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The never stopping size, popularity and reach of the world wide web have caused millions and over billions of content to agree to the variable of different horizons in which the content can fall. Whether it is in the case of videos, text-based, tech-based or music millions of people update the internet with a number of different content every day.

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RSS Feed Reader is an application that allows you to read RSS or Atom news feeds on your Mac OS X computer. It automates the job of retrieving news articles from all subscribed feeds and storing them in a local database for reading off-line. Feedly, Reeder, and Safari are probably your best bets out of the 12 options considered. 'Multi-platform RSS Monica' is the primary reason people pick Feedly over the competition. This page is powered by a knowledgeable community that helps you make an informed decision.

The thing is that nowadays people do not have a lot of time to open each and every site or blog to look what’s the new piece of information available. It becomes very difficult for a single person to extract the relevant piece of information. Hence that’s why RSS and RSS reader come into play. And now you would be wondering what is RSS? Here is everything about it:

What is RSS?

RSS is another language of the web and it stands for Really Simple Syndication or Rich Site Summary that acts as a way to get all the new information delivered to the reader rather than having the reader to personally visit the site to find it out.

What is RSS Feed?

Nowadays you will hardly find any content-based website which will not include the “subscribe to RSS feed” button. RSS was designed to make the transfer of information between different websites and users easy by making it into the form readable for both computers as well as users. Hence the process of transfer of information is termed as web syndication. The RSS also allows you to subscribe to a particular blog or the website to have you sent any newly published information, images, videos, and multimedia content. So it definitely saves a lot of time.

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How to Read RSS with RSS Feed Reader?

The tool required to access the RSS feed is called “RSS reader”. This tool can come in the form of an app, website, or the one that delivers feeds via email. The job of this tool is to look down into the RSS directory and find out the latest content submitted by the source for which the user has subscribed to the blog or the website. Next, we will mainly focus on the best free RSS readers that can be used on Android, iPhone, and Windows/Mac computer.

#1 Feedly (for Android, iOS, Web)

Even starting out as a newbie you may already know about Google, so you must believe its source too. As the world’s most popular news aggregator application, Feedly has been into existence for a very long time now and has a similar reputation in the world of RSS Feed readers.

The one thing that matters the most in the cases of RSS readers is ultimately the UI as it serves the purpose to consume content very quickly. And Feedly will never disappoint you on that point, and it helps readers focus better on a particular headline. Feedly allows you to add mute features for separating unwanted post and follow a specific keyword. It also provides a number of third-party apps, for example, Slack and trello. Some other standard features also include read later personalized feed, search bar and etc.


Feedly does have a free and paid version, and the paid one lets you enjoy the unlimited number of sources and collections that you can add.

#2 The Old Reader (for Web)

It is a free and robust RSS reader that is packed with a lot of latest stuff. Just click on the “Add A Subscription” button, and you can add RSS feeds from your favorite blogs and websites. In this, you may spot some of the alignment issues.

With this RSS reader for Windows and Mac, you can even connect to Facebook and Google account to get to know what you fellows are reading. However, this reader also has a free version but offers only 10 subscriptions. The premium version has more features like increase subscription limit, feed refresh time etc.

#3 Inoreader (for Android, iOS, Web)

The next RSS reader is Inoreader. It looks and resembles more with other best free RSS feed readers with the navigation pane on LHS. It shows stories in the style of cards, and you can change its view with the eye button.
This RSS feed reader also allows you to subscribe to your favorite blogs, Twitter users and other websites. It offers the search bar where you may type the keyword or a URL and it shows the appropriate results. Inoreader also offers several paid versions like STARTER, PLUS and PRO.

#4 Feeder (for Android, iOS, Web)

Feeder has a very compelling interface and is easier to use than Feedly. Its inbuilt integration called Powerups includes Yengo,upwork and more helpful feeders which improve the productivity by adding 10 columns of RSS feeds.
The most interesting thing is its simplicity with a simple view that shows just the text and multimedia content. You can add an RSS feed just by typing the name of the website or through its URL. You can also import and export the feeds to your OPML files.

#5 Flipboard (for Android, iOS, Web)

Flipboard is one of the best RSS reader available. It comes with its magazine-style interface also called smart magazine that provides different experience than other RSS readers. You can visit the section that calls “what’s your passion” where you can follow your interests and topics.

It comes more like a free feed aggregator but gives you option to transform your daily RSS feeds into a pretty magazine. you may also add the content created by others into your magazine. This best free RSS reader also provides analytic insights that include viewer count, page flips etc. You can also share your masterpiece (magazine) with the general public.

Warm Tip: When you download this kind of RSS reader on your Android phone from any unknown sources, it may happen that those apps will contain virus that attack your phone and cause data loss on your phone. So we suggest you download apps from Google Play store or other reliable sources so as to avoid Android adware. If unfortunately data loss happens on your phone, you can use Jihosoft Android Phone Recovery to recover deleted data from Android without backup.


Kind of like email, RSS is one of the oldest technologies of the internet, which is undoubtedly the best ways for you to see everything available on your favorite sites and blogs. Most importantly, it will help you never miss out any amazing news. So just try picking the best RSS reader app for your Android, iPhone or Windows/Mac computer to bookmark and subscribe to your favourite websites.

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Rss feed reader mac free

Many news-related sites, blogs and other online publishers syndicate their website’s content as a RSS Feed to whoever wants it to read. With a RSS Newsreader and Feed Aggregator software, feeds gets delivered on user’s device.

Here find some of the best and most popular Newsreaders and RSS feed readers software for Mac devices. Just add RSS feeds for all of your favourite sites and you will get the future posts.

Best Newsreaders, RSS Reader, Feed Aggregator Apps for Mac

These feed readers and aggregative apps can pull posts from different RSS/ Atom feed as you specify!

# Reeder
Reeder is a news reader with support for Feedbin, Feedly, Feed Wrangler, Fever, Readability and more, or even use it as a standalone RSS news reader.

# RSS Bot
RSS Bot is your perfect companion to keep up to date with all of your RSS feeds in a simple, sleek and friendly manner. All the information to keep you updated is available at your fingertips.

# NetNewsWire
NetNewsWire is an easy-to-use RSS and Atom news reader for Mac OS. It can fetch and display news from thousands of different. news sources and feeds.

# iNews
A RSS and Atom aggregator with a built in search facility. With an intuitive interface, smart channels, customizable news, embedded browsing, live searches, and customizable breaking news.

Online rss reader

# Vienna
Vienna is a freeware, open source RSS/ Atom newsreader for the Mac operating system.

# ReadKit
ReadKit is a full-featured read later and RSS client that supports services from Instapaper, Pocket, Readability, Pinboard, Delicious, Feedly, Fever, NewsBlur, and many more.

# Diiva
Diiva, a combination of newsreader software and online services, gives you an easier way to view newsgroup pictures.


# Xnntp
Xnntp is a (offline) newsreader with a focus on collecting and indexing informations from various feed sources.

# RSSOwl
RSSOwl is another free RSS, RDF, and Atom Newsreader in Java using SWT as fast graphic library.

# NewsTicker
An easy to use yet extremely useful RSS, RDF, and ATOM news ticker with a nice Cocoa interface, voice control and iPod syncing.

# Newsflow
Newsflow brings news from all of your favourite websites right to your desktop. Enjoy your articles in a fast, fluent and highly customizable news reader.

# Shrook
Shrook 2 is a next-generation news reader that offers advanced features not available to Mac users anywhere else. It supports all versions of RSS and Atom.

# EtreFeed
EtreFeed integrates RSS feeds with new user notifications in Mac OS. Just add RSS feeds for all of your favourite web sites into it and you will get the contents.

# Reader Notifier
Reader Notifier Turns OS into an RSS Feed Reader. Get alerts for your recent RSS news without interrupting what you are doing.

# NewsBee
NewsBee is a minimalist RSS reader. It lives in your status bar and checks for news once an hour. NewsBee supports multiple sites and keeps track of the items you click.

Rss Feed Reader Mac Free

# Feed Notifier
Real-time monitoring of RSS and Atom feeds on your Mac. Feed Notifier checks your favorite feeds as often as you specify and notifies you.

# Feedy
Feedy is an elegant and unique RSS news reader with a killer feature. It determines which items in your feeds are the most popular so you can find them easily.

# Sputnik
Sputnik is a RSS reader, no installation needed, just download it, unzip and start using. No registration, no login, no yet another password to remember.

# LuckNews
LuckNews is a fully featured, easy to use, fast, news reader for your Mac. Some of its features are: folders, search, notification center, easy navigation, and more.

# NewsBar
Rock your Desktop with NewsBar, the fast-updating iCloud newsreader! Now also on iPhone and iPad! NewsBar is built to deliver news feeds with a smooth animation.

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# Leaf
Leaf is an amazing news reader for your Mac. Read, share, star and search your news by using a clean and intuitive interface.

# Free RSS Reader
Create a personal news feed and read your favorite websites and blogs in a clean and intuitive format.

# RSS Master
It’s a super-simple and powerful RSS reader and articles manager. Subscribe to Atom/ RSS news feeds and podcasts easily and simply.

# NewsFan
NewsFan is the RSS Web news aggregator for Mac OS. Its main features include its speed and ability to download and list headlines in seconds.

Rss Feed Reader For Mac Free

# Feedly
Feedly is your central place to organize, read, and share the information you need to stay ahead of the next big trend in your industry.

Best Free Rss Readers

# Newsify
Read and share your favorite websites and blogs with an amazing newspaper-like layout.

Those were some of the best Newsreader, RSS Reader and Feed Aggregator applications for Mac OS, available on the app market.

Rss Feed Reader For Mac Freeware

Newsreaders or RSS readers, checks your favorite feeds as often as you specify and notifies you!

Do you use any Newsreader or RSS Reader app on your Mac?