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2012 U.S. Blu-ray cover for the Daimajin film series
Films and television
Film(s)Daimajin (1966)
Return of Daimajin (1966)
Daimajin Strikes Again (1966)
Television seriesDaimajin Kanon (2010)
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Daimajin (大魔神) is a series of Japanese films. The trilogy of films were all shot simultaneously and released in 1966 with three different directors and predominantly the same crew.[1] The series was produced by Daiei Film and contained similar plot structures involving villages being overthrown by warlords, leading to the villagers attempting to reach out to Daimajin, the great demon god, to save them.[2]

The Daimajin series was revived in 2010 as a television drama titled Daimajin Kanon, broadcast on TV Tokyo.[3]


Official English titleJapanese titleJapanese release dateRef(s)
Daimajin大魔神 (Daimajin)17 April 1966[4][5]
Return of Daimajin大魔神怒る (Daimajin ikaru)13 August 1966[6][7][5]
Daimajin Strikes Again大魔神逆襲 (Daimajin gyakushu)10 December 1966[4][5]


In Japan, a household of peasants cower during a series of earth tremors that are interpreted as the escape attempts of Daimajin, a spirit trapped within the mountain. These events are observed by Lord Hanabasa, and his chamberlain, Samanosuke, who are attempting to seize power in the area. As the villagers pray at a shrine, Samanosuke and his henchmen slaughter Hanabasa's family, with only his son and daughter escaping, who are assisted by the samurai Kogenta. Back at the shrine, Samanosuke's men begin to take over and forbid gatherings at the shrine. After failing to warn Samanosuke about his actions, the priestess Shinobu returns home, finding Kogenta and the two children. Shinobu takes them up the side of the mountain into forbidden territory, where the stone idol which is Daimajin stands, half-buried in the side of the mountain. The children grow to adulthood with the son, Tadafumi (Yoshihiko Aoyama) reaching his 18th birthday. Meanwhile, Samanosuke has enslaved the village. After several attempts to return peace and freedom to the village, Samanosuke's men travel up the mountain to smash Daimajin. Damaijin is asked by the daughter, Kozasa (Miwa Takada) to save her brother, with the idol removing a mask to reveal Daimajin's real face, leading it to rise from the mountain and exact its wrath on Samanosuke and his fortress. Daimajin's wrath begins to grow to attacking everything in sight, only stopping when Kozasa's tears land on Daimajin's feet.

The film was released in the United States by Daiei International with subtitles in an English-dubbed version by Bernard Lewis.[4] The film has been released under many English alternative titles, such as The Devil Got Angry, The Vengeance of the Monster, and Majin, the Monster of Terror.[4]

Return of Daimajin[edit]

In Japan, Daimajin is found on an island in the middle of a lake which is surrounded by two peaceful villages, Chigusa and Nagoshi. In a distant third village ruled by an evil lord, the citizens flee to Chigusa to take refuge. One day, the evil lord decides to take over the two villages and attempts to do so at an annual festival. After being pursued by the evil lord's army, the people of Chigusa and Nagoshi find themselves on the island with the Daimajin statue. The evil lord has his men shatter the statue with a large amount of gunpowder. Daimajin's shattered remains end up at the bottom of the lake. Daimajin awakens to inflict chaos to all around it, including the landscape and the evil lord.

Return of Daimajin was never released theatrically in the United States, but was released to television by AIP-TV in 1967.[7]

Daimajin Strikes Again[edit]

In Japan, Daimajin is found at the top of a mountain. Fathers in a village have been captured by an evil lord and forced to work in labor camps. Four of their sons decide to go rescue them, even if it means crossing the mountain where Daimajin is. The four sons pay their respects to the statue when they pass it so that they do not incur its wrath. The evil lord eventually angers the statue, who comes to life and destroys all those who have not been paying respect to it. The children and their fathers are spared, while the work camp is destroyed.

Daimajin Strikes Again was never released theatrically in the United States, but received the international English title of The Return of Majin.[4]

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Recurring cast and characters[edit]

List indicator(s)
  • This table only includes characters which have appeared in more than one film.
  • A dark grey cell indicates the character was not in the film, or that the character's presence in the film has not yet been announced.
Return of Daimajin
Daimajin Strikes Again
DaimajinRiki Hoshimoto [4][6][7]


Return of Daimajin
Daimajin Strikes Again
DirectorKimiyoshi YasudaKenji MisumiIssei Mori
Producer(s)Masaichi Nagata
ScreenplayTetsuro Yoshida
Composer(s)Akira Ifukube
Director of photographyFujio Morita
Editor(s)Hiroshi Yamada

Home media[edit]

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TitleFormatRelease dateFilmsReference
Daimajin Collection: Daimajin, Wrath of Daimajin, Return of DaimajinDVDOctober 22, 2002Daimajin, Return of Daimajin, Daimajin Strikes Again[8]
DaimajinFebruary 1, 2005Daimajin[8]
Daimajin: Wrath of DaimajinApril 12, 2005Return of Daimajin[9]
Daimajin: Return of DaimajinMay 3, 2005Daimajin Strikes Again[10]
DaimajinBlu-raySeptember 18, 2012Daimajin, Return of Daimajin, Daimajin Strikes Again[1][11]
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Majin Strikes Again Download Torrent Download


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