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Call Recorder for Skype for Mac OS v.2.3.8 Finally, an easy way to record your Skype calls and podcasts. Call Recorder is an add-on for Skype which automatically transforms your audio or video calls into QuickTime movies. ‎magicJack customers can take their number on the go so that you never miss a call. Download now and login to magicApp with your existing magicJack email and password to make and receive calls. The companion magicApp is only available for customers with.


Murgaa Macro Recorder for Mac. Murgaa Macro Recorder for Mac is a good auto mouse and keyboard recorder. By using this tool, you can record all your keyboard actions and mouse movements. While recording, a preview of all the actions that you do will be shown in the Main window, giving you a hint of what actions are already done. The hardware side of MagicJack is the magicJack HOME device. It's a minimalist device with a USB plug on one end and two jacks on the other, one for a phone line and the other for an Ethernet cable. Plug a standard phone into the phone jack, and connect to your computer via USB or directly to your router via Ethernet.

A companion app that goes along with magicJack to give you free calls and texts on your Android smartphone

Program for mac allowing microsoft office software. An Overview of magicApp by magicJack

The magicJack product really changed the way landlines worked by allowing users to take VoIP calls from the Internet into the home for regular phones. It’s a very popular product and millions of people still use the system today to make free and unlimited phone calls. The magicApp companion to magicJack allows users to actually get the same sort of phone service on an Android smartphone.

This app was created and released by magicJack VocalTech Ltd, out of Florida, USA, and it’s available for the Android mobile operating system. The current version is 4.16.830.1, so this is an app that updates a lot to work out the kinks and provide new features. It’s also very lightweight for what it does, coming in at only 8mb.

What magicApp by magicJack Is and What It Does

magicApp is basically just an extension of magicJack that allows you to get a free number and free calls and texts on your Android. The catch here, of course, is that you have to have magicJack installed, which is a physical piece of hardware that you plug into your computer’s USB drive before installing software. When you get this app, your home’s landlines extend to your smartphone. The downside here is that it’s all the same number, so your cell phone and home landline are not separate.

This phone system allows for phone calls that are 100% free in the US and Canada. You will still have to pay money for international calls, but you’re only looking at pennies per call here, which is much cheaper than anything you’d get with data plans. Though just keep in mind that magicApp is just putting your magicJack phone line on your Android, not creating its own number and line.

Features of magicApp by magicJack

One of the best features of magicApp is the free unlimited texting you get in the US and Canada. When someone calls your landline, your cell phone rings, and vice versa. However, texts are only going to happen over your Android cell phone, so texting is a great way to separate the two lines. It’s also incredibly easy to install. If you already have magicJack, you simply need to install and open the app on your smartphone and it will install itself.

You can use this app to give yourself two distinct phone lines with your smartphone, your data carrier plan and the magicJack number, or you can just use your magicJack plan and cancel your carrier. The hit you’d take here is not being able to browse the Internet, so most people would go for having a separate cell line.

Pros and Cons of magicApp by magicJack


  • Free to use if you have magicJack
  • Very easy to install
  • Free calls and texts in US/Canada
  • Can save you a lot of data


  • Shares the same phone line with the physical system
  • International calls still cost money
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Magicjack Recorder For Mac

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Magicjack Recorder For Mac Os

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