Shortcut For Highlighting On Mac Pdf

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Every user has his own habits of work on his keyboard. Master PDF Editor provided possibility to set keyboard shortcuts according to individual preferences. Take a look here to find out how to set custom keyboard hotkeys.
Listed hotkeys are set in Master PDF Editor by default.

Shortcut For Highlighting On Mac Pdf

File Management Shortcuts. Show/Hide mixer Ctrl M Move cursor right Right New project Ctrl+N Show/Hide navigator window Ctrl+Alt+V Move cursor left to grid division Ctrl+Shift+Left Open project Ctrl+O Show/Hide performance meter Ctrl+Alt+P Move cursor right to grid division Ctrl+Shift+Right Project settings. To quickly find a shortcut in this article, you can use the Search. Press Command+F, and then type your search words. The settings in some versions of the Mac operating system and some utility applications might conflict with keyboard shortcuts and function key operations in Office for Mac.

File menuWindow and LinuxmacOS
NewCtrl + NCmd + N
OpenCtrl + OCmd + O
SaveCtrl + SCmd + S
Save As…Ctrl + Shift + SCmd + Shift + S
Save Optimized As…Ctrl + Alt + SCmd + Alt + S
PrintCtrl + PCmd + P
Print PreviewCtrl + Shift + PCmd + Shift + P
PropertiesCtrl + DCmd + D
CloseCtrl + WCmd + W
ExitAlt+F4 or Ctrl+QCmd+Q
Edit menuWindow and LinuxmacOS
UndoCtrl + ZCmd + Z
RedoCtrl + YCmd + Y
CutCtrl + XCmd + X
CopyCtrl + CCmd + C
PasteCtrl + VCmd + V
Paste to Multiple PagesCtrl + Shift + VCmd + Shift + V
Select AllCtrl + ACmd + A
Send to BackCtrl + Shift + –Cmd + Shift + –
Bring to FrontCtrl + Shift ++Cmd + Shift ++
View menuWindow and LinuxmacOS
First PageHomeFn + Left Arrow
Previous PagePage UpFn + Up Arrow
Next PagePage DownFn + Down Arrow
Last PageEndFn + Right Arrow
Zoom InCtrl + +Cmd + +
Actual SizeCtrl + 0Cmd + 0
Zoom OutCtrl + –Cmd + –
Fit PageCtrl + 1Cmd + 1
Fit WidthCtrl + 2Cmd + 2
Facing PagesCtrl + 3Cmd + 3
FindCtrl + FCmd + F
Find NextF3
Object InspectorCtrl + F11Cmd + F11
Insert menuWindow and LinuxmacOS
TextCtrl + TCmd + T
ImageCtrl + ICmd + I

Shortcut For Highlighting On Mac Pdf File

Comments menuWindow and LinuxMac OS X
Add Sticky NoteCtrl + 6Cmd + 6
Forms menuWindow and LinuxMac OS X
Highlight FieldsCtrl + HCmd + H
Edit FormsAlt + 3Control + 3
LinkCtrl + LCmd + L
Edit BoxCtrl + ECmd + E
Document menuWindow and LinuxmacOS
Insert Blank PagesCtrl + Shift + NCmd + Shift + N
Delete PagesAlt + DelFn + Option + Delete
Crop PagesCtrl + KCmd + K
Page layoutCtrl + Shift + LCmd + Shift + L
Rotate PagesCtrl + RCmd + R
Extract Pages…Ctrl + Shift + ECmd + Shift + E
Insert Pages…Ctrl + Shift + ICmd + Shift + I
JavaScript ConsoleCtrl + JCmd + J
Tools menuWindow and LinuxmacOS
Edit DocumentAlt + 1Control + 1
Edit TextAlt + 2Control + 2
Edit FormsAlt + 3Control + 3
Hand ToolAlt + 4Control + 4
Select TextAlt + 5Control + 5

If you hold Ctrl(Cmd) key when scrolling mouse wheel, this will increase/decrease current zoom.

Hold Ctrl(Cmd) and left mouse button to choose several objects at once. To cancel selection of one of the selected objects, left click it again while holding Ctrl(Cmd) key.

Shortcut For Highlighting In Word

Information about default system keyboard shortcuts can be found on following pages:
For Windows:
For macOS:

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