respective details-Incoming mail server: imap.gmail.com, Outgoing mail server: smtp.gmail.com
  13. For password– enter the password you recently created.
  14. Outlook then confirms the validity of your account details then log to the exchange server. Next, hit Finish.

Now your Gmail account is synchronized with Outlook and you can easily access your Gmail mailbox items in Outlook.

As compared to the above solutions professional solutions are known to maintain data integrity. Other than backup properties, they offer much more than portable solutions. One such tool is the Gmail backup Tool. The utility aims in Backing up Gmail contents into other file formats as well as mail clients, naming convention feature to rename resultant files, Interactive GUI for a user to understand better, etc.


Above is the complete information regarding how to sync Gmail with Outlook. We have discussed, how-to solutions and appropriate notes one must know about synching the Gmail account. I hope you find this tip helpful.