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Keepvid For Mac
KeepVid Video Converter for Mac is a well-designed and impeccably executed program used to convert any type of multimedia file into an incredible variety of formats. If you're looking for a file converter, you're in luck, KeepVid Video Converter for Mac is one of the best options available for Mac.
The way KeepVid Video Converter for Mac works is very simple: add the files you wish to convert, select the format to convert to, and voilà! Your files are converted in a matter of seconds. This program really stands out because it can convert your content into a huge number of different formats. The list includes common video and audio formats, with specific formats for different devices (mobile devices included) and editing formats for various programs.
KeepVid Video Converter for Mac also has a huge number of functions on top of converting files, making it even more useful. It has a basic video editor that can be used before or after videos are converted, and the ability to download online content from its URL.
In short, KeepVid Video Converter for Mac is a fantastic tool for downloading, editing and converting multimedia content in a quick and easy way.
Mac By Beatriz Escalante

On video-sharing websites like YouTube and Dailymotion, visitors can watch videos online, freely. Therefore, the demand of downloading online video streams is increasing. It seems that there are various kinds of tools can complete video download jobs, but to Mac users, they have fewer options. The famous site named keepvid has many supporters because it can download videos on Mac successfully. While, I also discovered that some people are searching for keepvid alternative for Mac.

Undoubtedly, keepvid is a famous site and collected by majority of video lovers. Then, why does someone still ask for an alternative? I guess the reason is that they are blocked by some limitations or inconveniences on keepvid.

Evaluations on keepvid

The latest version of KeepVid Music is 8.2 on Mac Informer. It is a perfect match for Download Managers in the Internet Tools category. The app is developed by KeepVid and its user rating is 4.7 out of 5. Step 1 Download & Run. Download this KeepVid alternative software and run it on your Mac. Then you can see such an interface: Step 2 Add Url. Copy the video Url and then click the Paste Url. May 25, 2020 Step 1: After free download KeepVid for Mac alternative, fire it up and find an online video you want, copy the URL of the video page and open the program. Then paste the URL and click 'analyze' to load the online video details. Or you can simply click 'paste & analyze' button to automatically detect the YouTube video opened in browse.

Indeed, some users said that when using keepvid to download videos on Mac, they might meet troubles as well. Based on my experience and some studies, I’m here to give a brief keepvid for Mac review and see what are the strong points and weak points of keepvid.

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On keepvid, you can download videos from YouTube, Vimeo, Metacafe or other well-known video sites easily. But the point is, if you try to save excellent videos from obscure sites, keepvid turn to useless.


Another highlight of keepvid is—the site provides free video downloading service. It won’t cost you even a dollar when you download videos on keepvid. This advantage is so attractive. Yet, it brings side-effect, keepvid is full of commercial advertisements. New users often get confused on the site. Compared to download area, the advertisements take a larger space on the webpage. Moreover, you will be redirect to other places if you click on the advertisement icons by accident.

Is keepvid a safe site? This is a frequently asked question on the net. Due to the consideration of safe aspect, a number of people hope to have an alternative to keepvid on Mac. The discussions on safe issue of keepvid are endless. Actually, nobody could give an actual answer on this topic. In keepvid reviews, the site always gets an undesirable score in safe issue.

Now, we have an overview of keepvid. I suppose that some of you are thinking about how to make up the site’s disadvantages. Then, do you think is a great idea to try a better videograbber for Mac?

What is an ideal keepvid for Mac alternative?

Since our goal is to find a better online video grabber, I’d like to share you a versatile tool which called videograbber. Take a look at its salient functions to realize why it deserves you to try.


1. Grab online videos from thousands of video sites free

Videograbber is a young site which adopts the newest and the most advanced video downloading technology. Hence, you are able to free grab videos from YouTube, Dailymotion, Veoh, Facebook, Bliptv, Break, 5min and etc. Basically, it can be served as a keepvid alternative for Mac when keepvid fail in grabbing you favorite videos.

2. Plenty of video resources gathered

Users can collect fantastic video resource on the site. This is another important reason of choosing videograbber as alternative to keepvid on Mac. On the homepage of videograbber, you can see four tabs under the download box. Hot videos downloaded by other users are list there, you can preview and download these videos at will. Even, you can search videos with keywords and titles.

3. Compatible with safari and any browsers Drivers wanted car slogan.

Keepvid For Mac Online

Videograbber works well in safari and other browsers on Mac. If you use this video downloader to grab videos for the first time, perhaps you should make some settings in system’s working preferences first.

Keepvid For Mac Free Download

Keepvid For Mac

Download Youtube For Macbook Pro

If you think videograbber can’t meet your requirements, you can draw support from videograbber pro. Perhaps it will be the best keepvid alternative for Mac. Videograbber pro is a powerful application which is capable of downloading any online videos including videos streamed by rtmp. It also attaches convert, record screen and basic edit functions.