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Similarly to flipping columns, you can use our Ultimate Suite for Excel to reverse the order data in rows. Just select a range of cells you want to flip, go to the Ablebits Data tab Transform group, and click Flip Horizontal Flip. In the Horizontal Flip dialog window, choose the options appropriate for your data set. There are a lot of different formatting options in Microsoft Excel 2010, but there are some that you might encounter less frequently than others. One such formatting example is the ability to rotate the text that is contained within a cell.

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Rotating text in a table is not a feature of numbers. We have addressed this question several time in the forum and I suggest you reference one of those discussions:

Rotate Text Excel Online

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Rotate Text In Excel Box

The easiest options are:

1) make a text box (which you can rotate) and place it above, and aligned with, your table or

2) type text in a cell, then rotate the text box 90 deg, then copy.

Switch to Preview and create a new from clibboard ('File > New From Clipboard'), then use the rectangular selection tool to select the vertical text, copy

Switch back to numbers, select the deatination cell, paste


Jan 11, 2013 5:47 AM

In Excel, when entering text in English, by default, text reads from left to right and is horizontal. You can change the text direction by clicking the Orientation button and then choosing a direction option from the Orientation menu.

Change the Text Direction

  1. Select the text.
  1. Choose the Home tab.
Rotate text in excel for mac download
  1. Click the down-arrow next to the Orientation button in the Alignment group.
  2. Click the option you want. Excel changes the text direction. The following graphics illustrate the five direction options listed on the menu.

Angle Counterclockwise

Angle Clockwise

Vertical Text

Rotate Text Up

Rotate Text Down

Can I manually set the Text Direction?

Yes. Excel measures the direction of text in degrees. The Rotate Text Up option sets the text to 90 degrees, the Rotate Text Down option sets the text to -90 degrees, and the default orientation — horizontal — is 0 degrees. You can use the Alignment tab in the Format Cells dialog box to manually set the text direction. 1) Select the text. 2) Click the dialog box launcher in the Alignment group. The Format cells dialog box opens to the Alignment tab. 3) Drag the orientation indicator or type the number of degrees you want in the Degrees field. 4) Click OK. Excel changes the text orientation.