Mac Portable Ac Recover Recharge Ac Machine Model -ac500 Manual

About Robinair Robinair has been committed to keeping automobile drivers and home residents cool since the inception of air conditioning. As a global leader of automotive and HVAC/R air conditioning refrigerant recovery, recycling and recharge tools, Robinair honorably serves the vehicle manufacturers (OEMs), auto repair shops, dealership service departments, industrial and commercial. Fully Automatic R134a Recovery, Recycle & Recharge Machine $2,999.00 Advanced Auto ACS R1234yf Recovery Recycle & Recharge Machine. What these AC recharge products do is simply recharge your AC system with more refrigerant. The added refrigerant should be enough to get your car blowing cold again. Now, there are a variety of R-134a AC recharge kits out there on the marketplace.

Refrigerant recovery from an HVAC system has been mandatory since 1995 when the EPA enacted the Montreal Protocol and required 608 certification of all technicians. Refrigerant must be recovered otherwise huge fines can be imposed.

The EPA does allow for de-minimis release, or basically refrigerant released when connecting hoses to and from a unit or tank.

What is Needed for Refrigerant Recovery on an HVAC Unit?
The basic items needed are HVAC gauges to connect hoses between an HVAC system, recovery machine, and recovery tank.

  • Recovery tank (Tanks with a yellow top are designated Recovery Tanks.)
  • Recovery Machine.
  • Refrigerant Scale.
Mac Portable Ac Recover Recharge Ac Machine Model -ac500 Manual

How To Use a Refrigerant Recovery Machine

Mac Portable Ac Recover Recharge Ac Machine Model -ac500 Manual User

  1. The gauges should be turned off and connected to the high and low sides of the unit to be recovered from. Red goes to the high side, Blue goes to the low side.

  2. The center yellow hose goes to the suction line of the recover machine marked IN, a dryer should be placed here to help keep contaminants out.

  3. A single hose goes OUT of the recovery machine to the recovery tank.

  4. Set the recover tank on a scale to measure how much refrigerant is removed from the unit, and avoid overfilling the recovery tank. By law a tank can only be filled to 80 percent capacity.

  5. After everything is connected the air purged from the hoses. This is done by opening all the valves from the unit to the tank, only the tank valve should be off, then at the tank letting the air push out of the hoses. This will only be done for a few seconds. At the tank unscrew the hose slightly until air is heard escaping, after a second or two re-tighten the connection to the tank. The refrigerant will be under pressure and push the air out of the lines.

  6. Pressure at the recovery machine will show when all valves are open.
    Purging the lines
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  7. After the the lines are purged the recovery machine is ready to be turn on. The recovery tank valve along with all other valves should be open, the recovery machine can be turned on.
  8. At the HVAC gauges and recovery machine you should see the pressure begin to drop as the refrigerant goes into he recovery tank. Be sure to watch the scale as to not overfill the recovery tank, a tank should never be filled pass 80 percent of its capacity. The recovery machine should be working up to it reaches 0 psi on the low-side of the recovery machine. Don’t go below 0 psi as if there is a leak you will be sucking air. Most new recovery machines will turn themselves off automatically when they reach 0 psi.
  9. After the recovery machine has reached zero psi the recover machine needs to be purged. To do this turn the low-side blue valve to purge and the high red side to purge on the recovery machine. Then watch the gauges on the recovery machine. The low side will go from high-to-low and the recovery machine should shut down when its done.

  10. Close all the valves, especially the recovery tank, and you are done.

There is more that can be done to speed up the process of recovery such as turning on the blower motor so the liquid doesn’t freeze, getting quicker recovery times.

Mac portable ac recovery recharge ac machine model manual -ac500 parts

Refrigerants should never be mixed R-22,R134, R-410 should all be kept separate. Old refrigerant shouldn’t be mixed if the refrigerant is going back into the system it was removed from.


Mac Portable Ac Recovery Recharge Ac Machine Model Manual -ac500 Parts

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