Darkvoice 336Se Vs Bottlehead Crack

Pupcet reviewer free download pdf. USB Interface: Stello U2, Nuforce uDAC2 ║ DAC: Stello DA100 Signature, Keces DA-151 MK2 Headamp: Darkvoice 336SE, Bottlehead Crack ║ Headphones: Sennheiser HD650, AKG Q701, Audio-Technica ATH-M50.

Darkvoice Vs Bottlehead

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  • If you like to DIY, and enjoy a great deal of possible customization, the Bottlehead Crack has what you need. However, if you want rock solid build quality, and the ability to tinker with your amp isn’t a big deal, go for the La Figaro 336c.

LaFigaro/Darkvoice 336 OTL – Same as above, but it’s price tag puts the Woo Audio to shame. LF/DF 332C/S – Don’t know much about this. Price sits between the Crack and the LF339, you may as well pick one of the latter, might get back to you if I manage to audition this. Woo Audio WA6 –.

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Schiit Valhalla 2 vs Bottlehead Crack 1.1 + Speedball with HD 650's

Darkvoice 336Se Vs Bottlehead Crack

Remotedroid pro apk download. Hey.

Darkvoice 336se Headphone Tube Amplifier

So I've been looking forward to stepping my game up, and after a month of research, I found that the 650's are exactly what I want.

However I'm struggling with the selection of a tube amp to drive them before I order them.

I have always thought that I preferred bright sound, by recently I've wanted to try the warm sound of a tube amp.

I'm looking for a neutral but fun to listen sound. Prioritizing fun over clarity. I'm not looking for an analytic sound

I've heard they are both great, but I would like to hear everyone's opinion on both of 'em or how do they pair with the 650's

One pretty big point to consider is that the Crack is currently on a pretty decent sale. Meaning that I could get the Crack + Speedball for the same price than the Valhalla 2.

Thanks again every one :)

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Darkvoice 336se Vs Bottlehead Crack

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I need your advice on wither to get the DarkVoice 336SE vs APPJ 1502A Tube Amps (in terms of sound, temps concerns, build quality)

Hi, really need your advice and thoughts on the aforementioned amps.

Here's my thoughts and concerns on the DarkVoice: Build quality and excessive heat (my room can reach 31 Celsius with AC off which I can handle). As reviewed by his greatness /u/ZeosPantera :D , sound is an excellent fit for my needs.

My thoughts on the APPJ 1502A: Requires lots of mods (relatively, since I don't know how to solder) to as sound good as I want it to be.

Darkvoice 336se Tube Rolling

Any how, if the DarkVoice amp is a safety concern, then my only option is to get the woo audio WA3 or WA6, which I would like your experience if they produce similar excessive heat.

Darkvoice 336se Vs Bottlehead Crack Download

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