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Git Bash is command line programs which allow you to interface with the underlying git program. You can run it by right clicking your mouse on the desktop, and selecting Git Bash from pop up window. Let me know in the comments below. How to set up a PHP development environment on Windows Subsystem for. Download PHP binaries archive on Windows from GitBash console or similar - Installing bash on Windows. First, you will need WSL installed on your computer. You can install. Troubleshooting PHP on Windows; Installation on old Windows systems; Installing PHP on modern Microsoft Windows systems and recommended configuration with common web servers. Note: If you are looking for information about older systems, such as Windows XP, 2003, 98 or Apache 1.x, see the Legacy Info section. The Official releases of PHP on.

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Developers are usually more used to Unix based system to set up all environments, but there are times we have to use Windows. If this is the case, setting up Git on windows is a must. This article briefly reviews all the steps from Git installation to SSH set up. Hope you find this article helpful.


  1. How to install Git on Windows
  2. How to set up SSH keys for Git
  3. Things need to be careful with

1. Install Git on Windows

First download Git for Windows on the official website:

Install Php Windows Git Bash

Run the downloaded file and do the setup.

On the “Select Components” page, we can leave it as is, or you can change upon your own preference.

On the “Adjusting your PATH environment” page, we want to select the first option: “Use Git from Git Bash only“, unless you really want to use Windows Command Prompt. Git Bash feels like a unix-like terminal and it is capable to do most of the work we need.

On the “Configuration the line ending conversions” page, you can select based on your need. Again, I would recommend the third option: “Checkout as-is, commit as-is“, as this is the safest option for our code.

Next page, we can just select the first option: “Use MinTTY“.

On the “Configuring extra options” and “Configuring experimental options” page, leave as it or select on your need.

Now we can just hit the Install button and finish the installation.

Once it is installed, we can open the Git Bash and give it a try. Type git command.

2. Set up SSH Keys

Now that we got Git running, it is time to set up SSH keys for Git, so that we don’t need to input password every time. It is more convenient but also safer.

The concept is we create a public/private key pair; put the public key to the remote server, and keep the private key on your local machine. The server can authenticate the client if the client has the corresponding private key.

First we need to generate key pair. Type this command on Git Bash:

Uninstall Git Bash Windows

ssh-keygen -t rsa

For now, we can just press Enter to use default key name and empty passphrase.

‘id_rsa’ is the private key, and ‘’ is the public key.

Next we want to put the public key to the remote server. Different servers have different requirements of how to publish your public key. For GitHub, we can just follow user setting -> SSH Keys page and copy the public key there.

For the private key, the location and key name doesn’t really matter; we can config the Git to use the correct path of private key, see here. However, if the key path is


then it should work out-of-the-box without any configuration.

To verify SSH is working for our Git, we can try the following command on Git Bash:

Install git bash windows 10Install Php Windows Git Bash

ssh -T [email protected]


If everything works well, then the prompt would say “You’ve successfully authenticated“.

Last thing, to use SSH login, the remote urls of repositories need to be SSH type, instead of HTTPS type. See here to change it.

3. Things need to be careful with

  • We do want to keep the private key in a safe place, and set the permission to be only readable to yourself: -r-------- (mode 400).
  • If you need SSH access for multiple git users, I found this post is very helpful. Basically you need to add the username as part of the host name of the repository, and then add the same hostname and corresponding private key file in the config file ~/.ssh/config.
  • Let me also mention Cygwin (ignore this if you don’t have Cygwin installed). It happened on my laptop that Git and Cygwin were not compatible with each other and I couldn’t use Git as normal.

Install Php Windows Git Bash Commands


Install Php Windows Git Bash Command

Thanks for your reading. Please leave comments if you have any questions.