My Passport For Mac 1Tb Setup

The Western Digital, the drive itself or HDD in life. The Western Digital My Passport Go 1 TB driver can be downloaded from the manufacturer s site. WD My Passport Cinema drive itself or is trusted to. Establish a connection between the Western Digital My Passport Ultra 1TB and the Mac computer. After Erasing My Passport portable hard disk drive. Connect your Western Digital My Passport drive to Mac computer, and let the OS detect and mount the drive for use. Now, a new hard drive icon will appear on the desktop. On macOS Dock, select Finder. When the Finder window opens, on the menu bar, select ‘Go’ and then ‘Utilities.’. Power up the hard drive by pushing the Power button until the Power and Battery LEDs glow. Get a USB 3 cable and connect it between your Mac device and the hard drive. On your Mac device, launch the My Passport window. Check if you are able to view the content on the drive.

My passport for mac 1tb user manual

My Passport for Mac portable storage works straight out of the box with Mac devices which makes it easy to keep you moving on your journey. Simply drag and drop files to and from, or setup a backup routine with Apple’s Time Machine software to help protect the contents of your digital life. My Passport Ultra for Mac is formatted for Time Machine and ready to deliver plug-and-play storage out of the box. With WD Discovery™ software, you can also work across both Mac and PC. We provide a downloadable HFS+ driver for Windows® 10, 8.1 or 7 to enable you to read and write to your My Passport Ultra for Mac drive without reformatting.

As long as you are using macOS to manage the drive then yes the WD drive is compatible. If you are using the WD software, then you need to contact WD to see if their software is compatible as I'm sure the WD website may contain misleading information.

FYI, it is much safer to just have macOS manage the WD drive. To do so just move everything on the WD drive to another drive temporarily. Then use the WD software to disable any security features on the WD drive. Then uninstall the WD software by following the manufacturer's instructions. Now use Disk Utility to erase the WD drive as GUID partition and MacOS Extended (Journaled) if you are only using it on a Mac or as GUID partition and ExFAT if you will share it with a Windows computer. Now move all your files back to the WD drive.

My Passport For Mac 1Tb Setup

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Once everything is working you can upgrade to Catalina. Just make sure to have good verified working bootable backups before upgrading in case something goes wrong or you decide you don't like Catalina and want to revert back to the current macOS.


My Passport For Mac 1tb Setup Download

Nov 9, 2019 5:25 PM