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OneDrive for business download link for iOS and Mac. Click here to download the iOS OneDrive app via the app store. The Mac sync client preview is available at the Microsoft Download Center. If you want to see these apps in action and get more details of new features coming soon to OneDrive for Business check out the OneDrive blog. Accessing OneDrive for Business using a Mac can accessed on a college owned device by downloading and installing the client at: 1. Download the sync client from the app store. Download OneDrive for macOS 10.12 or later and enjoy it on your Mac. ‎Start with 5 GB of free cloud storage or upgrade to a Microsoft 365 subscription to get 1 TB of storage. Microsoft 365 includes premium Office apps, 1 TB cloud storage in OneDrive, advanced security, and more, all in one convenient subscription.

Software Requirements

OneDrive for Business works well with all major, current web browsers. Just point your browser to to get started.

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OneDrive for Business also comes with the ability to sync your files and folders to your desktop or mobile device.

Outline Table of operating system, sync client and the link to download the software.
​Operating System​Sync Client​Link
​Windows 7, 8, 8RT, 8.1 ​OneDrive for Business Application​Microsoft Download Center
(Recommend: 32-bit Version)
​Mac OS with Office 2008, Office 2011​Office Document Connection​Microsoft Setup Instructions
​Linux or Unix-based Systems​No current application
​iOS 6.0+​OneDrive Pro for Business for All
Office Mobile for Students
​iTunes Store - OneDrive for Business
iTunes Store - Office Mobile
​Windows Mobile 8​OneDrive for Business​Windows App Store
​Android​No current application for Faculty/Staff
Office Mobile for Students*
​​Google Play Store*

The OneDrive for Business web app is accessible from most recent web browsers. For a complete list, review the browser compatibility requirements for Office 365.

Installing OneDrive for Business

​To install the OneDrive for Business application, please reach out to your local IT administrator or click on the appropriate link above to get started.


  • ​Once the App is installed, press the Windows key and then click or tap on the OneDrive for Business App.
  • It is possible to have both OneDrive (for personal use) and OneDrive for Business (for Georgia Tech use) on your computer at the same time, the GT Office 365 implementation uses OneDrive for Business.

Sync OneDrive for Business to your Windows Computer

You can sync your OneDrive for Business library to your computer, and then work with files in the library by using Windows Explorer. Updates to files sync to OneDrive for Business whenever you're online.


The simplest way to sync your OneDrive library is to go to your OneDrive in a browser of your choice and then click the SYNC button:

This opens the Sync Library wizard, and automatically recognizes the name and web address of your OneDrive library.

Click Sync Now to start syncing your OneDrive. Click Show my files… in the dialog box to open your synced OneDrive for Business folder in Windows Explorer.

In Windows Explorer, your synced OneDrive is listed in your Favorites in a folder named 'OneDrive @ Georgia Institute of Technology'

You can also start the Sync Library wizard from the OneDrive for Business menu in your Windows notification area:

Limits on syncing content in OneDrive for Business and other SharePoint libraries

Note the following limitations related to syncing libraries to your computer with OneDrive for Business:

  • You can sync up to 20,000 items in your OneDrive for Business library, including folders and files.
  • You can sync up to 5,000 items in other SharePoint libraries, including folders and files.
  • In any library, you can download files up to 2 GB.

Customize How You Sync Your Documents

You can change the location where your files are stored by clicking on Change in your OneDrive for Business application.

If you want to sync a different set of Office 365 files, click Sync A Different Library Instead and then provide the URL of the library. You'll be prompted for an account and password that can access that library.

​Checking the Status of Your Files

A green check on a folder means that it has been successfully synced.

Install Onedrive Windows 10

A blue circular arrow means it is currently being synced.

A red arrow indicates a folder or file that is out of sync.

Once the file synchronization starts you can click on the Show My Files button and open the local folder to see the files that are being synced.


Download Onedrive For Business In Mac

There is not a OneDrive for Business Application for OSX, but the Microsoft Document Connection Application can be used to connect to your OneDrive for Business Documents.

  • Connect to OneDrive for Business in your web browser via the smart URL:
  • Copy part of the URL from the address line of your browser. Copy the URL up to the word 'Documents'
    • For example:
  • Launch the Microsoft Document Connection

  • ​On the first launch of the application you will need to set up a new location that will connect to your OneDrive for Business Documents Library.
  • Click on Add Location and choose Connect to a SharePoint Site
  • Enter the partial URL that you copied from your web browser earlier.
  • You will be prompted to login to Office 365 and then you will be prompted to login to the Georgia Tech Login Service.
  • You will then be taken to your Document library.
  • ​Click on the file you want to edit, then click on the Edit button on the tool bar.
  • If Document Connection can't figure out what application to open a file with, you will be prompted to select the appropriate application.
  • When you are done editing you just save the file like normal and it will save the changes back to OneDrive for Business.

iOS App

Go to the App Store and install the OneDrive for Business for Office 365 app.

Using the OneDrive for Business Web App​

Launch a web browser and go to and log in with [email protected]

If you are already logged into Office 365 you can click on the OneDrive link on the Office 365 tool bar to see your documents library.​

From here you can manage files and folders in your OneDrive. Clicking the '…' to the right of a file or folder will allow you to see more information about it. You can open the document for editing, change sharing options, add to workflows or view the object properites.

Editing a document will launch the appropriate software on your local computer or the web based version of the application if it's not installed on the local computer.

Some browsers will warn you of this action as possibly malicious activity.

You can check the Remember my choice… box to avoid seeing this every time you choose to edit an item.

Clicking Launch Application should start the program and open your document for editing.

If you choose Edit in Browser or View in Browser from the'…' menu, you will launch the 'web app' version of the appropriate application inside your browser window.

When you are editing in the web app your changes are automatically saved when you close the web app.

Creating a New Folder or Document

  1. ​Navigate to your OneDrive for Business.
  2. Select the 'new document' link.
  3. Select New folder or a document type from the list.
  4. Name your new folder or file and get started collaborating!



More than one person can have a shared file open at the same time, this will be indicated one of two ways.

If you have the document open in the installed application on your computer, there should be an indicator at the bottom of the application window similar to this:

Clicking on the icon will display a list of the users that have the document open for editing.

When changes are made to a document by one user they are noted in the Web App by an icon. If you mouse over the icon it will tell you that changes have been made to the document and that saving the document will refresh and show you those changes.

How To Install Onedrive Mac

In the Web App, you can click UPDATES AVAILABLE link in the information bar at the bottom of the browser window to refresh the page.

Onedrive For Business Sync Client Mac Download

Then the other user's changes will be highlighted with a green overlay.