Install Oh My Zsh Fedora

Oh my zsh plugins

Oh My Zsh is an AMAZING open source, community-driven framework for managing your zsh configuration.


To use it in fedora, we need install zsh and some user utils to :

If you are a Fedora Linux user, you can run the following DNF command given below to install the ZSH tool on your system. It will initialize the process the installing the Z-shell on your system and ask for your permission. Libby app for mac desktop. You can simply type y and hit the Enter button to finish the process. Sudo dnf install zsh. In Fedora, Red Hat and CentOS, you can use the DNF package manager to install Zsh: sudo dnf install zsh To check whether you have installed zsh correctly or not, run zsh by zsh -version. Once done with the installation, you need to do a little configuration setup (if you haven’t done it already).


The next step is just download and run the installation script

Once the installation is finished you will be using the brand newoh-my-zsh 🙂


Oh-my-zsh has a lot of useful plugins, they can be activated on ~/.zshrc, By default only the git plugin is enabled, in my personal case, I’m using the next plugins:

  • git
  • python
  • pyenv
  • dnf
  • fedora

the complete list of plugins available are here.


oh-my-zsh has a lot of themes, the examples are here. One of the favorites is the agnoster theme.

Agnoster theme

To configure the themes also need edit ~/.zshrc. I use a random selection of themes

Offline Install Oh My Zsh



Occasionally Oh-my-zsh ask you to check updates (this will be disable on your ~/.zshrc) and if you want do a mauna update just run:


On-my-zsh is not for everyone, so if you want uninstall it just type:

And if you also want uninstall zsh:

Special thanks to:

Robby Russell and the people of Planet Argonfor the wonderful/amazing/awesome Oh-My-zsh

One of my students requested an option to the bash shell. It was interesting to hear that he wanted me to instal the zsh in my Fedora image. There’s only one book that I’m aware of that’s been published on the Z Shell, and it is From Bash to Z Shell.

This post shows how to add the zsh to my Fedora image because I already release a new one for the term without the zsh shell. You use the yum utility as the root user to install the zsh library:

Install Oh My Zsh Fedora Linux

It should produce an output stream like the following, which required accessing the alternate mirror site:

Install Oh My Zsh Fedora

Install Oh My Zsh Mac

Once you’ve installed the zsh, you can configure like you would the bash shell. You make edits to individual .zshrc files and generic changes to the /etc/zshrc file. You can find the documentation to edit the zsh in the User’s Guide to the Z-Shell.

The following is a modified .zshrc file. The changes enable the up-arrow in Oracle’s sqlplus and provides you with a color prompt, like this:

The zsh prompt looks like the following:


Brew Install Oh My Zsh

If you’re configured with a bash shell, you can change your shell to a zsh with the following command:

As always, I hope this helps those looking for this type of information.