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Snipping Tool is a screen capture utility that is included in all Windows Operating System. This program is the most convenient way to take screenshot. It features different capture modes such as Free-form Snip, Rectangular Snip, Window Snip, and Full-screen Snip. Plus, this app also has a pen and a highlighter, which are beneficial in adding marks. But in spite of these, Snipping Tool can only run on Windows OS and it’s not supported in other operating platform like Mac. Many users who switch from Windows to Mac may look for the same functions brought by Snipping Tool for Mac. There are many programs out there that can serve as Snipping Tool alternative for Mac and three of them will the provided after the jump.

Top Three Snipping Tool on Mac

Snipping Tool on Mac. Long-time Windows users often have a hard time shifting to macOS because of the differences in tools that they’ve grown accustomed to. One such feature is the Snipping Tool, which Mac users have no built-in alternative for. Luckily, Jumpshare offers a simple yet powerful alternative to the Snipping Tool on Mac. Best Snipping Tool for Mac: Tool for Screenshot for Free Snipping Tool is a handy screen capture and editing tool that you can use to take screenshots and share them easily. You can use it to capture windows, certain regions, fullscreen, and more. Best snipping tool for Windows and Mac OS. Our tool can: cut any part of the screenshot, make notes, combine several screenshots, save in cloud storage, and share with anyone via short-link. Snipping Tool App is absolutely free to use. Download the latest version right now! For example, the procedure followed by Mac users will be very different from that of Windows or Android. Naturally, you need to be cautious about the kind of snipping tool software you’re downloading. It should be compatible with the device you’re using. Free Snipping Tool Software for Windows – DuckLink.

Apowersoft Mac Screenshot

The first Snipping Tool alternative for Mac that you can use is Apowersoft Mac Screenshot. This program is designed and created to fit in any device that runs on Mac OS X. It has simple yet powerful screen capture capabilities that will allow you to take “Regional screenshot”, and “Full screenshot”. Some of the features that you can get from this app include:

  • Take screenshot of anything shown on Mac screen
  • Numerous snapshot outputs
  • Annotate the screenshot with various editing options
  • Upload and share captured screenshot with just one click
  • Magnify screen to enhance the image’s readability

These helpful features show that Apowersoft Mac Screenshot is the best Mac Snipping Tool that you can use since these features can rarely been seen together in one program. Plus, this tool enables users to make some necessary settings according to their preference, just like setting the hotkeys, output folder, and the image format to be used. It is indeed a complete program that is worth a try.

Here are the steps in taking screenshot using this screen cap tool.

  1. Click the download button above and install it.
  2. Change the default settings in “Options”.
  3. Show something that you need to capture from your Mac screen and then click the hotkey that you’ve set.
  4. Hover the mouse above the portion you want to capture and drag along it, then release your mouse.
  5. An image preview with an image editor will be shown where you can add simple annotations.
  6. Once editing is done, you can save the image either to local disk or save it to cloud storage.

Grab for Mac

Another Snipping Tool on Mac that you can use is Grab. This is a built-in utility tool that is included in every OS X running devices. This is comparable to Windows Snipping Tool since it also has various modes like Selection, Window, Screen, and Timed Screen. To use this program simply click “Finder” > “Applications” > “Utilities” > “Grab” and then open it. In order to take screenshot, hit “Capture” function and choose the capture mode based on your needs. Some of its features include:

  • An easy to use interface
  • Different screen capture modes
  • It’s free of charge

Grab can be a great Mac Snipping Tool that you can utilize, however one of the downsides is that the captured image can be automatically saved in TIFF format. If you desire you save it in other formats, you can change it in the “Preview” app.


The next free Snipping Tool for Mac that we have is the Skitch. This is a well-known screen capture program that is created by Evernote. It is capable of taking multiple screenshots easily without any incompatibility issues with Mac OS X. It also has a screenshot editing and sharing functions. This tool has features that include:

  • A straightforward interface
  • One click screenshot function
  • Has a built-in annotating program

Skitch for Mac can be a good Snipping Tool alternative for Mac. This is due to the fact that it provides more functions than the Windows Snipping Tool, such as various image annotation options. Moreover, it allows easy sharing of captured screenshot from one person to another via internet.

These are the various programs that act like Snipping Tool for OS X users. However, it is recommended to use the first Snipping Tool for Mac, for this program is packed with many powerful functions such as uploading and sharing image online.

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The Best Alternative to the Windows Snipping Tool

Download snipping tool free mac downloads

Snipping Tool DownloadThe snipping tool is a unique screen-capturing tool, which is normally included in certain versions of Microsoft Windows. Ideally, you can use this tool to capture screenshots on your computer, save and even email them. If you cannot see the snipping tool on your device, it could be because you are using the non-premium Windows version, which does not have the tool included.

Unfortunately, Microsoft does not offer the free snipping tool download. In such cases, you will need to go for free snipping tool alternatives, most of which are clones that appear and even work just like the original one. In fact, some of them have additional features such as the screenshot printing option, which is not on the original one. Some of the best snipping tools that are readily available online include;

1. Snipping Tool ++

2. The PDF Snipping Tool

Download Snipping Tool Free Mac Photo Editing Software

3. Capture ScreenShot lite

4. PrtScr

5. Briss

6. COBRA Snipping Tool Perian mac snow leopard download.

7. Ondesoft Screen Capture

8. Snip-Browse Smart and

9. Exacto

How to Get a Free Snipping Tool download, for Windows

Among all these, Capture ScreenShot lite seems to be the best snipping tool download alternative, both in terms of the ease of use as well as additional features. Below is the process you can follow to download it for free:

I.Visit this website:
. Here you will find the “Download now!” option. Click on it in order to

Once you are done with downloading it, a process that will take you less than one minute, proceed with the installation.

Depending on the Windows version you are using, you may be compelled to click through different security messages. You just need to confirm each one of them.

Upon completing each of these procedures, Capture ScreenShot lite will be installed on your computer.

How Does Capture Screenshot Lite Work?

After getting this snipping tool download on your computer, you just need to install it and it will automatically start with your Windows operating system. To use it, you can follow these steps:

1. Double click on the icon that appears on in the system tray. Alternatively, you can press the Print-screen option on the keyboard so as to take a screenshot.

2. Make annotations to that screenshot.

3. You can also delete or highlight certain areas of the screenshot.

Snipping Tool Download Free Mac

4. Copy that particular screenshot in your clipboard and save it as BMP, PNG or JPG.

5. You can now email it with the default email program on your computer or,

6. Print it directly on a printer.

Download Snipping Tool Windows 10

What are the Benefits of Opting for a Snipping Tool Download?

There are many reasons as to why you should opt for a snipping
tool download. For instance;

It allows you to edit and print your screenshot with ease.

You can capture your screenshots either in full screen or a specific area.

Moreover, you can save them in different formats, including BMP, PNG and JPG.

You can quickly and easily capture your computer screen using the print-screen key.

It can run on different Windows versions and,

You can run it on the company computer, without the installer rights.

If you are looking for a topnotch and versatile snipping tool for your computer, downloading a high performance tool, such as Capture Screenshot Lite, on your PC might just be the best option.