How To Install Parallel Tools

Manually install parallels tools

Steps required to install Paralells Tools on Manjaro Linux

Parallel Tools Windows

HowParallels tools for windows 10

How To Install Parallel Tools In The Virtual Machine

Download parallels tools


  1. Install Manjaro Linux on a VM (it's recommended to take a snapshot before installing Parallels Tools)

  2. Update the OS Free parker and lane download for mac.

  3. Install the latest LTS kernel and kernel headers (See this)

    Note: To install the headers, run uname -r and look at the first two numbers to figure out the package name. For example if the output of uname -r is 4.19.32-1-MANJARO the kernel headers package name for your kernel would be linux419-headers.

  4. Install base-devel package group and DKMS

  5. Connect the Parallels Tools image and run the installer script

Download Parallels Tools

To install Parallels Toolbox for Windows, just double-click the installation file (.exe) and follow the onscreen instructions. Once Parallels Toolbox is installed, it is immediately ready to use. To open the Parallels Toolbox window, click. In the Windows tray. In Parallels, Start the new VM Installation Assistant Select “Install Windows or another OS from a DVD or image file” Select “Choose Manually”, then “Select a file”, and find the DVD image you’ve just downloaded It will claim “Unable to detect operating system”, click “Continue”.