Firmware Update Fr Dyon Raptor

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Firmware Update Fr Dyon Raptor V2

You have a
  • Sony KDL-**EX*5*
  • Sony KDL-**HX*5*
  • Sony KDL-**W60*A
  • Sony KDL-**W65*A
  • Sony KDL-**W80*A
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SetEditSony 1.27

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  • Search and sort function
  • Printing function
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Download (Demoversion):

Note: In the past there were more and more often false detections of viruses/trojans in files from this page.
I can asure you, that all my software is free from any virus or trojan and of course tested. As soon as I know of such a false detection, I inform the manufacturer of the anti virus software, get an apology for the fals detection and the next day a new antivirus scanner blames my software.
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Sony KDL-**EX*5*
Sony KDL-**HX*5*
Sony KDL-**W60*A
Sony KDL-**W65*A
Sony KDL-**W80*A
Sony KDL-**W90*A
Sony KD**X900*A
Sony TV 2015 models
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Sony TV 2017 models
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Last update: 21.03.2019
Installation version (first time use or simple update)
Demoversion with english documentation
Portable version (Zip file with all you need, extract it to any directory you want, you can start it even from an USB stick)
Demoversion with english documentation
PDF manual
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I have tested the demo version successfully. I am aware that there is no exchange and no return.
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I have tested the demo version successfully. I am aware that there is no exchange and no return.

What you need:

  • Windows 2000/NT/XP/Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8/Windows 10
  • An USB stick
Contact to author (only in english or german): [email protected]
  • 3Requirements
  • 4Building the OpenPOWER Firmware
  • 5Installing the OpenPOWER firmware
  • 6Troubleshooting the OpenPOWER Firmware
  • 7Building the OpenBMC firmware


The following steps can be used to compile and update the firmware on Raptor CS's OpenPOWER systems, such as the Talos II or Blackbird.


These specific instructions are for the Talos II, though the process for compiling firmware for other OpenPOWER systems like Blackbird should be very similar.


  • At least 25GB of free hard drive space
  • 16GB of free RAM

Building on Debian

The build system (op-build) has been primarily tested using Debian Stretch. Ensure you install the following packages:

Building on other Linux distributions

If you are on a different distribution, such as Fedora 28, a Debian chroot is recommended:

Enter the chroot and install the needed packages:

Also create a user inside the chroot to build under:

You can now use the chroot to build the firmware.

To enter the chroot in the future, you can run the following from any terminal:

Building the OpenPOWER Firmware

Downloading the sources

Raptor CS maintains a public Git repository containing the complete source code for the firmware.To download the source code for Talos systems:

To download the source code for Blackbird systems:

Note: The master branch is often in a non-functional state. The latest firmware branch (either raptor-v2.00 or raptor-v1.05 at the time of this update) should be used.

Building the firmware

Before building the firmware, check the file to ensure that all needed packages are installed.

The firmware can then be built using the following commands:

You can pass -j<num-cores> to perform a parallel build (op-build invokes make), though this may result in very high memory usage.

If the build completes successfully, the final firmware image is at output/images/talos.pnor.

Rebuilding an individual package

To rebuild an individual package (such as Hostboot) and recreate the talos.pnor image, run:

where pkgname is the name of the package to rebuild.

For example:

Note when recompiling hostboot into a PNOR image with openpower-pnor-rebuild, it is usually recommended to force a machine XML rebuild as well:


Installing the OpenPOWER firmware

Transfer image to BMC

Copy the firmware to the BMC:

Establish BMC sessions

At this point, you should connect two SSH sessions to OpenBMC.In the first session, run the following to display the console during boot:

The console log will be useful in debugging any issues with the firmware that could occur.


In the second session, get a shell on the BMC via SSH:

Ensure the system is off before proceeding:

Firmware Update Fr Dyon Raptor Ii

The CurrentHostState must be Off before continuing with the procedure.If the CurrentHostState is not Off, please turn off the machine:

Running the firmware temporarily

You can test the firmware without installing it, though this requires rebuilding OpenBMC to use a modified mboxd binary.

First, stop mboxd:

Restart mboxd with the additional -b argument:

You can now test the new firmware image by starting the machine:

When you have finished testing the image, stop the machine:

Note: Ensure the machine is off before proceeding. Verify this by running obmcutil state.

Finally, terminate mboxd and restart the normal mboxd:

Flashing the firmware

Warning: Some PNOR firmware updates may require a BMC update to function. Before flashing ensure that your installed BMC firmware is capable of booting the image. It is also possible to downgrade using these instructions in the event of a non-functioning firmware image.

Ensure the system is off.

Perform the update:

Start the machine:

Note: The machine may reboot multiple times when first booted after a firmware update. This is normal; do not interrupt the process.

Troubleshooting the OpenPOWER Firmware

General advice

Always upgrade PNOR and BMC together
Many mismatched PNOR/BMC version combinations lead to weird failures.
Try downgrading the PNOR+BMC firmware
Firmware package 1.04 seems the most reliable at updating the SBE SEEPROM inside the POWER9 chip package.
Always use processor socket 0 for SBE updates
The BMC firmware and/or FSI driver seem to either forget to update the SBE SEEPROM in the second CPU socket, leading to a boot with only CPU 0 active. When you get a brand new chip you need to install it in CPU socket 0 leaving socket 1 empty, wait for the double-reboot to update the SEEPROM, and then you can move that chip to socket 1 if you like.
Try unplugging the HSF fan power during SBE update
Not kidding about this. The BMC is insanely complicated — it's got an entire operating system in there for some reason. It even has systemd. The BMC's systemd often gets into a funky loop restarting hwmon over and over and over, interrupting the SBE SEEPROM reflash every time it does this. Unplugging the PROC0 HSF 4-pin connector gets it to fail hard (due to inability to read the tachometer) and stay failed so the SBE update can proceed. Ugly as this is, it's easier than trying to figure out what systemd thinks it's doing.


If you see the following message reported in the console, then the SBE update process did not work as expected:

The machine needs to be reset to finish the update procedure:

The update should now complete as expected.

A bug report is open to track this issue.

internal compiler error: Killed

Building the Hostboot source code requires a large amount of RAM. If your machine runs out, you may see an error similar to the following:

To continue you have a few options:

  • Reduce the number of parallel jobs being run by appending -j<num> to you build command line
  • Increase the swap space (not recommended)
  • Install additional RAM


Firmware issues should be reported preferably upstream.If they are specific to Raptor CS products, please report them on their bug tracker.

Building the OpenBMC firmware

Downloading the sources

Raptor CS maintains a public Git repository containing the complete source code for the firmware.To download the source code:

Building the firmware

Ensure that all needed support packages are installed. See the for information on needed packages.

The firmware can then be built using the following commands:

Firmware Update Fr Dyon Raptors

The resulting firmware image can then be found in the tmp/deploy/images/talos/ directory.

Note: If mboxd fails to build, you may need to patch
Note: If building newer versions of the firmware, TEMPLATECONF has changed to TEMPLATECONF=meta-rcs/meta-talos/conf. This should be set before running . open-env. If not, do a git clean and start over with the new TEMPLATECONF.

Installing the firmware

Warning: If you are attempting to upgrade a Talos system from firmware 1.06 or earlier to the 04-16-2019 beta branch, you must follow the directions at Talos_II/Firmware/Public_Beta. Failure to do so may result in a non-booting BMC.

Once firmware has been built, the resulting image-kernel and image-rofs binaries must be copied to /run/initramfs/ on the BMC:

Once the images have been transferred, reboot the BMC. The new firmware files will be detected and automatically applied.

The reboot may take some time. Once complete, you will be able to log back in via SSH.

Recovering from failed firmware updates

See Debricking the BMC.

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