Cox.Net Email Settings For Mac Mail

If your Mac is connected to the internet but suddenly stops sending or receiving email, you should generally try again later, and if necessary work with your email provider to resolve. If you're using Apple's iCloud Mail, learn how to resolve issues with iCloud Mail.

Identify all devices that you and others in your household use to access your Email. For each device, open the email program used to access your Email (such as Microsoft Outlook or Windows Mail) Go to Settings to find your current outgoing server setting. If 25 is listed as the current port, change to 465. In Mac Mail I just get the message that the outgoing mail server is 'offline'. In Cox WebMail (my ISP) I get this message: 'The message was not sent to [email protected] My outbound server settings are as follows: Go to your outbound server settings in your Cox email account and change the following settings if necessary: 1) SMPT host name should be 2) User name should be the part of your email address left of the @ 3) Password should be the same as your inbound. 3) SSL should be ON.

Check for status messages

You might see a status icon such as a lightning bolt or a warning icon next to your account's inbox in the Mail sidebar, or in the upper-right corner of the Mail window. Click it to learn more.

Cox.Net Email Settings For Mac Mail
  • If the status is Network Offline, make sure that your Mac is connected to the internet, then try again.
  • If the status is Login Failed, check with your email service provider (ESP) to be sure that your account is set up correctly on your Mac.
  • If Mail asks for your password, but entering the password doesn't help, find out why your email provider is rejecting your password.
  • If your email service is experiencing a temporary outage, your email provider might have a status message on their website. For example, Apple's system status page shows the status of iCloud Mail. Status pages are also available for other email services, such as Gmail and Outlook. Some brief service outages might not appear on a system status page, so you might want to wait a few hours and try again.

Test using webmail

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Logitech keyboard for mac. Many email providers offer webmail, which is a way to use email with a web browser such as Safari, instead of with an email app such as Mail. For example, if you're using an iCloud Mail account, you can use to send and receive email.

Webmail is a good way to verify that your account is valid, but it doesn't mean that your account is set up correctly in Mail. Your email provider can help you verify your email settings and check for other issues that affect sending or receiving email.

Remove your account, then add it back


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If no other solutions work, try setting up your email account again. To do that, remove your email account, then add the account back.