Mac Studded Kiss Lip Liner

Mac studded kiss lip liner color

So this year MAC released another matte lipstick collection and this ones PERMANENT!! Quite a lot of new shades, and for those that obsess over Whirl Lipliner theres a matching lipstick. No need to run out and grab it asap, because these new shades are around to stay and there are some pretty amazing shades among the new releases, including two very unique shades that I am going to share with you today, as well as an amazing purple that any purple lover will just HAVE to have! I only got 3 but boy am I itching for a few more which have caught my eye.

Mac Studded Kiss Lip Liner Palette

  • Mac Lip Pencil Lip Liner Full Size Choose Shade Nib. $14.99 to $19.99. MAC PRO LONGWEAR LIP PENCIL #STAUNCHLY STYLISH 0.04OZ / 1.2G NWOB. Ending Saturday at 8:28AM PST 4d 11h. Mac Velvetease Lip.
  • Eye liner pencil e.l.f Highlight duo Highlighter. MAC Cosmetics Blush NK Lip Pencil Color: Brown KAT VON D STUDDED KISS Lipstick Color: Double Dare e.l.f Liquid Eyliner Hashtags.
  • Kat Von D Best of Nudes Mini Studded Kiss Creme Lipstick Set 3.8 out of 5 stars 33. Kat Von D Studded Kiss Lipstick WOLVESMOUTH (.10 oz).

Mac Cosmetics / Matte Lipstick Studded Kiss.1 oz (3 ml). This item is only valid for shipment in the Contiguous United States.

This collection launched in the US quite a few weeks ago now and is set to launch in the UK sometime in July I believe, but I got mine from my US mailbox so I am ahead of the game so thought I would share with you incase you have some of these on your radar.

So lets get started, and why not start big with Matte Royal – an amazing true navy blue shade. Yes ladies, I did say navy blue. I have heard some people try to say its a blurple but to me there is no purple in there, maybe its like a lighter indigo but definitely BLUE!

Here are some pictures of it below – DISCLAIMER – the lipstick photo is from Temptalias post on these lipsticks, I wanted to credit her as the image is not mine – I did have images of my lipsticks before I used them but when I came to transfer them a number of files have been corrupted and I lost them. I wanted you to see the lipstick all shiny and new and so that is why I chose to use these images of the lipsticks close up for reference.

I will link Temptalias original blog on this collection as she is my favourite blogger when it comes to new MAC releases – if you search her blog there are 4 parts to the MAC matte lipstick collection 2015 – with lip swatches and arm swatches of all of the lipsticks included in the collection and her thoughts on all of them:

The swatches and comparison photos however are all mine. So disclaimer over, lets get on:


This lipstick is pretty WOW, I only have 2 other blue lipsticks to compare this with BUT what I will say is that this one was quite dry and appeared very patchy on the lips. It is an amazing royal blue though and worth the work. I cant wait to wear this with a simple but smoky eye with a hint of blue liner to match the lip.

My other 2 blue lipsticks are very different to Matte Royal – Kat Von D’s studded kiss lipstick in Poe is a deep dark true navy with hints of purple and blue glitter – its gorgeous and I love wearing this one – even though people cant stop staring at your lips when you do! The other comparison is Melt Cosmetics DGAF – and yes that does stand for don’t give a f***! this is a lot brighter, more of a cobalt blue – its creamy and opaque and a little less wearable than Poe.

I give this lipstick a 7 out of 10, its unique but a little dry and patchy – a must for any MAC enthusiast, collector or those that love a unique lipstick colour.


With all the hysteria over those brown nude lipsticks at the moment, brought on by lime crime Cashmere and that Kylie Jenner lip for the main part, MAC had to come up with one of their own. This one is great, its one of those grey beige, or as they call it greige colours – the perfect mix of a wearable brown beige with the coolness of grey. The other great thing is that this colour would work on ANY skin tone. Its opaque and feels nice on the lips, certainly not as dry as Matte Royal and with no patchiness.

This colour is not everyones cup of tea, but I actually quite like it – I have never tried to hide that I dont like that brown pink shade everyone loves so much – I just dont like the mix – but this, this I like. I cant wait to wear this with a taupe eye, another eye and lip matching situation that I think will really work.

Mac Studded Kiss Lip Liner

I didnt have anything like this in my collection – Hot Chocolate was way too mauve and Lime Crime Cashmere definitely had a lot more warmth to it. I love that I have nothing like this and I doubt many people will.

Mac Studded Kiss Lip Liner


And of course I saved the best for last…. Symantec endpoint protection mac download.

Wow, just wow! I love this colour and I am sure this will be a very popular addition to the permanent line. It is opaque and comfy on the lips and not drying at all.

Mac studded kiss lip liner lipstickStudded kiss lipstick

This may be hard to believe, but I have nothing like this in my collection – its a hazy matte lavender that reminds me of the colour of thistles – it is similar to Up the amp, but is more purple as I think that Up the amp has a hint of pink to it that makes it a very wearable purple, and of course Up the amp is more glossy. For me Men love mystery is in the same shade family as Dodgy girl from the Kelly Osbourne collection, and if you loved that but found it wasnt wearable for you, then this lipstick could be for you!

I am also including a swatch for Instigator and Studded Kiss – they were released as part of the Punk Couture collection and are amazing, its nice to see they now will be permanent and easy to get hold of once mine are all used up – Studded Kiss is such an amazing deep blood red and Instigator is a more wearable version of Smoked Purple for me, it definitely has more berry tones but is dark and vampy and amazing on. I just wish they had added Punk couture to the permanent line – now that is an amazing shade… and how about a re-promote of heaux and boy from the Rihanna collection?!

Studded Kiss Lipstick

Other notable mentions from the collection….

If you dont already have flat out fabulous and pink pigeon they are worth taking a look at to, and next on my wish list are D for Danger and Runaway hit.

Mac Studded Kiss Lip Liner Makeup

What are you planning to get when this releases?

Mac Studded Kiss

Lisa xx