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Mac Apps For Babies Toddlers

KeyWack is a game for people with babies and small children who like to sit at their parent’s computer and bang the keyboard. KeyWack covers the whole computer screen preventing accidental changes to your documents. It makes banging even more fun by drawing pictures, text, shapes and playing random sounds as the keys are whacked. You can also click with the mouse to place a shape at a particular location.

KeyWack has been designed to expand as your child grows in expertise from toddler, intermediate, genius and geek options. It can also display random Bible verses and traveling text such as people's names, cities, states, countries and foreign dictionary words.

Mac Apps For Babies Watching

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Mac Apps For Babies Teething


Mac Apps For Babies

  • Limit display to counting through numbers then letters to teach kids (Command-K on macOS or Control-K on Windows and Linux)
  • Turn the background screen to black to increase the contrast (Command-B on macOS or Control-B on Windows and Linux)
  • Rotation of letters & numbers (Command-R on macOS or Control-R on Windows and Linux)
  • Turn the Sound off (Command-S on macOS or Control-S on Windows and Linux)
  • Refresh the screen of images (Command-R on macOS or Control-R on Windows and Linux)
  • About Help (Command-A on macOS or Control-A on Windows and Linux)
  • To quit KeyWack type Command-Q on macOS or Control-Q on Windows and Linux.