What Is Snipping Tool Alternative For Mac

Are you a Windows user looking for a highly-rated, multi-use snipping tool as an alternative to Windows Snipping Tool? There are numerous snip it apps available with a variety of special features and services. You can find a snipping tool for Windows with cloud storage, image editing tools, screen recording capabilities, and integrations with other productivity and messaging apps. Use our guide below to find the right Microsoft snipping tool for your needs and budget.

Grab for Mac Features. Grab is much better than ordinary snipping tools which are available for Mac on the internet or within the system. The credit goes to different unique features that you must know about before you start using this tool. In this section, we are going to discuss those features of Grab in detail. Best Snipping Tool Alternatives For Windows, Mac, Linux (Snagit Alternatives) 1. ShareX is a Free and Open Source Snipping tool. You can Capture your full screen or a particular part of your. Greenshot is a light-weight Snipping tool for Windows. With its easy and handy. Snipping Tool can be used to capture a screen shot of any object on your screen which can then be saved, annotated, and shared as an image. As a relatively basic option, there are alternatives that focus on providing features such as the ability to upload directly to. For this purposes, you can make use of professional Mac screenshot tools that features the same function as Snipping Tool. Grab - A built-in screenshot tool on Mac that enables you to capture anything you see on screen. Skitch - Easy tool that allows for capturing.

Windows Snipping Tool

Before beginning our list of the 5 best alternatives to the native Windows Snipping Tool, let’s review the clipping tool and discuss its uses as well as its drawbacks. If you already know Windows Snipping Tool well and are looking for alternatives, skip to the next section.

Windows Snipping Tool is a free snipping tool that lets you take screenshots, edit your snips, and share them with others. You can find this Microsoft snipping tool through your Windows search bar or by adding it as a shortcut. You can take rectangle snips or a specific part of your screen, fullscreen shots, or free-form snips that can be of any shape. Screen capture can also be delayed by up to 5 seconds so you can switch to the screen you want to snip.

To use Windows snipping tool, simply drag your cursor over the portion of your screen that you wish to capture. Once you make your snip, the tool opens an editing screen where you can use a pen, highlighter, cropping tool, or open with Paint 3D for more options. Your snip can then be saved to your computer, printed, or emailed.

Snip & Sketch

For Windows 10, Microsoft has introduced a new snipping tool called Snip & Sketch. Snip & Sketch provides a simpler interface and includes a window snip option that can screen capture your browser window instead of the fullscreen. Screen capture can also be delayed for up to 10 seconds. In addition to the sketching tools from Snipping Tool, Snip & Sketch lets you edit your snips with a pencil, ruler, and touchscreen. Finally, Snip & Sketch lets you share screenshots not just over email, but also via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Skype, OneNote, Feedback Hub, Cortana Reminders, and nearby sharing over wifi or Bluetooth.

Both Snipping Tool and Snip & Sketch are currently installed on Windows 10 computers, but in the future, Snipping Tool will be discontinued and fully replaced by Snip & Sketch.

One of the biggest drawbacks with both Windows Snipping Tool and Snip & Sketch is their lack of cloud storage capabilities. If you take several screenshots every day, then your desktop screen can fill up rather quickly with files. It can also prove time-consuming to sort screenshots or find them if you need quick access. Additionally, Microsoft’s snipping tools do not include screen recording capabilities or any integrations with work productivity apps.

Overall, Windows Snipping Tool and Snip & Sketch are good clipping tools for users who make the occasional snip for personal reasons but poor choices for businesses that rely on quick and efficient screenshot editing, storage, security, and sharing to communicate effectively with customers and team members.

Here is our list of the 5 best snipping tools for Windows.

Best Snipping Tools for Windows


Best for businesses and enterprise customers looking for a high-resolution snipping tool that includes cloud storage, enterprise-level security, and screen recording for a low cost.

Droplr is a highly-rated, low priced snipping tool that also includes screen recording and GIF creation. Droplr saves screenshots and recordings directly to the cloud and creates a short link for your snip that can be instantly shared with others. All of your snips are displayed on your online Droplr account and can be sorted using boards and tags. You can also change the privacy settings for your snips, boards, and tags to limit access. Droplr includes enterprise-level security with encryption and SSO.

Droplr includes over a dozen integrations so that you can drop your snips directly into various messaging and productivity apps. For example, you can integrate Droplr with Intercom to drop your snips directly into a chat with a client or with Slack to share snips instantly with co-workers. You can also integrate Droplr’s clipping tool with Photoshop if you need more mark-up options then the arrows, emoticons, text, pencil, highlighter, and shapes included with Droplr.

Droplr’s snip it app is available on Windows, Mac, and Chrome Extension. The snipping tool shortcut can be accessed on the menu bar of your screen on Mac. Droplr offers a 7-day free trial for any of its products. Droplr’s pricing begins at $7/month and includes all of the above core products along with 1TB of file storage, 500GB/month of bandwidth, and click analytics. Higher-priced plans increase the amount of file storage and bandwidth, add more analytics, and include custom branding. For large businesses that need unlimited file storage and bandwidth, single sign-on (SSO), or custom domains, pricing begins at $7 per seat per month.


Best for businesses that use visual instructions to convey information to customers and team members.

Snagit is a clipping tool developed specifically for businesses to create visual instructions. It also lets users take panoramic shots that can capture scrolling webpages and create videos using screenshots and audio. Snagit can extract the text from a screenshot so that you can paste it in another document. The mark-up tool features a number of professional annotation tools such as preset and custom templates, step tools, and text editing.
Snagit’s snipping tool includes a dozen integrations with products such as Microsoft Suite, Google Drive, and Facebook to allow easy sharing. However, unlike Droplr, Snagit’s snipping tool does not integrate with most work productivity apps. Snagit can be installed on Windows or Mac.

Snagit’s single license pricing is a $49.95 flat fee that lets you install it on two machines. Discount pricing is available for businesses with several users, education services, and governments and non-profits. Snagit’s 2020 upgrade, which includes templates, video creation from images, and integrations with Slack and Box costs an additional $24.95 for current users. Unlike Droplr, all your snips are saved to your local drive with limited free cloud storage that is upgradeable for $99.95 per year available through Snagit Screencast.


Best for businesses and enterprise customers who are looking for a snipping tool alternative that integrates with the work apps they already use.

Similar to Droplr, CloudApp is a cloud-based snipping tool, screen recorder, and GIF maker. CloudApp uploads your screenshots and recordings to your personal cloud account and creates a shareable URL that you can send to grant access to them. It also includes mark-up tools such as arrows, emoticons, basic drawing tools, and blurring tools for sensitive information.

CloudApp integrates with over 30 apps including Zapier, Trello, Sketch, and WordPress. Their snipping tool is available on Mac, Windows, iPhone, Linux, and as a Chrome extension. CloudApp includes a free version with the above features and 1 minute limit for screen recordings, 15 second limit for GIFs, 100 MB/file upload size, .5 GB/link/day bandwidth, and 25 drop limit. CloudApp’s paid plans begin at $9/month for unlimited video recording and drops, 1 minute GIFs, 1 GB/file uploads, 2 GB/link/day bandwidth, and custom branding. CloudApp offers custom enterprise pricing starting at $17/month per seat.

You can read more about CloudApp for teams and CloudApp for enterprises on our How-To’s page.


Best for individuals looking for a free snipping tool with more features than Windows Snipping Tool.

Greenshot is a free snipping tool for Windows (with a paid version for Mac) that includes mark-ups and integrations. Greenshot can take fullscreen and window shots, snips of a selected area, and scrolling web pages on Internet Explorer. Greenshot’s mark-up tool includes arrows, text, drawing, image manipulation, blurring, paint, and shapes. After annotating your snip, you can save it on your computer, print it, copy it to your clipboard, email it, or upload it to photo sites or Microsoft Office programs. Greenshot includes free plug-ins with Jira, Box, Imgur, and Microsoft Office.
Overall, Greenshot is an excellent free alternative to Windows Snipping Tool with enhanced markups and integrations. However, it is not frequently updated (the last update was in August 2017) and does not include integral features for businesses such as cloud storage and enterprise-level security.


Best for artists and graphic designers looking for a snipping tool alternative with professional-level markup tools.

PicPick is another clipping tool made specifically for Windows that includes fullscreen shots, snips, and scrolling shots along with mark-up tools. PicPick’s includes an extensive list of markup tools such as a color palette, pixel ruler, magnifier, protractor, whiteboard, crosshairs, text, image size and brightness manipulators, highlighter, blur, arrows, and shapes. PicPick integrates with Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, Facebook, and Microsoft Office. Your snip can also be copied to the clipboard or print it directly from the tool.


PicPick offers both a free home version and a $29.99 product for professionals. The paid version allows for commercial use and includes auto-updates, lifetime upgrades, technical support, and no ads. PicPick’s paid version is the best Microsoft snipping tool for freelance graphic designers or small businesses for internal purposes that need enhanced image editing options but don’t require cloud storage or screen recording tools.

What About Mac Snipping Tools?

Droplr, CloudApp, and Snagit all work on Mac, and Greenshot is available for Mac as well (but at a price). Windows Snipping Tool and PicPick are Windows-only snip it apps. If you would like to look at more of the best clipping tools for Mac, you can check out our article 5 Best Snipping Tools for Mac.

Additionally, if you want more information about snipping tools and how to use them, check out our article How to Use a Snipping Tool.

Snipping Tool Windows Selection Guide

There are many options for snipping tools on Windows, but in general, the tools above will do an excellent job capturing and annotating screenshots. Whether you are a single user, small team, or large enterprise, features are pretty consistent among these tools. The differences among them will come down to price, security, and integrations, so here’s a table to guide your selection so you can choose the best snipping tool for your needs. You can also use this table to compare Windows Snipping Tool vs Snagit, Droplr, CloudApp, Greenshot, and PicPick.

Table of Contents
  1. What Is Snipping?

Have you ever wanted to capture a screenshot of your Mac’s screen, but don’t know how? It’s a common issue faced by many Mac users every day snip it for Mac. Thankfully, there is a solution — it’s called snipping tool Mac.

How do you insert documents into word 2011 for mac. If you don’t know how to snip on Mac, keep reading for a full guide about learning to use a Mac.

What Is Snipping?

Snipping tool Mac is a specific way to take a screenshot on your computer (Mac in this case).

Snipping is different than an average screenshot. When you take a screenshot, you’re left with an image of the full computer screen. This includes the entire user interface, from the top-bar to the hot-bar at the bottom of the screen.

When you snip, you can choose a specific portion of the screen to take a shot of. Usually, this is done by clicking and dragging your mouse across the area you want to capture. This lets you take screenshots of smaller portions of your screen, and whole-screen-shots without things like the hot-bar entering the picture.

Windows Snipping Tool For Mac

How to Snip on Mac?

There are a few different ways you can snip on Mac. Fortunately for everyone, none of them are very complex.

Here are a few of the many ways you can learn how to snip on Mac and get the tips to start using a Mac like the Mac Pro you are.

Snipping Tool Alternative For Mac

Use Mac’s Built-In Snipping Tool Mac

The easiest way to take a snip on Mac is to use the built-in Mac snipping tool.

Mac’s snipping tool isn’t an application, but rather a keyboard shortcut. Most people know you can take a screenshot by hitting ‘shift + command + 3.’ What most people don’t know is you can also take a snip by hitting ‘shift + command + 4.’

Once you hit ‘shift + command + 4’ your mouse pointer will turn into a crosshair. With the crosshair, click and drag a square over the area you want to capture. You can snip as large or small an area as you desire.

Once you’ve got the area you wish to snip covered, simply release the mouse button and you’re done. You can view your snips and screenshots by hitting ‘shift + command + 5’ to open the Screenshot app.

Shift + Command + 5

By just clicking ‘Shift + Command + 5’ you get the Screenshot app/toolbar.

Snipping Tools For Mac

At the bottom of the screen, you’ll see options to capture the whole screen, a selected window or portion, or even record areas of the screen. Under ‘Options’ there are timer selections, and pointer visibility options among other things.

You can use this bar to take more control over your snips. It doesn’t offer anything radically different, but is great for those who want screen recording.

This is a perfect way to snip for most snip it for Mac users, but for some it won’t be enough. The built-in snipping tool offers the most bare-bones snipping experience. If you want a more feature-full snip it for Mac, try some of the options below.

Snagit: Advanced Features

What Is Snipping Tool Alternative For Mac Pro

Snagit brings Mac snipping tool to the next level with some truly advanced features.

Snagit is both a snipping tool, and a screen recording tool. It lets you take snips like normal, and record a video of your screen. These aren’t what sets Snagit apart from the competition, though.

The coolest Snagit feature is panoramic snipping. This lets you take long snips down a scrolling web or other page. This is much faster and more reliable than taking multiple snips of a single long-form page and splicing them together.

Another cool feature is text extraction. With Snagit, you can take a snip, then copy the text from said screenshot into a text document. With this feature, you can save yourself a lot of time copying text you might need from images.

Beyond that, Snagit also has webcam and GIF capture, and editing/sharing options for all your snips. If you want a true 21st-century snipping tool, Snagit is the choice for you.

Droplr: Snipping Tool Mac at a Business Level

If you want a snipping tool at a business level, try Droplr.

With Droplr, you can make GIFs, record your screen, and take snips for a low monthly cost. Droplr utilizes the cloud to save all your snips and recordings, and even gives you a shortened link to share all these snips through. This gives you a way to quickly share your Droplr snips with friends and co-workers without any lengthy downloads.

Droplr snaps can be sorted into boards and tags through the Droplr interface, including the option to tag points of interest on the snip. Every snip and recording is encrypted to keep them secure. It’s also got tons of integration options with apps like Slack and Photoshop to make sharing and editing as easy as possible.

If you’ve got a lot of serious snipping to do, Droplr will get it done in Mac snipping tool.

Skitch: A Free Snip It for Mac

If you want a free snipping tool, try Skitch.

With Skitch, you can take and edit snips, then share them online in moments. Skitch is fast to launch and use, and has a friendly interface that’s easy to learn. Each icon is nice and big, making the application very simple to navigate.

Skitch gives you mark-up tools like highlighters, shapes, blurring, and cropping tools to perfect your snips. If you have an Evernote premium account, you can even markup PDFs with Skitch.

There’s no better free snip tool Mac than this how to snip on mac.

Learn Mac Snipping Tool for a Picture

Above are just a few of the most convenient and feature-full ways on how to snip on Mac. Review the content above to learn snip tool Mac, and experiment with a few different apps to find the right way for you. You’ll be taking professional-level screenshots in no time.

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