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Convert Voice To Text App For macbookConvert Voice To Text App For Mac

Rather than getting all techy, you could try getting hold of another iPhone/iPad/Mac and play the recordings into the normal dictation facilities that the devices already have. Then email the file you get back to the device where you want it. I haven't tried it, but it might be worth a quick experiment if you have the second device handy ๐Ÿ™‚

These were my picks for best apps to convert voice recordings to text. Otter and Transcribe are the best solutions for mobile users. Sonix is cheaper than Hyperscribe if you are going to transcribe more. Sobolsoft MP3 to Text is kind of outdated but it is still fresh and strong in the bones. Before we get too ahead of ourselves and start downloading third party apps, it is very.

Convert Voice To Text App For Mac

The problem with having an app to do what you want would be the problem of running two apps simultaneously, which is generally not possible.

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What is a voice changing application? It is a kind of software that allows you to modulate the sound of your voice while using any audio/video/chat applications in real time. You can also use this software to make fun videos or while playing your favorite games online. Because of their friendly interface and simple applications, anyone can earn accuracy in this field.

5 Best Voice Changer For Mac in 2020

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Here is the list of best voice changing software for Mac during calls

1. Voxal Voice Changer

This software allows you to edit the recorded voice on Mac, where you can play and add different effects to the recorded files. It works offline or says behind the scenes and as far as compatibility is concerned, it tunes well with most of the programs. Processing power is almost zero and stipulated sound effects works in a synchronized manner. But the highlight of this software is its ability to develop and save custom effects.

It also works on a real-time basis i.e. you can modify your voice while online chatting. As the sounds are directly intercepted from the microphone, no additional configuration is required in any application. Also, they have tons of effect options available for developing custom voice effects and you can also use several effects simultaneously. Every voice effects have the saving option that can be used later and demands limited power to run.

2. MorphVox

This real-time voice changing app is available in two versions, free version, and a professional version. The former one is known as MorphVOX Junior, which is simple to use and offers multiple options for voice modulation. While the later one is more professional in nature and offers advanced voice-learning technology.

This program is available on Mac OS X 10.6.8 and later versions. It is devised for the multimedia studio, online games and instant messaging applications along with other games like Second Life, World of Warcraft and EVE Online. You can integrate MorphVox with VoIP solutions like Google Voice or Skype and can change your voice during any call.

3. Voice Candy

The most candid free voice changing app for Mac that earns its reputation for being fun at work and useful at the same time. This software offers effects in eight different formats like chipmunk and Vader for voice modification. Moreover, Voice Candy offers you the opportunity to share the recorded files via email. If needed, you can also expand its features to write AppleScripts for assimilating it with other apps.

Some of the basic features of this software include eight diverse effects to record, the ability to fix a reminder with the recordings, amazing shortcut keys to explore, ability to share and send edited files and to run the software as a menu app. The best of all available features is its ability to create unique recordings by integrating a microphone with the software. Due to itโ€™s easy to use option and ultimate performance, Voice Candy let you work in a hassle-free manner.

4. Voice Changer Plus

With 55 voice effects and background sounds and the ability to save and share recordings, Voice Changer Plus is one of the best software available for voice modification. The features of this entertaining software are not only for talking as you can try your voice in singing as well. They even play your recorded voice in reverse.

They do have a premium version, where the software will turn ad-free and let you select a photo for sharing. Its friendly interface and absence of redundant hurdles in the lite version are the best part. Also, the lite version is fast and robust but lack sharing and saving options.

5. Voice swap

Best Voice To Text Apps

With Voice Swap, you can alter your voice in real-time and add some amazing effects with ease. This software let you create video selfies and offers 40 different voices for voice modification. You can easily share those recorded video selfies with your friends after adding real-time face filters to them.

Since they offer a wide range of options to select, voice changing app for Mac during call and they are adding more fun to the daily conversation. Where to download free fonts for mac os. From alien voice to robotic voice, cartoon voice and many more, you can control the voice changing experience as per the requirement. Also, there are real-time voice changing tool that let you switch voices on a live call. we have included the best software for Mac to alter voice but if you want to add any other Mac software, then comment in the section below.

Convert Voice To Text App For Mac Os

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