Mac Donald Free Fries For 2018

Around this time a year ago, McDonald’s marketing team in Eastern Canada was finalizing a promotion for the following NBA season involving free french fries and the Toronto Raptors.

McDonald's said in order to get the free fries, customers must download the McDonald's app to get the coupon, and make a purchase of at least a dollar. For more information, head to the McDonald's.

Mcdonald's Free French Fries Friday

But no one predicted the team’s success would end up costing the fast food company more than two million orders of french fries.


In Ontario, McDonald’s locations give away orders of free medium french fries any time the Raptors hit at least 12 3-pointers in a game, and with the team playing so well, McDonald’s has given away nearly three times the original 700,000-order estimate, The Financial Post reported.

“Do we want to stop now?” Mike Forman, the owner of four franchises in Ontario told the Canadian business newspaper. “No, we don’t want to stop now. This is good.”

FBN's Nicole Petallides on McDonald's offering free french fries every Friday for the rest of the year if you sign up for the mobile app and make a purchase of at least $1. Wednesday, July 18, 2018 If you love McDonald's fries, here's a salty-sweet deal you won't want to miss out on. McDonald's announced it will be giving out free french fries for the rest of the.


His specific stores average 500 free orders of fries each time there’s a giveaway, but his record is around 960 orders, according to The Financial Post.

The promotion was based in part on a similar free-food giveaway associated with the Montreal Canadiens, along with the rate at which the Raptors made a dozen 3-pointers last season, Chuck Coolen, head of marketing for McDonald’s in Eastern Canada, told the paper.

They weren’t far off because in the regular season, Toronto had 44 games with at least 12 3-pointers, compared with 43 in 2017-18. Emu e-loader for mac. But they’ve had 10 such games so far in their playoff run to the finals after just five last year.

In the regular season, the Raptors shot 36.6 percent from beyond the arc and averaged 12.4 per game, compared with 11.8 last season. In the playoffs — where Toronto has a 2-1 series lead over the Golden State Warriors — the Raptors are shooting 34.9 percent from the 3-point line and are averaging 12.1 threes per game.

Mac Donald Free Fries For 2018

Concerns about the amount of free fries were more about individual franchises surviving the demand rather than the financial losses, The Financial Post reported:

McDonald’s didn’t underestimate the Raptors so much as it did the appetite for free fries in Ontario. The regular season’s two million free orders — at an average menu price of $2.89 — was $5.4 million worth of fries.

Mac Donald Free Fries For 2018 Thanksgiving

While full tallies for the playoffs were not available, in Game One of the finals alone, where the Raptors hit 13 threes, McDonald’s gave away a record 80,000 free orders.

$5.4 million in Canadian dollars translates to a little more than $4 million USD.

Mcdonald's Free Fries Friday

Game 4 of the NBA Finals is Friday at 9 p.m. ET on ABC.