How To Delete A Page In Microsoft Word For Mac 2011

Navigate to View and check the Print Layout option located on the far left side. Open the Navigation Pane tab, then choose the Pages tab Scroll down to find the page you wish to delete. Double click on that page to bring it up. If you set something like 10% or 20%, you should see a number of pages on the screen at the same time. You can then use the mouse to easily select the pages you want to delete and then delete them. If you haven't caught on to the idea yet, in Word you need to select text (not pages) and then delete the text.

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How To Delete A Page In Microsoft Word For Mac 2011
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It's probably an invisible character like a page- or section-break. Click the 'show invisibles' button (the paragraph mark) and you may see it (and be able to select it easily), then delete it.

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Depending on how you have your fn keys set in System Preferences, you may have to also hold the fn key
Hey, can I submit this as a hint? :-)

Better yet, drop Word altogether and use free (libre) Unix-based text processors TeX (or LaTeX) or groff. There's a learning curve, but they produce outstanding output—far, far better than Word. If the Terminal isn't for you, Pages is great and cheaper than Word. I simply don't abide Microsoft anymore.

Doesn't putting the cursor as far to the end as you want and pressing the (forward) Delete key a couple times do the same thing? (If you don't have one, it's Function+Delete, where 'delete' is the backwards delete key that corresponds to 'Backspace' on a PC keyboard.)
Slightly better: see if it's a hidden character.
Even better: use LaTeX instead. :)

I've also found that the pagination options for the last paragraph can affect this behavior. You can change it from 'Paragraph…', Pagination (or something like that; at least that's how it is in Word 2004).

This doesn't work at all, at least in Word 2008. Interestingly enough, QuickLook shows only one page while Word itself shows two (the second being blank).

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Does anyone know if this works in Pages? I gave up on word a while ago because it is too slow on a mac.

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How To Delete A Page In Microsoft Word For Mac 2011

I have found a magnificent replacement to MS Word in Nisus Writer. Far easier to use, and no annoying idiosyncrasies such as a difficult to remove blank last page!
The more advanced version Nisus Writer Pro has real power-user stuff: table of contents, indexing, cross references and search/replace with styles, etc, etc. It even has GREP searching! And Nisus does things the way you want, instead of making up its own mind and ignoring you!
Now I only use MS Word very occasionally and even that is too often!
Check it out, you'll be glad you did.

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How To Delete A Page In Microsoft Word For Mac 2011

How To Delete A Page In Microsoft Word For Mac 2011

Hello, I did what was recommended at the beginning of this thread but it deleted my headers on the other pages..I guess this a different question but headers and footers drive me insane. If the document has already been created and I added a Break Page, can I unlink the pages after the fact and not create havoc?
Thank you very much!