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Frequently Asked Questions

Epsxe Emulator Android

  • Q: Iso or rom, what does it mean?
    A: PSX games are stored on cdrom discs, and a dump of a cdrom disc is currently called 'iso'. In other platforms (Nintendo64 for example), the games are stored in memory ROM in a cartridge, so it is commonly called rom. We will use rom or iso to refer to a game dump.
  • Q:I got black screen when running the game, what is the problem?
    A: Some games requires somes seconds to initialize. If you are using the hardware renderer, the number of incompatible games is really really low (1%), it is very likely a problem with the rom format or dump (it is incomplete, corrupted or non compatible format - PSX games are usually 600-700Mb) check to know if this game is compatible, and if it is in the compatible list then get a different dump from this game
  • Q:When I run the game, it says 'system.cnf' not found.
    A: PSX games are disc dumps, which must contain a file system, when the emulator does not find the filesystem this message is shown. It means that the game is incomplete, in non compatible format or corrupted (we recommend to use 7zipper to uncompress). Remember PSX games are usually 600-700Mb. Get a different dump of the game.
  • Q:There is repeated or jerky sound.
    A: ePSXe uses only sync spu emulation, it is done to get sound/video sync and highest compatibility. So you will need 50/60 frames per second (100% speed) to get proper sound.
  • Q:How can I hide the on screen buttons?
    A: Preferences->TouchScreen->Hide/Show Gamepad
  • Q:The buttons are too small or big, can I edit the gamepad skin?
    A: Yes Preferences->TouchScreen->Edit Gamepad
  • Q:Choosing analog mode the touchscreen gamepad has just the left stick, where is the right stick?
    A: By default it is disabled, you can edit the touchscreen gamepad and enabling it on Preferences->TouchScreen->Edit Gamepad
  • Q:Some games don't work or have graphics error using OpenGL Plugin.
    A: OpenGL plugin is limited in smartphone GPUs (some games or graphics effects simply doesn't work or will be very slow), you can fix some graphics problems using the OpenGL toolbar
  • Q:What are the iso formats supported?
    A: bin/cue, img/ccd, multi-bin/cue, mds/mdf (v1), pbp, cdi, nrg, ecm and iso. We recommend bin/cue, img/ccd or pbp.
  • Q:Why can't it run compressed isos?
    A: Most common compressed formats such as zip, 7z and rar can't provide random file access to the data which is required given the large size so uncompressing on the fly is not possible. If you need to compress your games, the best format is PBP. Recent SD cards can hold more than 100 games without compression.

Download Games For Epsxe

In this case, sort by Date modified to find your game. The way these files are organized is by the games ID when it was manufactured. There's two different types of games that you may be familiar with, NTSC commonly refers to games that are made for USA/America. Whereas PAL is used to refer to games that were made for the UK or European countries. PSXe for Android is populer in the world, and we can give you this game for FREE, e. PSXe for Android APK distribution free on internet, find more apk games for Jan 30, 2015 DOWNLOAD Download game epsxe for android Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Cugga: Free Android Games Downloads is type of independent Appstore that lets you look for tons of apps.


Game Yugioh Epsxe For Android Download

PS1 Best Game: Play Now Android latest 8.0 APK Download and Install. Play now the PS1 game on your Android. This version is compatible using local netplay with the rest of ePSXe versions from the version 2.0.5 (MacOSX, Linux x86, Linux x64 and Android - version 2.0.6). (Additional info the epsxe docs) - Ported the GPUCORE threading mode from the Android version. Before playing any PS1 game on android you should have atleast one android phone, a PS1 game rom(in this post I will be using tekken 3 playstation1 rom), SCPH1001 Bin File and FPse emulator for android. Sabertooth for mac. The download links for playstation1 roms and the FPSE emulator for android are given below. Tekken 3 Playstation1 Rom Download links.