Installing Base Moulding Before Carpet

The molding should be installed after the floor covering, and should be adjusted any time the flooring is changed. Installing base molding before carpet, is like installing window/door casing before the window/door. When installing the molding, don't simply follow the flooring. If you do, you'll likely end up with wavy uneven molding.

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  • The base molding should be installed after walls are up and then the carpet should be installed and then the quarter round moulding should go down. This will give a clean and finished look to your rooms.
Carpet moldings for floor

Baseboard height from the floor can depend on the materials of the floor and where you are at in the installation process.

How to install baseboard over existing carpet

The best thing to do is to ask the company who is installing your carpet. They can provide a recommendation on how thick carpet and padding will be. The height does not need to be a total of the padding and carpet; it will most likely be between ¼’’ and ½’’. X drums fl studio free.

If carpet is already installed

If possible, leverage any existing trim that is being replaced. If not, examine several different areas around the carpet with a level and baseboard sample to ensure the baseboard can be installed level, in all locations. In some instances, you may need to cut the carpet edges to make room.

If you are installing hardwood, tile, or other flat surface floors


Measure and add up the height of the floor material, plus the height of any padding, mortar, backer board, or other materials. The total of all materials is how high off the floor your baseboard should be.

Baseboard height for hardwood floors

Installing Base Moulding Before Carpets

Either run the baseboard flush against the total height of all the materials or add 1/16’’ – 1/8’’ to the total height and consider using quarter round (shoe molding). To help installation, use wood blocks of the same thickness of your new floor. When installing the baseboard, place the blocks on the subfloor against the wall in multiple locations. Then place the baseboard on the blocks to ensure the required clearance will be met.

Installing Base Trim Molding Tips

Installing Base Moulding Before CarpetInstalling Base Moulding Before Carpet

If hardwood, tile, or other flat surface floors are already installed

You should not need to leave a gap between the existing floor and baseboard. Simply install directly on top. If the floors are uneven, consider scribing the baseboard or using quarter-round (shoe molding).

Installing Molding On Walls

Finally, you may need to check with your local city or county to determine if any regulations exist for baseboard distance from the floor.