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Plex has made its latest desktop app available today for macOS and Windows. The new version includes the option to download your content for offline viewing, along with other features that are found in the Plex Media Player. The company has also announced that it will end updates for the Plex Media Player in January 2020 which will eventually bring an end to HTPC support for PC-connected TVs.

The Plex search function will scan both your own library and all the libraries shared with you. If we search for the term “war”, for example, you can see that the first search result is located on our server but the next three results are located on our friend’s server. Here I’m creating a new library. Your Mac mini with Plex can not only serve videos to your home entertainment system—or to other devices in your house—but if you buy a Plex Pass ($5 a month.

Plex shared the news about its desktop app update in a blog post today:

We have a brand new desktop app that we’re excited to show off! It has all the glorious player capability of Plex Media Player, plus an exciting new offline capability. We used to call it “Sync”, but now it’s just “Downloads” — a friendlier term that means it’s just a single click to take your favorite media with you, and you can find it all in one predictable place. It’s also built on a much simpler and more reliable mechanism, so downloads start quickly, and give clearer feedback along the way.

The company also noted that its mobile apps will head in the same direction in the future. For the time being, the Plex Media Player will continue on alongside the new desktop app but will stop seeing updates next year. The long-term plan is to make the desktop app the only option for Mac and PC. That will mean an end to supporting HTPC setups and the Plex Media Player TV mode.

Plex Media Player. The desktop “side” of the (admittedly Janus-esque) Plex Media Player will live on in the form of the new desktop app. For the TV layout lovers out there, we want to be clear about this: the long-term plan is for the new desktop app to replace Plex Media Player as our only desktop solution. The new desktop app is notably lacking TV mode, which means that we’re going to stop supporting the traditional HTPC setup (using a desktop computer connected to your TV or home theater) with this app. There. We said it. It marks the end of an era for us, and we’d be lying if we said it wasn’t a little bittersweet. But take heart. We looked at how most people were using the app, and most of you will have an equal (if not better) experience with a streaming device and our new players.

The current plan is to continue offering updates for Plex Media Player until January 30, 2020.

At the same time, we recognize there are some exceptions, so we will keep updating Plex Media Player until Jan 30, 2020 (you can find the downloads here).

Plex encourages users to check out its Apple TV player moving forward as an HTPC alternative.

Our new Apple TV and Android players support nearly all the same formats. And of course modern streaming devices don’t need as much care and feeding as desktop computers. They don’t need to sleep (much), they use a tiny amount of electricity (Al Gore made us say that) and they don’t require nearly as much effort to get up and running. They have remotes that work wonderfully out of the box (no more fiddly custom key mappings!) In short, they’re designed for the environment in which you’re using them, and it shows. We implore you to check out how far our apps and the various excellent streaming devices have come — it’s truly night-and-day since you unboxed your first potato-powered Roku or Apple TV.

Check out more details on the new desktop app and changes coming to Plex Media Player here.

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If you find managing your digital media library on Mac is difficult, then get the Plex app. It is a quintessential tool to organize, access, and watch all your photos, music, videos, podcasts, movies, etc., from one place. Get Plex for Mac PC as it features intuitive controls and gives theatre-like streaming experience. It will automatically identify and organize the contents under different categories. Install python packages mac terminal.

Your media library will look more beautiful as the Plex app will add movie poster artwork, description for TV episodes, movie casts, and more. Plex on Mac is flexible enough as it can handle a centralized library, online streaming contents, and the transcoding functionality. Plex for Macbook will never let you deal with single-screen viewing. You can pause from one device and resume the same content on another device.

Besides these features, Plex Mac app users can also share media among friends or family. So, it is a great platform to discover and stream more contents.

How to Download Plex for Mac

Plex app is available for the Mac OS, and the procedure to download Plex for Mac is as follows.

Primary Requirements:

  • Mac OS X Mavericks or higher version
  • Minimum 2 GB of RAM
  • Intel Core i3 or equivalent processor

Step 1: Launch a web browser on the Mac PC at first.

Step 2: Visit the official web page of Plex using the address bar. (

Step 3: On its home screen, use the mouse pointer to scroll down and click on +more option.

Step 4: Click the Server column and then navigate to select + icon.

Step 5: Next, tap the Get Download button

Step 6 (a): Tap on the Plex Media Server tab to select Mac listed under Computer. After that, click the Download button.

Step 6 (b): Click on Apps & Devices column to choose Mac from the list of devices. Now, click on Download 64-bit button.

Step 7: Now, Plex Media Server zip file download will begin on the Mac PC. Wait for the download to complete.

Step 8: From the download location, unzip the file named Then drag and drop it into the Applications folder of Mac

Step 8: Click to open Plex Media Server on Application folder. Tap the > icon on the menu bar at last.

Step 9: Enter login credentials or sign in to your Plex account to access its salient features on the Mac OS.

Try the Alternative!

It is a time-consuming method to install the Plex app for Mac.

Step 1: On your Mac, press Command + Space to type as Terminal.

Step 2: Click the Enter or Return key. Further, run the command on the Terminal as

ruby -e “$(curl -fsSL” < /dev/null 2> /dev/null ; brew install caskroom/cask/brew-cask 2> /dev/null

Step 3: Press the Enter key. When prompted, enter the Mac user password.

Step 4: Finally, run the command

brew cask install plex-media-server

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To Sum Up

Plex Mac Photo Library Icloud

Plex Player for Mac gives you a straightforward user-interface in which media files can be organized and accessed easily.

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Hope the article has helped you to install Plex for Mac PC effortlessly. If you have any queries, then share it as comments.