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Video Mixing software are the tools that can be used to mix different videos, photos and audio files to form a stunning videos. There are plenty of uses of these video mixer and editor, you can use them to mix different videos and photos of wedding to make one stunning video. Below we will show you the best video mixing software tha you can use for video editing and mixing.

Best Video Mixing Software – Filmora Video Editor

The most concerning thing about using a video mixing software is the easy-to-use for the users, Filmora Video Editor for Mac (or Filmora Video Editor for Windows) provides a great video mixing environment which is not only suitable for the professional video mixers but even the newbies will able to do a task without a problem. It provides basic video editing tools such as join, trim, crop, split, adjust brightness and speed changer to edit the videos in every possible aspect. You can mix a number of photos, videos and audio tracks to create one splendid video. These mixing feature alongside the editing features will allow you create a perfect demonstration video for your projects at your school, university or even work.

Why Choose Filmora Video Editor

  • It has got plenty of amazing text style, filters and overlays to change the colors of your videos.
  • Using the 280 motion elements, you can add beautiful effects to the videos.
  • Special effects include face-off, mosaic, Tilt shift, Picture in picture, Split-screen, etc.
  • You can add audio tracks and background music to your video and edit the music.
  • You can also add intros and credits to your video to create a music video or personal videos.
Free DownloadFor Win 7 or later (64-bit)

Steps to Edit and Mix different Audio and Video Files with Filmora Video Editor

Step 1 Import Media Files

First of all, get the latest version of Filmora Video Editor for Mac or Windows PC. After downloading the Filmora video mixer and editor, install it on your Mac. Move all the media to the Filmora Video Editor, click on the 'Import Media' button to select the media or using finder to select the media files and drag and drop them in the video mixer and editor.

Step 2 Mix Videos

The next includes moving this media files to the timeline to do the basic editing and perform all the professional level functions on the video. Now, moving one video and audio is pretty much simple and easy job to do, simply click on a video and drag it to the timeline. However, you will have to be careful to move the second video to the timeline.

  • • If the video is move on the same video, it will let you merge two different videos in the perfect way. You can move the both videos to and forth to mix them in a perfect way.
  • • If the video is moved right below the first video in the timeline, you will overlay the first video on the second video and it will give you the picture-in-picture effect. After moving the video in the second video, you will also see a 'green outline' in the preview window, you can adjust the size of this outline to get the size of final video.

Similarly, you can move the audio files but there will be only one track option, so you can cut the audio tracks to move them over each other to get different sound effects.

Step 3 Mix Photos

In order to add different photos, move each photo at one time to the timeline and precisely move it in the photo-line to get the best result. However, if you are joining different photos to make a perfect slide show, you can also add beautiful transitions between your photos. Click on the 'transitions' in the left panel and drag them between different photos or videos.

Step 4 Add Background Music to the Video

After moving and mixing all videos and photos, you can easily set an audio track as background music to the video. Simply move the audio file from the main page to time line, adjust the length of the audio track to the video. Double clicking on the Audio Track will also give you several options for the audio such as

  • • Change the speed of the Audio Track;
  • • Change the volume of Audio;
  • • Activate Fade In or Fade Out;
  • • Change the Pitch of the Audio Track

Step 5 Export the Video

Once you have completed the editing and mixing of the video, click on the 'Export' button to export the media files. You can either export them to your computer or can directly upload them on a social networking website such as 'YouTube, Vimeo or Facebook.'

Video mixer and editor free download - get the trial version now!

You can get more benefits of Filmora Video Editor for Mac (or Filmora Video Editor for Windows) , it can also be used to mixed different videos during holiday season such as; you can mix different photos and videos of a Halloween party, Thanksgiving dinner or Christmas Eve. The final video will show the whole event coverage depicting each and every aspect of the video. For a perfect output videos, the video mixing software should be able to mix different videos of different formats recorded using a professional camera or camcorders, different audio tracks from voice-over to sound effects and it should also be able to work on different image formats to make a perfect slide show. With all these video mixing features, users should also be able to edit every aspect of their videos. Most of the application on Windows and Mac provide either one feature or only few of them. However, this video mixing software is a complete video editor and mixer to mix any kind of media files without any problem.

Free DownloadFor Win 7 or later (64-bit)
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How to make a marriage video by yourself?

Well, there is plenty of marriage video mixing software available on the internet that enables you to create a marriage video by yourself. But it is hard to choose the best one when you have less experience in these kinds of tools.


Well, some marriage video mixing software might come with a complex user interface that can only be understood by a professional video editor like Adobe video editor series. And you need to concern about the output quality of the video and the built-in video effects and transitions available to make the perfect videos.

No worry! You can join your wedding videos and photos using a perfect wedding video mixing software tool such as Filmora Video Editor. The most important thing is that it is easy-to-use and comes with many beautiful handy effects. So, you can add beautiful text, transitions, or effects of a particular occasion to make the final video even more amazing.

Filmora Video Editor - Best Wedding Video Mixing Software

Filmora Video Editor & Filmora Video Editor for Mac is one of the most amazing and perfect wedding video mixing software to mix the videos. The overall user-interface of the software is so much easy that any layman with a little knowledge of computers can handle it easily. Apart from the user interface, it also provides the best quality videos and you can even save them on a DVD to watch on your LED. The most important thing about the software is the amazing features that it provides and it is fully compatible with macOS 10.13.

Key Features of This Marriage video Mixing Software

  • There are multiple overlays and 300+ new effects to make the beautiful videos.
  • There are some amazing Instagram-like filters to make a part more prominent.
  • It also comes with an amazing music library, so, you can add a particular track according to the occasion.
  • The built-in library 'Filmstock' allows you to download 1000+ special effects to your video, including all kinds of filters, overlays, transitions, titles, etc. for the wedding, or marriage.
  • You can also add your favorite tracks to make the video even more beautiful.
  • The final video will be just like a video made by a professional movie maker or a photographer.
Free DownloadFor macOS 10.12 or later
Video Editing And Mixing software, free download For Windows 7Video

How to Mix Wedding Videos in Filmora Video Editor?

In this part, I'll show you how to perform the best marriage video mixing software step by step as the video shows:

Now, you must have known how to use the Filmora Video Editor to create a unique yet awesome marriage video, right? If no, you can check the tutorial step by step to reach it.

Step 1: Import videos, photos, audio tracks

Get the latest version of Filmora Video Editor on your Windows PC or Mac. Run the software for the first time and choose the screen parameter for your video. Now, you will see the main interface of the program. You can import different kinds of files such as Videos, Audio Tracks, and the photos to the software. Simply click on the 'Import Media' button at the center and select the marriage video files that you want to import to the editor.

Step 2: Do basic editing: merge, split, crop, trim videos


Now, move your wedding videos or photos to the main editing area. Simply Drag any file and drop it to the editing area. Once the videos are in the editing area, you can perform different functions on them. All the basic editing tools are present right on the main interface. Moreover, you can also right-click on any video and select the basic editing task that you want to perform.

  • • Trim: If the video is lengthy and includes unwanted parts, you can remove them using the Trim Function.
  • • Split: To divide a video clip into two different clips to apply different effects on both clips
  • • Merge: To Join two different Clips
  • • Crop: To adjust the frame of the video, it will also remove the unwanted things in a clip
Video Editing And Mixing software, free download For Windows 7

Step 3: Apply text to wedding videoBrother embroidery software download free.

Adding text to a very important parameter, you can use it to identify a person, add beautiful photos of different photos, and add different text styles before the start of the occasion. Filmora Video Editor has a vast library of the text that you can apply to a video. Click on the 'Text' button right below the music icon, select a style and you are good to go.

You can also change the different parameters of the text such as size, style, color, and alignment of the text. Simply click on the text in the editing area and select what you want to change.

Step 4: Apply Transitions, filters, and overlays

This is the most important step related to the mixing of marriage videos. Transitions are applied to join two clips. Click on the Transition button as shown in the screenshot below. Select any transition and click on the '+' sign to add them to a project. Filters will change the overall color combination of the video giving them a new look. Click on the filters and select any of them to apply to a particular clip.

Video Editing And Mixing software, free download For Windows 7 Download

Similarly, Overlays can be added to mix the videos perfectly. Click on the button just below the filters and select an overlay to add on a clip.

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Step 5: Add background music to the marriage videos

There is a vast library of music already available in the program and you can also add your songs to the video. First of all, you will have to remove the background Audio of a video. Right-click on a video and click on 'Detach Audio'. Now, delete the Audio track from the timeline.


Now, you can either select a sound from the software or you can import your track to the video. Most of the sounds present in the program are a bit longer such as suspense music, a bell, and a camera shutter. However, you can import your audio track first to the media library and then drag it to the editing area to set for a particular occasion. But if you haven’t detached the audio, it will mix with them and the sound quality of the video will be ruined.

Step 6: Exporting the wedding video

Video Editing And Mixing software, free download For Windows 7 Bootable

Once you have mixed your marriage video, you can click on the export button to export it to your computer. There are plenty of formats available in which you can export the video.

To make the program running well on your computer, you might need to speed up your PC.

Free DownloadFor macOS 10.12 or later

Video Editor For Windows 7

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