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Growtopia is an entertaining online game where you need to plant seeds, earn in-game currencies, and build an awesome world for you and your community. You won’t have any goals in the game, as your main task will be to acquire innumerable worlds that are interconnected, and in which you can build anything of your choice with the help of friends.

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As the name of the game goes, most of the things like lava, dirt, jetpacks, etc. can be grown on trees. Some of the quests that you need to complete in the game are to become the best chef, sew unique clothing, finish an interesting puzzle, and much more. So, are you ready to entire the world of Growtopia where you can collect seeds, grow trees, harvest them to make new seeds, and have lots of fun? Before you start playing the game, read these crucial aspects of the Growtopia game so that your gameplay gets simpler:

How To Earn Gems In Growtopia?

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Gems are the primary currency in Growtopia, which will be required for buying World Locks as well as various resources from the game store. Gems will even be needed for participating in numerous events and upgrading the existing resources. Earning Gems is not an easy task; especially because you spend way more than you earn! Hence, most of the players spend real cash to purchase Gems or depend on Growtopia hack tool to generate them instantly.

How To Acquire World Lock, The Special Currency Of Growtopia?

The only way to speed up the process of procuring world lock, which is a kind of currency, is by taking help from friends. Look out for a world name that does not have any locks. There are different sizes of locks available in the game like small, big, huge, etc. You can select any of the locks and put in the world. With the help of friends, clean up the entire world by removing lava, rocks, dirt, etc. The cleaning up process as well as watching advertorial videos will let you earn plenty of Gems. Moreover, by recycling the lava and dirt, you will be able to earn some more Gems. Loads of Gems will enable you to purchase a World Lock and World Key. Don’t forget to sell off the clear world for a good price to other gamers!

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Growtopia is a unique kind of mobile title from Ubisoft Entertainment in the adventure category. This game is all about exploring the new world and keep on progressing. You can download this game for iOS and Android devices for free. However, the developers of the game are offering in-app purchases option to buy the virtual currency.

Spending real money on the purchase of virtual currency is not an effective option. That’s why you can consider following some basic tips. For a first-time gamer, it is a bit typical to progress without the help of world locks because you need to get the devil wings. Even you can buy clothes and other necessary items using the same.


You can create a farm by finding a world that is easy to remember, and you can easily type name there. Now, you can name it world lock, and if you don’t have world lock, then you can put some small, big, or any kind of huge lock. Everything will work because you are starting the farming of the world lock.

Making Grass

By making grass, you will be earning world lock pretty easily. The only thing is, you need to wait for the growth of farming, and it will come in handy to make you one of the best gamers. You need to wait for the same until you have so many seeds, more than 50, and below 200 in each category. This will provide you free world locks because you can convert them easily.


The purchase of chandeliers is also an effective choice that provides you free world locks. You can buy a world lock worth of chandelier, and it can be done at the vending machine. You need a world lock which worth equal to the chandelier. In case you have a few numbers of chandeliers, then you can focus on farming, and they will keep on providing you more in the later stage of the game, which is an effective option.

Selling Chandeliers

Once you have chandeliers and you are farming them in huge quantities, then you can sell them at the vending machine. It will let you obtain free world locks. You can use them to buy other important stuff in this game, which is an effective and most reliable method of progression for a beginner.

Never skip the tutorial

Playing Growtopia is not a challenging task, but you should put your best efforts to have the ultimate game experience. To learn how to play the game perfectly, it is important to visit the private world known as the tutorial. Here you can read about the tips and basics of the game with the help of growpedia. Players need to complete this stage to head over to the next stages. At the initial stage, players will be provided with only two basic tools, which are known – fist and wrench. After this, they should start playing the game with perfection to win.

Create your own world

In this game, you can create your own world, and you also have an option to visit other’s worlds. The different types of worlds are of the same size, but some special ones are also out there. All they need to do is to build blocks. They can also break them, but if the area is locked, then they will have to choose the other options. They can also get gems as well as seeds from blocks. They can make use of the seeds for plantation and harvesting trees is also an interesting thing. There is also a lock system that players can use to lock their areas.

Grow and trade

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Plant seeds and grow trees to get various types of items, and later you can trade them. Growing items is also the main aspect of the game with which players can get numerous benefits. Beginners should forget this tip because it helps players to trade with other players. Try to grow different kinds of items and then trade them with other players. With the help of this, you can get plenty of benefits. You will also be rewarded with many in-game resources as well as currencies. Focus on this aspect to make progress quickly and to reach the advanced stages.

Focus on WLS

No doubt, WLS or world locks play an important role in the effective progression and being an advanced gamer. It is the primary currency that is required to build your virtual world and buy all the necessary stuff in this game. It is better from the small locks and etc. locks.

Rare and special things are easy to purchase with the use of the same that’s why you can consider it. you can unlock angel wings and the devil wings. They are available for 98 world lock and 170 world lock. It is an easy way to enhance progression and play this game insecure manner.

In case you can’t earn a sufficient amount, then you need to look after the alternative option like focusing on the purchase of the same currencies by spending the real money. It is a slightly less effective option, and you should avoid the same.

Trading, and wrench

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Two different things that you need to learn are trading and wrench. You can tap any block or any item (for example – your clothes), and then you can find yourself punching. You need to tap the “Fist” button to convert it into the wrench.

Do the same and now tap on the person; this is called trading. So, this seems like a bit typical, but it is the only effective method of trading. You need to learn it because you have to use it in several parts of the game. This will let you trade effectively and build the world.

Growtopia Hack Client

Door Codes

With the help of door codes, you can connect to other doors at the same time. Learning the working of a door is a bit complicated, and you can watch some YouTube videos to learn it. Or, you can check out the examples codes to learn it.

Farming World Locks

As mentioned before, world locks matter a lot, and you need to follow a couple of tips to earn them effectively. You can look after the dirt and rock seeds to earn them. This will be an effective option that will ease up the work, and you can rely on the same.

For a first-time player, making grass is the very simple and most reliable option that you can consider over the other methods. The only issue is, you need to wait for the growth of grass and let it finish growing. After that, you can get all the advantages with ease.

Importance of gems

Grow and trade to acquire gems that are the virtual currency with great importance. Gems are required to buy plenty of in-game items that you can’t avail in any other way. Having enough gems can help players to get world locks and make upgrades. Trading various items and resources can also help players to earn gems that they can use later for various purposes. Most of the players try to earn more and more gems that they can use to build more worlds. Players also have an option to buy gems from the in-game store. Try to acquire enough gems to avoid various issues while playing the game.

Lock your area

Players can build new worlds, but they should lock them to protect them from others. There are different sizes of locks available like small locks, big locks, huge locks, etc. World locks are also out there that players can use to lock their worlds and areas. Players can’t access the locked areas so they can make use of the basic tools to wrench the lock. Word locks can be acquired by spending gems that you can earn in plentiful ways. Try to plan seeds and then grow various items and resources. With the help of these resources, you can get gems.

Use chat features

Chatting with friends is all about fun, and it can also make your game experience more interesting. You should always take the benefits of this feature while playing the game. It may also help you to make new friends and get the right assistance that you really require. With the help of your friends, you can play the game in a better way and also get relief from the stress. You should also trade various in-game items with your friends to earn gems.

Few Tips To Make Growtopia Game Simpler

  • Whenever you get stuck up with something, you can use the gaming chat feature and get your queries resolved by chatting with Growtopians.
  • Don’t forget to sign up for the Growtopia forum where you can keep yourself updated with new features, pro tips, and much more.
  • Be careful of the orange-colored lava blocks on the grid! If you stand on them then your gaming character will die and you will have to start playing the game again.
  • Loot the resources of your friends by visiting their world. Remember that your pals can also do the same thing.
  • Whatever you grow in the game has a rarity rating, so check them out before you start growing. Search for higher rarity rating things as they will let you earn more Gems.
  • If you are in dire need of Gems, then you can certainly use Growtopia Hack but another alternative is to sell off the extra clothing that you have. If it is a rare cloth then you can even sell it for a world lock.
  • To purchase items like goggles, crystal cape, challenge timer, megaphone, etc. from the gaming store, you will require Growtokens.
  • Try using our Growtopia cheats

Growtopia Speed Hack Mac

To conclude, Growtopia is a fun game that can be played by kids as well as adults. So, embark now for Growtopia’s beautiful world and enjoy your leisure time with our latest Growtopia Cheats!

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