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Pro Tools 12.8.1

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louthy, if you are having that number of crashes, it's not Pro Tools you should be looking at, but your system. Like the others here I have no issues with 12.8.1.
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Pro Tools 10.3 and Pro Tools HD 10.3 on Mac OS X 10.6.x, 10.7.x and 10.8.x

This Read Me documents important compatibility information and known issues for Pro Tools 10.3 and Pro Tools HD 10.3 software on computers running Mac OS X 10.6.x (“Snow Leopard”), 10.7.x (“Lion”) and 10.8.x (“Mountain Lion”).

Pro Tools 11 Hd Torrent Mac Os X

Avid can only assure compatibility and provide support for qualified hardware and software configurations.

All Pro Tools Systems
An iLok must be connected at all times while running Pro Tools
Pro Tools requires that an iLok with the appropriate authorizations be connected to the computer at all times. Do not remove the iLok while running Pro Tools. If the iLok is removed while Pro Tools is running, one of the following will occur:

Pro Tools displays a dialog giving you the following choices:
• Reinsert the iLok and click Save. Pro Tools saves the session and then quits.
• Click Quit. Pro Tools closes the session without saving and then quits.
– or –
Pro Tools displays a dialog giving you the following choices:
• Reinsert the iLok and click OK to continue working in Pro Tools.
• Click Cancel. Pro Tools closes the session without saving and then quits.
QuickTime Player is not currently compatible with Avid Audio Interfaces on Mac OS X 10.8 (PTSW-163965)
QuickTime Player does not currently support Avid audio devices as output devices with Mac OS X 10.8. Audio will not pass through
and playback will not start. Please use an alternate audio interface for QuickTime Player, or use another software solution for playing
back QuickTime files with Avid audio devices as a workaround for this issue.
Mixer and Elastic Audio plug-ins from lower versions of Pro Tools are not compatible with Pro Tools 10 (PTSW-136983)
The Mixer and Elastic Audio Plug-ins from lower versions of Pro Tools are not compatible with Pro Tools 10.x. If you encounter an error
indicating that these plug-ins are corrupted please re-run the Pro Tools 10 installer to ensure that the correct plug-ins are installed.
Pro Tools cannot record to drives formatted as Case-Sensitive (PTSW-64502)
Pro Tools cannot record to Mac OS X drives which have been formatted as “Case-Sensitive.” Format the Mac OS X record volumes as
“Mac OS X Extended (Journaled)” in order to record properly.

Pro Tools 11 Mac Torrent


Pro Tools 10 Torrent Pc

Pro Tools 10.3 and Pro Tools HD 10.3 on Mac OS X 10.6.x, 10.7.x and 10.8.x — 9/6/12 2
Spotlight indexing can interfere with long record passes (97151)
There are known incompatibilities with Spotlight indexing drives while recording audio. If you will be recording to a large number of
tracks for over an hour, set all of your drives to private in the Mac OS X System Preferences to ensure maximum performance. Failure
to do this may result in Pro Tools reporting an error and ending the record pass when Spotlight indexes the drives.
Mac OS X 10.7.x - 10.8.x keyboard shortcuts for Mission Control conflict with Pro Tools keyboard shortcuts
By default, Mac OS X 10.7.x and 10.8.x use Control + Arrow keys to open Mission Control and Application Windows. These keyboard
shortcuts conflict with the Pro Tools keyboard shortcuts for changing track display height. You can disable or reassign these shortcuts
in Mac OS X.
To disable or reassign keyboard shortcuts in Mac OS X:
1 From the Apple menu, choose System Preferences.
2 Click Keyboard.
3 Click the Keyboard Shortcuts tab.
4 Disable or reassign the shortcut for Mission Control.
In Mac OS X 10.7.x - 10.8.x, the Library folder in each User folder is hidden
DigiTrace logs, which can be helpful in troubleshooting Pro Tools errors, are stored in User/Library. These logs will be more difficult
to find if the Library folder is hidden.
To find the Library folder:
 Go to the Finder and click the Go menu while holding the Option key. Library will appear in the menu while the Option key is held.
To display all hidden files and folders in an Open dialog:
 Press Command+Shift.
To permanently unhide the Library folder:
1 Launch Terminal.
2 Type: chflags nohidden /Users/<Username>/Library.
Pro Tools menus and interface are grayed out on launch (PTSW-18024)
Pro Tools can appear unresponsive at launch, with the menus grayed out and browsers inoperable. This can happen because of Spaces.
If Pro Tools is launched in any other Space than the first one, the Session Quick Start dialog still opens in the first Space. You can temporarily
disable Spaces, launch Pro Tools, and disable the Session Quick Start dialog in the Preferences to avoid this problem.
Automatic Update Notification will not connect through a proxy server that requires authentication (108837)
Software Updater will not find an active internet connection when behind a proxy server that requires authentication to gain internet access.
To work around this, the client machine with Software Updater needs to be moved out from behind the proxy or the proxy needs
to allow HTTP access via port 80 without requiring authentication.
Ethernet control surfaces may be unable to communicate with Pro Tools when Parallels Desktop for Mac is installed (101232)
If you use an Ethernet control surface (such as C 24) or work surface (such as D-Control or D-Command) with Pro Tools,
Parallels Desktop for Mac may prevent communication with the surface. Uninstall Parallels for your computer to restore
The hide status of the Library folder may be reset during an OS update.
Pro Tools 10.3 and Pro Tools HD 10.3 on Mac OS X 10.6.x, 10.7.x and 10.8.x — 9/6/12 3
Co-installation of Pro Tools with Media Composer (PTSW-161947)
If you are running Media Composer 6.x on the same computer with Pro Tools 10.x using HDX, TDM, or HD Native hardware, make
sure to install Media Composer or later.
Launching Pro Tools on OS X managed accounts with parental controls (PTSW-158757)
Observe the following steps to ensure that Pro Tools launches correctly on OS X Managed Accounts with Parental controls:
1 After installation, launch Pro Tools on an Administrator Account before attempting to launch on a Managed Account. Otherwise, you
may need to reinstall Pro Tools.
2 Restart the computer and log into the Managed Account.
3 When launching Pro Tools, you may encounter a series of warning dialogs. Observe the following steps to dismiss them:
• If you encounter the warning: “You don’t have permission to use the application Pro Tools,” choose “Always Allow” and enter
your Administrator name/password.
• If you encounter the warning: “Error trying to communicate with DigiShoe Tool. This could indicate a permissions problem with
the installation. Try a clean reinstall (-9169),” click OK to dismiss the error. Pro Tools will not launch.
• If you encounter the warning: “You don’t have permission to use the application DigiShoe Tool,” choose “Always Allow” and enter
your Administrator name/password.
4 Launch Pro Tools. The preceding steps are only necessary the first time you attempt to launch on the Managed Account.

HDX Hardware Accelerated Systems
Some Mac Pro computers with certain video cards may not have power connections available for HDX cards (PTSW-156651)
Some video cards require power from the motherboard, which is also a requirement for Avid HDX cards. If you have a video card that
requires both power connections on the motherboard, a power connection for your HDX cards will not be available. To avoid this problem,
use a video card that does not require more than one power connection to the motherboard.

Pro Tools HD Systems
Slot order for BlackMagic Design DeckLink Extreme II PCIe card and Pro Tools HD PCIe cards (106661)
BlackMagic Design recommends placing the DeckLink Extreme II video playback and capture card in Slot 3 of your PCIe Macintosh.
You may have difficulty placing the HDMI daughter card in an unused slot between slots 0 and 1 in your Power Mac computer due to
the full size of Pro Tools HD cards. In order to accommodate an additional Pro Tools HD Accel card, the DeckLink Extreme II was extensively
tested in PCIe slot 1 as well. No decrease in performance was found.

HD Native Systems
With Mac OS 10.6.8 or higher, it may not be possible to update the firmware on an HD Native PCIe card (PTSW-146374)
When launching Pro Tools HD with a HD Native card on Mac OS 10.6.8 or higher, a –1164 error may occur. This error indicates that
the firmware for the HD Native card cannot be updated from version 1.0 to version 1.02 or 1.03. If this error occurs, you can only update
the firmware using Mac OS X 10.6.7 or lower. The firmware update can also fail when using a Thunderbolt MacBook Pro. To avoid this
error, use a Mac without Thunderbolt and use the Avid NativeCardFlasher utility to update the HD Native firmware,
HD Native card should be installed in PCIe slot 3 or slot 4 of Woodcrest and Clovertown Mac Pro computers for optimum
performance (PTSW-1771)
Clovertown and Woodcrest Mac computers cannot support a PCIe device of speed greater than 1x in PCIe Slot 2 without PCIe Slot 1
being lowered to 8x. (Note that Avid does not test graphics cards at less than their ideal speed of 16x.) To avoid this problem, install your
Pro Tools Native card in PCIe slot 3 or slot 4 of your Clovertown or Woodcrest era Mac computer.
For more information on updating Native card firmware, refer to the following Avid Knowledge Base articles:
Pro Tools 10.3 and Pro Tools HD 10.3 on Mac OS X 10.6.x, 10.7.x and 10.8.x — 9/6/12 4
Clovertown Mac Pro computers do not have the PCIe bandwidth required to use more than two 4x PCIe cards at full speed
(PTSW-1657 and PTSW-1456)
Clovertown Mac Pro computers with an ATTO UL5D card, a BlackMagic Design's Decklink 3 Video Capture card, and an HD Native
card do not have the PCIe Bandwidth required to run all three cards at full speed. In this configuration, three 4x PCIe cards are being
called for, while Clovertown Mac Pro computers can only accommodate two 4x cards and one 1x card. Consequently, one card must
be run at less than full speed. Avid has not tested any down-throttled combinations and as such this is an unsupported configuration.
Consider the following options as workarounds: slow down the built in graphics card to 8x or remove the SCSI HBA card and use SATA
instead of SCSI drives.
Similarly, an HD Native card, an ATTO Celerity ES-41 Fiber Optic Network Adapter card, and a BlackMagic Design's DeckLink 3 card
cannot be combined in Clowertown era Mac Pro without one card being used at less than its optimal PCIe bandwidth. Since Pro Tools
support for Unity MediaNet 5 is limited to push/pull scenarios, Avid recommends that the ATTO Celerity card be down-throttled by installing
it in the 1x PCIe slot, and that the HD Native and DeckLink 3 cards be installed in the 4x PCIe slots.
Avid strongly recommends against running the HD Native card or BlackMagic Design DeckLink 3 card at less than full speed.
VENUE 2.9.1 systems with two HDx Option Cards may not be recognized by Pro Tools HD Native systems (PTSW-142834)
If a second HDx Option card is installed in a VENUE 2.9.1 system, it may cause both HDx cards not to be recognized by Pro Tools on
HD Native. A single VENUE HDx Option card is recognized properly by Pro Tools on HD Native, so for consistent performance it may
be necessary to de-install the second HDx card.

Pro Tools 11 Hd Torrent Mac Os X 10.8

Pro Tools HD
For the ultimate in audio quality and workflow efficiency, more music and post-production professionals use Pro Tools HD systems than any other DAW. With superior sound quality, unmatched processing power, Pro Tools HD software, and the flexibility to scale the system to your needs, Pro Tools HD provides the power to meet any challenge.

Pro Tools 11 Download Mac


Avid Pro Tools Mac Torrent

  • Customizable systems deliver pristine audio clarity, powerful performance (with zero latency), and reliability.

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  • Supports up to 192 kHz resolution and up to 160 channels of I/O.

  • Gain full hands-on control with an ICON integrated console, C 24, or Command 8 control surface.

  • Supports Mac OS X, Windows Vista (32-bit Business or Ultimate), and Windows XP-based computers.