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Posted by: Phil Barbier
Date: October 27, 2005 12:31PM
  • MySQL Connector/ODBC can be used as an ODBC database driver on multiple platforms, such as Mac OS X, Windows and Linux. By installing the MySQL Connector/ODBC driver you will be able to connect to any MySQL databases using the ODBC interface.
  • Independent Open DataBase Connectivity for Linux, MacOS X and Unix systems.

MySQL Cluster Community Edition is available as a separate download. The reason for this change is so that MySQL Cluster can provide more frequent updates and support using the latest sources of MySQL Cluster Carrier Grade Edition. MySQL 8.0 is the most current GA release.

Hi all,
I'm using MyODBC 3.51.12 that I downloaded today, and installed on a Mac Server (OSX Server 10.4.2)
MyODBC appeared to install fine, but I don't get any ODBC drivers listed in the ODBC Administration area.. I noticed others on Windows having the same problem, but the registry key fix won't translate to a Mac - does anybody know how to get this going? I tried to manually add the driver using the /usr/lib/libmyodbc3.dylib file as the library, but this returns an error in the form of:
Driver Manager: 03.52.0001.0928
Enter ODBC connect string (? shows list): dsn=Test
1: SQLDriverConnect = [iODBC][Driver Manager]dlopen(/usr/lib/libmyodbc3.dylib, 6): Library not loaded: /usr/lib/libltdl.3.dylib
Referenced from: /usr/lib/libmyodbc3.dylib
Reason: image not found (0) SQLSTATE=00000
2: SQLDriverConnect = [iODBC][Driver Manager]Specified driver could not be loaded (0) SQLSTATE=IM003
This is using the /usr/bin/iodbctest program to test the DSN I had created.
There isn't much instruction to installing this, as it's just a case of mounting the downloaded image and letting it install - so I'm not sure if or where I have gone wrong.
Thanks in advance,
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Re: MyODBC not showing in drivers list (Mac OSX) (SOLVED)
November 16, 2005 03:43PM
Re: MyODBC not showing in drivers list (Mac OSX) (SOLVED)
Postgresql odbc driver mac
November 30, 2005 06:32PM
Re: MyODBC not showing in drivers list (Mac OSX) (SOLVED-Again)
December 05, 2005 09:04PM

Mysql Odbc Driver 3.51 Download

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This article explains how to install the Microsoft ODBC Driver for SQL Server on macOS. It also includes instructions for the optional command-line tools for SQL Server (bcp and sqlcmd) and the unixODBC development headers.

This article provides commands for installing the ODBC driver from the bash shell. If you want to download the packages directly, see Download ODBC Driver for SQL Server.

Microsoft ODBC 17

Mac iodbc driver for mysql 5.6.39

To install Microsoft ODBC driver 17 for SQL Server on macOS, run the following commands:


If you installed the v17 msodbcsql package that was briefly available, you should remove it before installing the msodbcsql17 package. This will avoid conflicts. The msodbcsql17 package can be installed side by side with the msodbcsql v13 package.

Previous versions

The following sections provide instructions for installing previous versions of the Microsoft ODBC driver on macOS.

ODBC 13.1

Mysql Odbc Driver 5.1

Use the following commands to install the Microsoft ODBC driver 13.1 for SQL Server on OS X 10.11 (El Capitan) and macOS 10.12 (Sierra):

Driver files

Postgresql Odbc Driver Mac

The ODBC driver on macOS consists of the following components:

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Mac Iodbc Driver For Myysql 5.6.39
libmsodbcsql.17.dylib or libmsodbcsql.13.dylibThe dynamic library (dylib) file that contains all of the driver's functionality. This file is installed in /usr/local/lib/.
msodbcsqlr17.rll or msodbcsqlr13.rllThe accompanying resource file for the driver library. This file is installed in [driver .dylib directory]./share/msodbcsql17/resources/en_US/ for Driver 17 and in [driver .dylib directory]./share/msodbcsql/resources/en_US/ for Driver 13.
msodbcsql.hThe header file that contains all of the new definitions needed to use the driver.
Note: You cannot reference msodbcsql.h and odbcss.h in the same program.
msodbcsql.h is installed in /usr/local/include/msodbcsql17/ for Driver 17 and in /usr/local/include/msodbcsql/ for Driver 13.
LICENSE.txtThe text file that contains the terms of the End-User License Agreement. This file is placed in /usr/local/share/doc/msodbcsql17/ for Driver 17 and in /usr/local/share/doc/msodbcsql/ for Driver 13.
RELEASE_NOTESThe text file that contains release notes. This file is placed in /usr/local/share/doc/msodbcsql17/ for Driver 17 and in /usr/local/share/doc/msodbcsql/ for Driver 13.

Resource file loading

The driver needs to load the resource file in order to function. This file is called msodbcsqlr17.rll or msodbcsqlr13.rll depending on the driver version. The location of the .rll file is relative to the location of the driver itself (so or dylib), as noted in the table above. As of version 17.1 the driver will also attempt to load the .rll from the default directory if loading from the relative path fails. The default resource file path on macOS is /usr/local/share/msodbcsql17/resources/en_US/

Mac Iodbc Driver For Mysql 5.6.39


Download Odbc Driver For Mysql

Some users encounter an issue when trying to connect after installing the ODBC driver and receive an error like: '[01000] [unixODBC][Driver Manager]Can't open lib 'ODBC Driver 17 for SQL Server' : file not found (0) (SQLDriverConnect)'. It may be the case that unixODBC is not configured correctly to find registered drivers. In these cases, creating a couple symbolic links can resolve the issue.

For additional cases where you are unable to make a connection to SQL Server using the ODBC driver, see the known issues article on troubleshooting connection problems.

Install Mysql Odbc Driver

Next steps

After installing the driver, you can try the C++ ODBC example application. For more information about developing ODBC applications, see Developing Applications.

For more information, see the ODBC driver release notes and system requirements.