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If you’re familiar with Windows OS and want to find Mac equivalent of MSCONFIG to control some of the processes run on login, you have several options to start with:

Open System Preferences > Users & Groups > Login Items. Here you can manage apps to add/remove from startup.

Mac / Linux: Edit your bash profile so that the last line is source activate environmentname. In Mac OSX this is /.bashprofile, in other environments this may be /.bashrc. Example: Here's how i did it on Mac OSX. Open Terminal and type: nano /.bashprofile. Go to end of file and type the following, where 'p3.5' is my environment: source. Cause: Problematic Fonts unable to successfully initialize, causing an interruption of launch operations. Steps to work around the issue: 1. Primarily, you want to force most of the Filters on the system Offline. If you are using Mac OSX, close as many programs as possible and launch the FontBook application.

Second option is to check these folders:
/Library/Startup Items/

  1. Using virtualenv, I run my projects with the default version of Python (2.7). On one project, I need to use Python 3.4. I used brew install python3 to install it on my Mac.
  2. How to add applications to the auto program startup on Mac OS using dock. The first way, which we are going to describe in this article, involves adding to the Auto Program Startup applications that are placed on the lower Dock-panel. Usually, these are the most used programs.

You can delete files you are confident in (to have a backup is recommeded).


To view all the processes running, follow these steps:

Open Activity Monitor and switch between tabs to view all the processes that are running in your macOS. Check how those precesses affect your CPU, RAM, ENERGY consuming, Disk and Network.

To stop any process you have to select it and click “Force the process to quit

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Also, you can view all the tasks running trough the Terminal:

  • Open Terminal and type in: “Top” (without quotes)
    A list of all the processes will appear. Now you have the option to stop the process you want to.
  • Type “control Z.”
Disable startup apps mac os
  • Next type “Kill” PID#

Also you can try a Safe Mode boot to temporarily disable launching of the extra processes by holding down the Shift (⇧) key during login.

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refs>Users & Groups, unlock the lock, highlight your user, click on login items, if they are there hight & use the tiny minus icon to remove them..


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EtreCheck is a simple little app to display the important details of your system configuration and allow you to copy that information to the Clipboard. It is meant to be used with Apple Support Communities to help people help you with your Mac.

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