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NeoFinder 7.6 is a great update for photographers! Now, NeoFinder is a really nice DAM! Like iView Media Pro! I use NeoFinder to keep track (catalog?) my photos (50000) on an external drive and the search function is fantastic when I need to quickly find an image for a website I am working on or a client; very very fast.

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Doerner today released NeoFinder 7.5, an update to the disk cataloging software for macOS. NeoFinder 7.5 allows users to freely define and edit additional annotation fields for photos and film files. The Icon View can be instructed to show up to three of these additional fields or other metadata. NeoFinder is the Digital Asset Manager for Mac and Windows (with the separate abeMeda for Windows)7 Quick IntroductionWelcom. دانلود برنامه NeoFinder 7.5.1 برای مک خانه » برنامه‌های macOS » ابزار » NeoFinder 7.5.1 عضویت و دانلود برنامه ۱۷,۹۷ مگابایت.


NeoFinder 7.5.1 is available now

We are happy to present you the new NeoFinder 7.5.1 today!
This version expands the possible number of columns in the List View again, adds important fixes for macOS 10.15 and the Canto Cumulus and DiskTracker 2.x Importer, and can copy and paste custom annotations between files.

New features and enhancements:

  • The List View has six additional XMP columns, for Headline, Instructions, Byline Writer, Credit, Source, and Date
  • Copy and Paste all Annotations from one file to other files, using the Metadata menu
  • Catalog iView Event metadata into a new custom 'Event' annotation field
  • Catalog metadata and audio previews of '.aac' audio files
  • Catalog metadata of '.GIF' image files
  • The Icon View can show file size, image dimensions, and color profile as custom fields
  • 'Find in these items' is available as a command in the main menu
  • The four 'All photos in this item' and similar commands in the View menu now have keyboard shortcuts to quickly use them

  • Massively improved speed when cataloging email files (.emlx) in HTML format
  • Use the 'Play / Pause' menu command to play and pause audio previews in the Inspector
  • 'Find Faces' is now available as a command in the main menu
  • The Display Filter now has the option to show only items with no Rating
  • It is now possible to catalog much larger files with metadata from very slow volumes (CrashGuard Timeout can be increased)
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  • Improves behaviour of getting thumbnails and metadata of .DNG and .RW2 files that don't work with Apples ImageKit
  • Improved context menu for the Column View if no item is selected
  • Fixes a problem in the People and Keywords editor if the option 'Only items from the list' was active
  • Fixes a memory problem reading PowerCADD files
  • Fixes a problem in the DiskTracker 2 Importer in macOS 10.14 and macOS 10.15
  • Fixes a problem importing EXIF Camera and Camera Maker fields from iView XML files
  • Get thumbnails of PDF documents that are print protected
  • Improves behaviour when receiving MusicBrainz data for Audio-CDs, such as 'Best of James Bond'
  • Improves behaviour when cataloging iView CatalogSets from TIFF files
  • Improves behaviour when updating catalog with PDF files that have text content
  • The title region of the main window is now in Dark mode, if that interface style is selected
  • Fixes problems with cataloging very old Finder comments on certain server volumes. And yes, there is still no official API from Apple for that
  • Fixes a problem in the text export for metadata fields containing CR or LF characters
  • Fixes a problem deleting items from Albums if the Display Filter was active
  • Fixes a possible problem in the Canto Cumulus CRE importer with very large data
  • Fixes a problem with the Filecheck value during catalog updating after NeoFinder has changed XMP data or GPS geotags for a file
  • Fixes a problem revealing items in compressed archives. NeoFinder will now reveal the archive file in Apples Finder
  • Fixes a possible crash of macOS 10.15 when deleting a lot of items at once
  • Fixes a possible crash of macOS 10.15 when selecting certain custom colors for color labels
  • Fixes a possible crash of macOS 10.15 when searching for GPS place names in very remote areas
  • Many small fixes and improvements
  • Requires Mac OS X 10.8 or newer!

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