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Since November 1, 1972, all boats must have a 12-character hull identification number (HIN). These numbers are required by federal law and help the manufacturer identify the owners of their boats in case of recall or a defect notification. A change was made August 1, 1984, mostly regarding placement of the number. What year was sears Jon boat model 61112 serial number MA721-1710 made? Asked by Wiki User. Also, do a search for the following.pdf document;which has a. Download bluestacks for mac mojave. Refine Your Search. Hobbypark Aluminum 75mm Long RC Boat Rudder with Water Pickup Absorbing Steering for Electric / Gas Power Remote Control Model.

This Sears outboard utility has a aluminum hull, is 12 feet long and 46 inches wide at the widest point. The boat weighs approximately 80 pounds with an empty fuel tank and without any gear or passengers. The maximum horsepower we have listed for this outboard boat is 7.5 hp . If repowering you will want to verify the max horsepower for safety and to make sure your insurance company will insure your boat. New engines are expensive so having the manual for your engine is a great investment.
Despite the aluminum hull on this utility, we recommend that the boat be kept dry and covered in order to preserve the value of the boat. Proper care and regular maintenance can help your craft stay nice and increase resale value. We have included some outboard engine information since a boat isn't much good without a good, reliable source of power.
Search Information on this page is provided to you as a free service of Because this information has come from many sources we can not guarantee its accuracy. Even if this information is the same as the original factory specs, boats are sometimes modified. Thus, for safety and other reasons, it is a good idea to verify information here to make sure it matches up with your boat. For additional information, we recommend the iboats forums and a boating safety course.
Engine Information:
Boat Max HP : 7.5 hp

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