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Honestly speaking, garageband is the best software ever! I bought a macbook pro recently and i've learnt how to use garageband, but what i can't figure out is -how to connect my guitar to my macbook. I have a semi-acoustic guitar. From what i know, in order to use it as an electric guitar i have to buy an acoustic amplifier and a cable to connect both of them. The total cost of this sums up to around 200 dollars. However, I recently learnt that i can use my macbook, in the sense, I can hook up my semi-acoustic guitar to my laptop and then get electric sounds! However, I can't figure out what to do? I just have a guitar and a macbook. Unfortunately my macbook doesn't have a audio in jack. There's only one jack and thats the audio out jack which i use for headphones. along with that are USB ports and SD card readers, i believe. So can anyone please tell me what I have to buy to get my semi-acoustic guitar connected to my macbook and how much the approximate cost is gonna be?

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How Much Does Garageband Cost For MacHow Much Does Garageband Cost For Mac

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GarageBand for Mac is premium audio creator software that is available for the Mac and MacBook users at a nominal price. Yes, Apple does not charge you a single $ to download it as they always want to attract new customers and hence they have cut their price for this video editor from $1000 per license to $300 per license. Why does everything with an Apple Logo on it cost so damn much! Outlook 2016 not responding windows 10. In the video below I share my recommendations for the best budget audio gear for getting started with GarageBand on iPad You can find everything mentioned in the video below.