Popcorn Time Iphone App Mac

Movies are a great way to pass time or entertain oneself and Popcorn Time provides a great platform to enjoy the latest movies on the latest iOS versions.

When you want to watch movies on your iPhone or iPad, there are plenty of options to choose from. You have Netflix, Hulu, and so much more. However, you have to pay to watch even outdated movies on those platforms.

Popcorn Time was launched in 2014. Although there has since been a Mac app that lets users stream torrents to their Macs and (if they happen to be a Windows user) their Apple TV, up until now. How to download Popcorn Time for iOS. Launch your Mac or PC browser; Visit this link; Click on the red button labelled Popcorn Time; Download Popcorn Time iOS Installer. Remember to select either a PC or Mac version; Install the app on your PC or Mac or run it; Connect your iPad or iPhone to the computer; Wait for it to discover your iOS device.

With Popcorn Time, you won’t spend anything to watch your favorite movies. Remember that this app isn’t considered a legal way to watch movies. This is why sometimes movies aren’t of the highest quality. This post is only meant to bring awareness that this app exists for iOS and doesn’t promote it in any way.

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Popcorn Time Iphone App Mac

Key features in Popcorn Time

With lots of movie apps out there, it is important to know why one is better than the other. Here are some of the reasons why Popcorn Time has an edge over most of its competitors.

  • Unlike some movie apps, there are no lags in Popcorn Time. As long as you have a good internet connection, you shouldn’t experience any buffering since it is hosted on fast servers.
  • This app won’t cost you anything to download and use. It is definitely a good way to watch or preview movies whenever you like.
  • It is characterized with a neat user interface that makes it quite user-friendly. Navigation is easy and accessing your favorite movies shouldn’t be a problem at all.

How to download Popcorn Time for iOS

  • Launch your Mac or PC browser
  • Visit this link
  • Click on the red button labelled Popcorn Time
  • Download Popcorn Time iOS Installer. Remember to select either a PC or Mac version
  • Install the app on your PC or Mac or run it
  • Connect your iPad or iPhone to the computer
  • Wait for it to discover your iOS device
  • Follow the installation instructions provided

If you have followed these instructions to the end, you must have downloaded and installed Popcorn Time on your iPhone or iPad.

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If you try opening the downloaded app and you get a notification showing “Untrusted Enterprise Developer”, follow these steps:

  • Go to Settings > General > Profiles & Device Management
  • Under Enterprise Apps, tap on the Popcorn Time app profile
  • Tap Trust “Popcorn time profile”
  • Tap Trust on the pop up that appears
  • Go to your Home Screen and tap to open the app
  • Select any of the options if the app asks to display notifications

You can now open Popcorn Time to watch any movie or TV show of your choice.

It turns out that the original guide on how to install popcorn time for iOS without the need for a jailbreak is in need of a bit of a refresh so here is the updated guide to install what can only be referred to as the torrent-based NetFlix app.

Popcorn Time Iphone App Macbook Pro

Mac os mojave dmg file. The original guide still works for the majority of people but it does require a few pre-requisites. First of all you need to be on an IOS version of 8.2 or lower and make sure that your ISP (see High Courts Block popcorn time usage) isn’t preventing you from reaching their site.


Run Iphone App On Mac


Here’s how to download and install it:

Popcorn Time Iphone App Mac

You can download the custom installer from: iosinstaller.com/popcorn-time/ and at this current point in time, it only supports Windows. If you have a Mac, then you might want to sit this one out until the OS X version of the installer is released, or you can ask your Windows-toting buddies for a favor on this one.

Remember that if you are attempting to side load PopcornTime on your iPhone or iPad make a backup.

Popcorn Time Ios Mac

If you have iOS 8.3 or iOS 8.4 and followed our guide to installing PopcornTime On iOS without Jailbreaking please comment below if youve had success.