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Part 1. Use Spotify with Djay Pro: 2 Workable Ways

1. For Spotify Premium Users

It is still available to use djay Pro with Spotify playlists before July 1, 2020, as long as you have a Spotify Premium account. There are 3 months to go from today. So why not register a new Spotify account to get the free trial of Spotify Premium?

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After you become Spotify Premium member, check the following steps to use djay Pro offline with Spotify music.


Step 1. Make sure your djay Pro app is the latest version.

Step 2. In djay Pro app, find the music sources panel from the left place of the library. Then find Spotify on the list.

Step 3. Connect your Spotify account to djay Pro by following the on-screen instructions.

Version 3.0 of djay works across all iOS devices, supports several third-party controllers, and has Ableton Link tempo syncing built in. The free version of the app allows users to mix songs using two onscreen turntables in what Algoriddim calls Classic Mode. (15) Automix - Use this feature to let djay automatically mix your playlists or any selection of songs (Automix Queue). Please see the Using Automix section below for more information. (16) +/- Pitch Bend - Use this feature to slightly change the pitch of the note played by a small amount by slowing it down or speeding it up.

Then you are enabled to access the Spotify music categories, Spotify music library, and the Spotify hottest playlist in the djay Pro directly.

2. For SoundCloud and Tidal Users

To continue using djay Pro, it is necessary to sync Spotify playlists to Tidal and SoundCloud as soon as possible. It helps to save time in searching for the same songs and recreating the same playlists. Algoriddim recommends users to use Soundizz or TuneMyMusic for songs' migration online.


How To Use Djay Free Apps


Djay For Windows Free Download

NOTICE: The exclusive Spotify tracks are not available to sync. To keep those tracks playable in Tidal and SoundCloud, you need to download them as local unprotected files via an additional music downloader for Spotify.