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Developing apps for the Raspberry Pi that utilize the Xbox 360 Kinect is best accomplished with libfreenect. Libfreenect is an open-source library that provides access to the sensors and motors on the Kinect.

Download OpenNI Virtual Camera - A powerful DirectShow filter that enables Kinect and OpenNI devices to function as webcams throughout chat sessions inside video call services. The Astra S is the short-range (0.4 – 2m) version comparable to the RealSense SR300, but only with VGA color (Kinect 360 also had VGA color but the Kinect V2 had HD color). All Orbbec Sensors are OpenNI 2 compatible and there are SDKs for Linux and Android available.

Raspbian’s apt repository has version 0.2 of libfreenect, which is quite old and seems to be missing a lot of the features that the latest code has. I’ve documented the steps for building the latest LibFreenect source code and dependencies, below (0.5.3 as of this post).

Libfreenect v0.2 seems to have a fairly incomplete set of sample apps (at least compared to version v0.5.3). I’m not sure if this is an indicator that the library itself is missing many of the features, but the samples in v0.5.3 do a far better job of showcasing the capabilities of the Kinect.

I’m using the Raspberry Pi 2B with Raspbian Jessie, but these steps will likely work with other versions.

Step 1: Update Sources

To get started, open a shell in Raspian and update your sources and installed apps:

sudo apt-getupgrade

Step 2: Install prerequisites for libusb and libfreenect

Now make sure you have the necessary core apps and libraries that we’ll need to build libfreenect and libusb.

Note, do not install libusb from the apt repository, we will need to build the latest version in the next step.
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And finally, let’s download and build libfreenect. I suggest checking for the latest version. Below I have steps for v0.5.3, but you can check for a newer version at the libfreenect Github page.



360 Kinect Drivers Windows 10

If everything goes well, you should see several sample apps in /usr/local/bin/ (starting with “freenect-” and “fakenect-“):

Driver Kinect Android Download