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To download the most current version of Apache OpenOffice: Display Download Apache OpenOffice, and click on the large green download button displayed on the top of the web page. NOTE: Much of the information that follows here can be found in the Win 86 Setup Guide, secton 4. Installer Setup from the developer wiki.

We suggest the following mirror site for your download:

macOS 64 bit[..]/ApacheDirectoryStudio-2.0.0.v20200411-M15-macosx.cocoa.x86_64.dmg [ASC] [SHA256] [SHA512]
We encourage you to verify the integrity of the downloaded file using:
  • the ASC file (OpenPGP compatible signature) with the KEYS file (code signing keys used to sign the product)
  • the SHA256 or SHA512 files (checksum).
Click on the link above to download Apache Directory Studio for macOS.
The download appeares in the Downloads folder in Finder. Double-click on the disk image to open it.
Drag-and-drop the Apache Directory Studio application on the Applications folder to install it.

Apache Directory Studio requires at least:

  • macOS version 10.10 (Yosemite) or later.
  • Java Development Kit 8 or later.

The PGP signatures can be verified using PGP or GPG. First download the KEYS as well as the asc signature file for the relevant distribution. Then verify the signatures using: Checking program for mac.


Alternatively, you can verify the checksums of the files (see the How to verify downloaded files page).


Apache HTTP server is an open source cross platform web server which was released under the license of Apache 2.0. It is developed and maintained by an open community of developers under apache software foundation.

In this tutorial, we will learn the steps involved in the installation process of Apache on MacOS.


Install Apache On Mac

  • MacOS
  • Login as an administrator on terminal.
  • Homebrew must be installed on the system.


Installation of Apache web server on MacOS includes following steps.

1) Update the repository index of homebrew

To install Apache on our MacOS, we first need to update the index of homebrew package installer. This can be done as follows:

How to download apache on mac

2) Install apache 2.0


The homebrew package installer can be used to install Apache 2.0 on MacOS. The installer installs the Apache HTTP server on the location /usr/local/Cellar/httpd .

3) Start apache

Uninstall apache mac

Apache provides a service named as apachectl which needs to be started in order to start Apache. The command needs super user privileges to be executed hence we have to use sudo to get the command executed.

This will start Apache HTTP server which can be tested by visiting localhost on the browser. The localhost gives the response as shown below:

4) Stop Apache

To stop Apache, we need to stop apachectl service with super user privileges as shown below.

When you stop Apache, the localhost will stop listening on port 8080 and it doesn't give any response.


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Well we have successfully installed and test apache which is working fine on our MacOS.

Apache For Mac Os X