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Is The New Design On The Bodymax B15 Exercise Bike Strong Enough?

The Bodymax B15 Exercise Bike is a new design from Bodymax to add a little more to this spinning bike. It is angular and black and yellow to stand out from the crowd.

There are high hopes of a good spin bike that gives users the workout that they need. The specification talks about the adjustable seat and handlebars, and the promise of comfort. There is plenty here to tempt buyers in, but it it all enough?

The Pros and Cons of this Bodymax B15 Exercise Bike:


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  • enough tension in the flywheel to help users achieve the workout that they need
  • a portable, compact design that should suit plenty of apartment owners
  • the clear intention to build a tough, capable spinning bike – not just an exercise bike


  • some quality control issues with the build and assembly
  • the console isn’t up to everyone’s standards.

There are many users that get a good at-home workout from this Bodymax B15 Stationary Bike.

The first impression with this bike are something tough and capable for a strong spinning session. The design of the mechanics and the flywheel show that there is potential here.

This Bodymax spin bike has a 3 piece crank, 2 way bearing and chain drive for a great motion and realistic approach.

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There is the 13kg flywheel, which is large and beneficial for an intense session. The tension here is controlled through a handy quick release adjuster. Users can push as hard as they need, then check their progress on the console.

There is also a nice look to this compact gym bike that makes it even more appealing for apartment owners. It is described as a stylish model that does the job, without too many unnecessary elements thrown in.

It also has transport wheels for portability between rooms. There are some deals where users get a free water bottle and holder too. This is not a guarantee, and really should be part of the design anyway.

Elysee Bodyman Pro 10 Manual Download

The limitations with the features on this Bodymax B15 Exercise Bike are reflected in some quality issues.

There are some issues here with the build. Some users have a little trouble putting it together with the tools supplied, so had to get their own out to finish the job. Others found that some elements weren’t tough enough once the assembly process was finally complete.

The saddle clamp, for instance, can be a little wobbly for some people’s liking. This is problem on a product where users are so reliant on stability and security.

Others have noticed a noise while pedalling which could be due to poor assembly or poor parts. Then there are some others that also point out the lack of backlighting in the display. This is an omission that shouldn’t really happen, a bit like the water bottle holder.

Do all of these limitations with this Bodymax B15 Spinning Bike mean that it isn’t a recommendable choice?

It seems that this is a machine that could gain a little more love and support from users with some extra care and attention. It would take much to improve the build and some of the features, especially the security while spinning, the bottle holder and the display.

Elysee bodyman pro 10 manual pdfPro

Even so, there are lots of positive points in the design and workout that show that this Bodymax exercise bike still has potential for the right user.

Find more reviews about the Bodymax B15 Exercise Bike on Amazon here.

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