Martin Saxophone Serial Numbers

Martin trumpet serial number

This is a great early vintage Martin Committee “The Martin Alto” sax, serial number 167798. This alto is best for a gigging pro on a budget, who needs a solid dependable horn.

Martin Saxophone Serial Numbers


The pictures tell the tale on this one. It isn't the prettiest sax you'll see, but it is straight physically. It shows a fair amount of lacquer where and some past resoldering here and there, but no major dents now and the past dent work is clean. The neck is original with matching serial number.

Martin Elkhart Saxophone Serial Numbers

She may not look like much, but it is a great player. This Martin was last repadded using premium black roo pads and brown plastic resonators. While it isn't the best adjustment in the world and there are some minor clicks in the keywork, the pads are sealing up like a drum. This alto plays with a full, immediate response. It takes all the air you can throw at it and then some. If you are a hard working pro player needing a horn on the cheap, you won't find a better one! This is a fine player, and one you won't mind taking to the bar down the street.

Serial# range 1 Serial# range 2 1919 1 1922 3 1926 51 1927 1930 1931 1 1932 1 1 108301. The Vintage Saxophone Gallery - Full Serial Number Chart; Martin Serial Number Ranges By Model. Model: Start # End # Stencils: unknown: unknown.

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