Free Sketching Program For Mac

Sketch App is a sketching software that makes sketching on Mac easy and fun. With the software, it is possible even for beginners to perform complex tasks and with lots of conveniences. The software is very professional and promises to make you work fast and better. BKChem is a free (as in free software:o) chemical drawing program. It was conceived and written by Beda Kosata and is currently maintained by Reinis Danne. Free Open Source Mac Windows Linux. Meshmixer is outstanding free 3D modeling software for woodworking its supports multiples features 3D CAD designing such as you can custom printers and also use your printer software.

What sketching app is the best one for Mac users? In this review, we’ll try to give an answer to this question. Taking into account the fact that the modern software market is overwhelmed with various features for designers, editors, architects, engineers or other representatives of art professions, it is really hard to select the most worthy app. Today, we’ll analyze the most reputable and well-liked sketching applications for Mac users.

1. Tayasui Sketches.

This is a number one sketch drawing app on our list. This is the most life-like, sketching solution, created for mobile devices. It has a user-friendly interface and dozens of great features. You can use it, aiming to create amazing sketches, bright illustrations or extraordinary paintings in seconds flat.

If you are a high achiever, you’ll definitely be satisfied with the choice of tools, allowing you to create cool artistic reproductions. All digital painting tools offered by this program are the most realistic ones. Its watercolor brush allows you to blend several colors, creating natural and stunning effects. If your primary objective is to create complicated drawings, the option ”Unlimited Layers” will help you do this. This application is also endowed with a big choice of acrylic brushes, various patterns, gradients, etc.

In a similar vein, Tayasui Sketches has everything you need for making your cool designs on the go. The application also allows you to share the results of your creativeness with other users.

2. Adobe Photoshop CC.

This app is not for newbies because to start editing images in Photoshop, you need to study some guidelines, showing how to do this, but a high-quality result is guaranteed. The application provides users with more than 1000 brushes, allowing them to apply different effects to their photos (the latest version comprises brushes developed by Kylie Webster).

Users can also determine the smoothness of all brushes they use by themselves. This is a professional software product, allowing you to bring your fascinating ideas into life. It is not free (the price is $ 9.99 per month), but if you used to work in the area of design on a daily basis, this is a must-have tool for you.

3. Paint Brush.

This is another simple application for those who wish to make interesting illustrations on Mac. If you have ever used Paint on Windows, you’ll notice that the functionality of Paint Brush is almost the same. This application enables users to make simple illustrations in a matter of seconds. You won’t draw masterpieces in it, but if you need to create simple, congratulatory cards avoiding the necessity to understand how to use one or another tool, Paint Brush is an ideal option!

4. Draw Berry.

This is a vector drawing application, developed for Mac OS X. The application is absolutely free but has several useful tools for making high-quality illustrations and sketching. Though this software solution doesn’t occupy the leading positions, it is regarded to be an excellent tool for those, who want to improve their skills in Vector Drawing.

5. Rebelle 2.1

This software product is for those painters who prefer watercolors more than other ones, allowing them to add a realistic and natural look to everything they draw in it.

Free Sketching Program For Mac

Rebelle is endowed with a plethora of custom brushes, canvases, watercolor strokes, water sliders, brush renders and other important tools, allowing you to create a digital masterpiece.

The latest version of this application was enhanced and allows you to work considerably faster. Otherwise stated, if you wish to feel like Michelangelo, this application permits you to do this (but in a digital format).

It is not cheap – $89.99, but there is a free demo version. You can download it for free and test some of its options in order to make sure whether this software product can comply with your demands.

These five applications are deemed to be the most successful software products for designers or those users who need reliable resources for making presentations, illustrations or other digital masterpieces. It is hard to determine which one is better because each app mentioned in this review has slightly different purposes. You can test all of them and identify the most convenient option for you.


Woodworking is an art that allows you to create some awesome pieces of work with woods. Their lots of tools are available for woodworking you can easily grab them from offline line resources but what about online tools such as 3D Modeling software that play an important role in woodworking.

In this article, we have shortlisted some of the best and free 3D modelling software for woodworking. All these software are free to download without paying a single penny to anybody. I hope you like them.

Table of Contents

What Software Do Furniture Designers Use?


There are lots of software are available on the web for woodworking that allows furniture designers to create interior design sketches, the blueprint of woodworking plans and furniture design images and much more. Some of the best software woodworking is – Sketchup, Inventor, Formit, Fusion 360, Blender, 3DS Max, AutoCAD, Rhino, Solidworks, Siemens NX and Revit etc. These all are paid/free software for woodworking that works on Windows, Mac and other OS platforms.


All these below given Woodworking software are free to download. You can download them from their official website without having a hassle.

Blender is an open-source 3D modelling software used for creating 3D graphics animation projects such as films, blueprints, visual effects and 3D print models etc. How to make a booklet in word for mac 2017. Moreover, this is a free 3D graphics software online you can easily download it for free.

The software gets regular updates for bugs and errors and in terms of features, the software carries – rendering, modelling, sculpting, VFX, Video editing, pipeline etc. It is a simple but powerful 3d modelling software available on the web.

Download:Blender 3D Software

Free Sketching Online

Sketchup is well known for woodworking it’s you can easily try out 3D models library of woodworking plans which pre-loaded into this software to understand how SketchUp works. With this software, you can visualize as many designs as you like without wasting a single piece of wood.

When it comes to woodworking experts woodworkers recommends Sketchup because of its easy to use interface and outstanding features for creating woodworking projects. However, the software no free to download you can try Sketchup 30 days trial for free and after that you’ve to pay per month.


TinkerCAD is an online easy to use CAD 3D design tool that owned by AutoCAD company. With this free 3D tool you can design 3D models, electronics models, code blocks and other models. Basically it’s a basic 3D modelling software for beginners if you don’t have knowledge about 3D design tools you can try TindkerCAD for creating woodworking design samples.

Website:TinkerCAD tool

FreeCAD is a best alternative for AutoDesk Inventor 3D model software. Its an open-source and highly extensible free 3D CAD tool and its series of features and can even compare with commercial software like Inventor.

Free Sketching Program For Macbook Pro

Moreover, due to the modular architectures this software invaluable in many 3D modelling industries like WoodWorking. For example, with the help of this software, you can perform sophisticated simulations with having a hassle. The software can installed into following operating systems Windows. Mac and Linux.

Download:FreeCAD software

Meshmixer is outstanding free 3D modeling software for woodworking its supports multiples features 3D CAD designing such as you can custom printers and also use your printer software at the same time. Furthermore, the software supports multiple 3D CAD file formats like – AMF, MIX, OBJ, OFF, STL, 3MF. The software supports English and Japanese language along with Windows and Mac OS platforms.

Download:Meshmixer (Windows/Mac)

Wings 3D is an advanced subdivision modeler for 3D model designing. It is also an open-source 3D CAD software with multiple features for designing different types of 3D models. It features a context-sensitive interface, configuration interface with hotkeys and much more. In terms of export 3D file formats its supports 3DS, FBX, OBJ, DAE, LWO, WRL, RWX, STL and XML.

Download:Wings 3D (Windows/Mac/Linux)

Typically, Sculptris is a virtual sculpting software application for designing 3D models. The main focus of this software is digital sculpting the software is developed by Pixologic. The program allows users to edit any mesh with brush stokes and mainly step-up the user with the lamp of clay which can meticulously change the shape of 3D design using several tools.

Download:Sculptris (Windows/Mac)