Mount And Blade Prisoners

However, there are a lot more of them in version 1.0+ than in beta versions, so you'll find one eventually. All prisoners sell for 50 gold. Note that you cannot sell lords. To make money out of lords, you need to hang onto them until their faction makes an offer, or a friendly lord might offer to exchange your prisoner for a small amount of money. I came up with a video to help you guys in mount and blade! I hope this helps! I will explain to you how prisoners work in mount and blade like how to sell. Rylot: So I just got the Mount and Blade HD collection (original game, Sword and Fire, and Warband) and while I get the basics of combat; I seem to start the game, go to a major city, get a quest (usually to kill somebody somewhere else), I start to go there and run into a large group of bandits and usually get taken prisoner. Mar 30, 2020 What To Do With Prisoners In Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord You can check how many prisoners you have by highlighting the silhouette icon in the lower right, the Party icon. This tells you how many soldiers are in your party, how many are injured, and right at the bottom, how many prisoners you currently have held captive.

Prisoners can be sold, but they have another purpose. This guide explains how to recruit prisoners in Mount & Blade II Bannerlord, because the mechanics involved in recruiting your prisoners are a little more complicated than a regular set when you just go to a town or village and buy new soldiers.

Whenever you participate and win a battle in Mount & Blade II Bannerlord, there is a small chance that you will take prisoners. Captives can be any single unit in battle, including everything from the peasant infantry to the well-trained cavalry unit.

Mount And Blade PrisonersPrisoners

Thus, taking prisoners is a good choice, both to increase your income and to improve your army without having to upgrade soldiers to the highest level of units.

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How to recruit prisoners in Mount & Blade II Bannerlord

Once you’ve taken the prisoner, check the batch menu. There you’ll see a list of all your party units. At the beginning of the game you are very limited. You can’t carry more soldiers until you increase the limit. However, later in the game you will often see that you have a lot of space for new soldiers, and the prisoners are a great source of new troops.

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Select the prisoner you want to recruit in the “batch” tab. It will give you the name of the squad, display how many you have, and a small icon with an arrow will appear. This icon shows that you can recruit a prisoner into your army. However, they are not all available at once.

And remember that prisoners have a problem with morale. First, they don’t want to betray the former leader. But don’t worry, as time goes by, more and more prisoners will be willing to swear to you.

So if you want to recruit a prisoner who’s not yet available, just keep him with you. In time, they’ll join your squad.

Mount And Blade Prisoners

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