What Type Of Partition For Mac Wd Passport

What Type Of Partition For Mac Wd PassportType


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Wd hard drive partition

What Type Of Partition For Mac Wd Passport Renewal

I have a macbook pro (intel based) which has a partitioned internal hard drive. The one partition is used for Mac OSX (leopard) and the other for windows. My aim was to take a back up of my mac hard drive to my external WD My Passport Studio Drive 500GB (800/400 FW & USB 2). So I partitioned the WD external drive in 2 parts (GUID partitioned- Mac Os Extended (Journaled)). One for the clone of my internal mac drive and the other for personal data. So I used superduper for that (with FW 800), following all the instructions, and made a clone of my mac partition to the designated WD passport partition .
After the completion of the process I checked for any failures from the disk utility but nothing seemed to be wrong. So from the Preferences>Startup Disk I chose the WD partition (with the clone) to boot from, and hit restart-> the WD bootable partition won’t appear. Then I tried restart holding down the option key but the WD bootable partition won’t appear again.
1) my first Question therefore is, what went wrong?
2) Another question I have is the following:
I want to format the two partitions of my macbook pro (mac osx & windows) so I’ll have only one partition for mac os x. After I do that I would like to restore the clone from my WD passport (made with SD) to the new freshly formatted mac hard drive.
Are that steps right or do I miss something?

Wd Passport With Windows 10

As a positive point, I highlight the fact that My Passport for Mac was already formatted in OS X Expanded, the most appropriate partition type for use on Macs. Photo panorama stitch for mac download. The only problem with this is that if you plan to use the HDD on a Windows machine as well, you will have to reformat it to a type of partition that the Microsoft system recognizes, such. WD Elements Partition Pop Up Window The large circle is how your WD Elements drive is partitioned now on your Mac. When you formatted your WD Elements external hard drive, you in effect, created one large partition. Now you’re going to split this drive into different sections. If you want to use the WD Passport for a Time Machine backup, format the disk as 'Mac OS Extended (Journaled)'. Do not specify case-sensitive unless you have good reason to. Encryption is up to you but I find it adds needless complexity. You can elect to partition a disk as you see fit. The partitions can have different file formats.