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Skype for Business Online, Lync for Mac 2011, Lync 2010. When you try to edit your contacts in Lync 2010 or Lync for Mac 2011, you receive one of the following.

Open Skype for business, click the settings cog, then choose options. Under options click on alerts on the left hand side. This will then give you options for inbound alerts while you're in DND status. These are...

  • From the Contacts tab, hold down the CTRL key (the CMD key on Mac) and select each contact you want to delete. A check mark will appear next to each selected contact. When you're finished selecting contacts, right-click one of the contacts you've selected.
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In the Contacts app on your Mac, select your card in the contacts list, then click Edit near the bottom of the window. For each field you want to include when you share or export your card from your Mac, select the Share checkbox along the right edge of the card. Skype will show 3 options just below our name and status but for me Contacts option is completed removed. I can see conversations and Meetings Icons. In addition to this once I click on settings it is showing only 5 options (General, Personal, Audio Device, Video Device, Skype.

How to edit contacts in skype for business

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1. Don't show alerts


2. Show only conversation alerts from people in my Workgroup privacy relationship

Skype For Business Mac Edit Contacts Free

3. Show all alerts, but only conversation alerts from people in my Workgroup privacy relationship.

By default your contacts are added as 'colleagues' (well they are on mine), to change them to being in the workgroup relationship click on the relationships link across the top of your Skype client then right click the user you want to be able to interrupt your DND statues and click the 'change privacy relationship' option and select 'Workgroup'. Mxgp for mac torrent.

How To Edit Contacts In Skype For Business

If you choose option 2 or 3 above anyone you add to the Workgroup relationship will be able to interrupt a DND status.
Hope this helps.