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TroubleShooting KoreTrak Smartwatch – Download User Manual

The KoreTrak smartwatch is a sporty wearable with several features. The smartwatch has a sporty design and with fitness tracker look. If you are going to ask me, I think it is more a fitness tracker than a smartwatch, anyways the company behind it marketed it as a smartwatch, so we will call it as the company calls it.

If you happen to have the Koretrak smartwatch, here are some tips and tricks to get more out of your smartwatch. Check the troubleshooting information as well as the frequently asked question regarding the Koretrak smartwatch.

  • Paired devices from smart watch 3.4.5 Remote notifier When there is SMS, incoming messages from QQ and other applications on the connected phone, the watch phone will alert you to read them. 3.4.6 Remote cameras Use phone camera take photos, but remote by watch, its need switch on the camera of phone in advance.
  • Some HUAWEI Smart Watch Manuals PDF are above the page. First of all, it is worth noting that the new Huawei Watch is not built on Android Wear, as the first two generations, and on its own operating system.

Smartwatch features.

What is the support app for Koretrak smartwatch?

The Koretrak smartwatch uses the DayBand available in iOS and Android platform Yi can search the keyword ” DayBand” in the Google Play Store and App store or just scan the QR code below.

How to Change the Language of the smartwatch?

Changing the language of the smartwatch is easy. Just to your mobile app, select “Device“, “General” and then pick from the available language for your smartwatch. You can also set it in the smartwatch directly, in the “More” menu of the device.


How to Connect your Koretrak to your Smartphone?

Open the support app, fill in the requirements(profile). In support app, look for the “Add a New Device” menu, select the menu. Make sure that your Bluetooth network is open. Select the “KoreTrak”smartwatch in the devices that appeared, tap the it to connect.

My Koretrak Smartwatch will not pair with my smartphone?

Try to open the Bluetooth function of your smartphone, if it’s open, here are some troubleshooting tips

  • Restart your support app or your smartphone
  • Restart your smartwatch
  • Maybe the device is already added to the Bluetooth connection, try to forget the device.
  • Or you can also add the device to your Bluetooth added connection
  • Install a lower version of the support appeared
  • Check the compatibility requirements of the smartwatch

Can you link the Koretrak smartwatch data to Apple Health app?

Yes, you can connect it, just go to “Source”, and select the support app “DayBand” to synchronized the content gathered by the support app to Apple Health app.

Other FAQ regarding the smartwatch

Is the Koretrak device waterproof?

Yes, the smartwatch has an IP67 waterproof rating, it is splash proof, wash proof and dust proof as well.

Is there a blood pressure tracker in the smartwatch?

Yes, the smartwatch support Blood pressure monitoring as well as blood oxygen monitoring

[PDF] Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 User Manual – Download

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 smartwatch is out in the market. It is the next generation smartwatch from Samsung. This new smartwatch is much lighter, slimmer, it is available in LTE model and Bluetooth model. If you want to know more about your new device, you can download the user manual below. The manual is for the LTE version and the Bluetooth version, complete with all the contents you need for your device.

The user manual is a comprehensive 79 page document, covering different areas of your Galaxy Watch 3.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 manual covers some of the following topics:

Setting up your Device- charging the battery, wireless power share

Using your Device- lock or unlock, turning on the device, quick panel notifications, theater mode

Apps -navigating the apps screen, Samsung pay, Stopwatch, PPT Controller, Voice Recorder, Bixyby


Settings – Disconnection alerts, Airplane mode, connecting to a new phone, set the screen time out, optimize the battery, set a screen lock

Accessibility- screen reader, visibility enhancements, advance settings, text to speech

If you want to know more about your device fast by downloading the Quick Start Guide. Learn the parts and how to start your device fast with this guide.

Quick Start Guide

Topics on the quick start guide includes on how to charge your wearable, connect, activate, navigate, calls and customize.

About Samsung Galaxy Watch 3

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3, Samsung branded the smart watch as the most advance health monitor smartwach. Available in 45 mm and 41 mm and available in mystic black, mystic silver and mystic bronze hues. The smart watch has a physical rotating bezel, classic and sporty look.

Both version has an AMOLED display screen with full touch screen control. It runs the Samsung Exynos 110 Dual Core 1.15 Ghz and powered by Tizen O.S 5.0 a homegrown OS by Samsung. The wearable has 8 GB of storage space, 1 GB Of RAM. Sensors included are accelerometer, gyroscope, barometer, optical heart rate sensor, ECG, ambient light sensor.

Frequently Asked Questions about your Samsung Galaxy Watch 3How to download git for mac.

How to use the Wireless Power Share to charge the Galaxy Watch 3?

Smart Watch R7a User Manual Pdf Download

1. Open the notification panel of your smartphone, tap/select Wireless to enable

2. Place your smartwatch on the back of your smartphone to charge, you will get notified by slight vibration and sound when the connection charging is connected.

How to Back-up the data of your Galaxy Watch 3

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 can only work with one device at a time. Every time you connect it to a new phone, the phone will automatically reset, losing all your fitness data. To avoid losing your data, you can back up your Galaxy Watch 3 to your support app.

Instruction Manual

1. From Galaxy Wearable, tap the Home tab.

2. Tap Account and backup > Back up data.

Is Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 Waterproof?

The smartwatch is water and dust water resistant rating. It has water resistant rating, it is waterproof up to 5 ATM. The device has a military grade durability, able to withstand extreme weather and temperature.

How to add Widgets to your Home Screen of Galaxy Watch 3?

Adding widgets to your home screen is easy, just navigt

To add more widgets on the Home screen:

Smart Watch R7a User Manual Pdf Online

1. Navigate to the end of the Widget screens, and select/tap Add widget.

User Manual Pdf Download

2. Select the desired widget.