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Our unique algorithm scoured the App Store and Google Play Store by searching flash card, flash card app, flash card machine and 14 other keywords. From there, we retrieved a total of 1,402 unique apps (578 Android apps and 824 iOS apps) as potential candidates. Create or upload your flashcard sets so you can study, print, share and download millions of flashcards.

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  • Became a certified sommelier
  • Learned Spanish in 2 months
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  • Crushed the Series 7
  • Aced the bar exam
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Brainscape's online flashcards optimize your studying, by repeating harder concepts in the perfect interval for maximum memory retention.

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Flashcard App Mac And Iphone
  • Make better flashcards

  • Sync between more devices

  • Share or secure your cards

  • Trust the flashcards you find

  • Study more efficiently

  • Track better metrics

  • Doctor

    Carmen H.

    Imperial College London

    A brilliant learning resource that has been developed for many years. Many flashcards produced and shared by students worldwide. I would highly recommend this service!
  • Lawyer

    Matthew B.

    Bar review founder

    Brainscape helps our students optimize their bar prep by using smart technology to improve memorization & recall, while adapting to their strengths & weaknesses.. all in an easy to use mobile study platform!
  • Nurse

    Jenson R.

    Registered Nurse

    I used to hate flashcards, but Brainscape made studying a breeze. So intuitive and simple.. convenient to practice daily. I solidified the information I had issues with.
  • Sommelier

    Sarah Sutel

    Master Wine Educator

    Brainscape helped prepare me for my wine exams better than any other study tool I've ever used, period. Hard-to-remember facts into learning at my fingertips. I'm hooked.
  • Teacher

    Father Scott Hastings

    Pontifical Gregorian University (Rome)

    Brainscape is probably the most significant change in our seminary students' study habits since the widespread use of the laptop!
  • Traveller

    Sophie Parker

    Spanish Learner

    In days my Spanish has gone from elementary to conversational; incredibly in depth & easy to use.
    • Doctor

    • Nurse

    • Teacher

Most popular subjects

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And more subjects

  • GRE psychology
  • World history
  • CPA

Flexible content

Brainscape allows trainers to organize 'decks', add images & sounds, and collaborate with multiple editors for real-time content deployment.

Also perfect for
schools and companies.

Perfect for classes and groups.

Best Flashcard App Mac And Ios

  • Create custom

    Brainscape supports text, images, sounds, videos, and any other media that works well in a bite-sized study format.

  • Share with your

    Securely invite students or employees to access both online and on their mobile devices, and manage their editing permissions.

  • Track students

    Learners can study in our web and mobile app, and you can see detailed activity data. Learners can also search for specific flashcards as a quick mobile reference tool.

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Proven twice as effective as traditional methods.

At a study at Columbia University, students using Brainscape for just 30 minutes scored an average of 2x higher on post-tests than students who used books or paper flashcards. These learning benefits accrue exponentially when you have weeks or months' worth of content to study.

Flashcard Apps For Windows 10

  • Free features

  • Find great flashcards

    Browse thousands of classes created by publishers, teachers, & students.
  • Create great flashcards

    Use easy authoring tools on both our website and our mobile & tablet apps.
  • Study with spaced repetition

    Learn twice as much in half the time, with Brainscape's scientifically proven methods.
  • Track your progress

    Take control of your pace of learning, and benchmark yourself against global leaderboards.
  • Sync between devices

    All your flashcards and metrics are magically kept in sync across our web & mobile apps.
  • Collaborate with classmates

    Manage editing permissions to help spread the work across multiple collaborating authors.
  • Share your class

    Post a link to your class website, or tweet it out to the rest of the world!

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  • Pro features

  • Study unlimited premium cards

    Need to cram? Remove daily study limits on strangers' and publishers' flashcards.
  • Upload unlimited images & sounds

    Visual and audio aids can help support deeper learning for multiple subject types.
  • Copy other users' flashcards

    Create your own editable copy of any class or deck, and modify the flashcards as your own.
  • Import & export CSVs

    Create cards faster using a spreadsheet, or download backups to repurpose elsewhere.
  • Study bookmarked flashcards

    Mark tricky cards to study later with your teacher, friend, or tutor.
  • Reset your statistics

    Reset your confidence ratings for a single deck or for a whole class.
  • Make classes private

    Restrict access to only the students or employees who you invite directly.
  • See detailed student stats

    Track how often students are studying, & rank them by cards studied or % mastery.

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